Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I guess I am that stupid

I wrote an entry and then deleted it. It just said this: DYFS told us that we cannot take her over there. That they are looking for a place for her. It's extremely hard because they have already sent her to all the places they could and they have thrown her out from everyone.. Now, it probably will be a juvenile facility. It could be today, up to two weeks!! Hopefully not, papi, after reading her webpage, told them about us being scared. They said if something happens we call the police. Meanwhile she has to stay here. So, if she is here on friday, please please act as if nothing is happenning. She is very nice as long as everthing goes the way she wants it. Everyday something happens, she just called and said she was with her friends at Eric's house, hanging out. So, she can do anything, she'll be happy until she leaves. yes, I am afraid when she leaves but, God knows that we did this to help a person and HE will not do anything to harm us, you can all be sure of that. I am sorry for putting you all through all this, but specially Marcie, it has been really hard on her. So, Ihope you all appreciate the sister you have.

ANd thank you Phil!



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