Tuesday, October 17, 2006

ok, this is the deal....

Hi everyone, no, I'm NOT trying to make anyone feel guilty, as I've been accused of doing,,,to everyone I guess.

I wanted to have everyone together...that's all papi would like to do. As the kind of dad he is and has been to all of you, he likes the idea of getting together and playing a board game, or did you all forget how he was laughing last time we played Javi's game????? Since papi's bday is in Halloween we never really have celebrated it because of that. Since this is the big 5-0 I thought I would have a little "party" for him. It seems that most of you cannot make it on the 28th when I wanted to have it. So...this is the deal....take it or leave it....the weekend AFTER the 28th, I don't have a calendar right now but would you all be available then?? that saturday? could you all check your busy calendars and let me know???? If this doesn't work then whoever wants to come whenever just let me know and celebrate it with one child at a time.

Thanksgiving, I started running, not much but some, Iwant to run the turkey trot, so is everybody doing it?? It's fun, we'll do like last year, I left the turkey cooking in the oven, we went to the turkey trot, they have bagels and stuff like that over there and then later in the day we have the turkey. I had an idea, how about a foosball championship? To see who is the best??

Third party...I want to have one of my christmas parties, So the aunts and cousins come too. I was planning that for the first weekend of dec. Now, this does NOT take the place of christmas, my FAVORITE time of the year....jingle bells....ahhh I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! Wasn't Jesus lucky to be born in christmas?? ANyway, what do you say to a christmas gathering?? Karen was saying the other day, reminiscing, and how she loves all of you, and now you are all so big and we really don't see each other. If you like this idea, let me know, if not we will just have our christmas as usual....PLEASE, start thinking of 3 things you'd like for xmas, let me know in one week, since I shop early, early. We will also do, the latest tradition, go to borders together and have coffee, papa and I love that!! They have a better coffee place now.

Since, I've been missing my kids calling me, (except marcie) try to blog. If I do get a phone call it's like people are so busy they can't talk for more than a minute. Don't know what's going on..

Love you all



Blogger Phil said...

Master of the GT!! In the houseeee -

I mean the 28th weekend is just no good for me but like I said I'll be around for this weekend sometime - mos definitely Sat. night and I think I could pull the 1st Sat in Nov.

And a xmas party sounds cool - it would be fun to see the cousins. Back to the raizes you know what I mean.

10:06 PM  

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