Monday, October 30, 2006

last day...

Yes, today is the last day that papi can say he's in his "forties". Tia titi was here and brought him a beautiful cake, actually this is the second one, she also brought him a banana bread cake. The one she brought today is beautiful!! I used to be the best cake decorator but no more. As you all probably know, I did not get the "sewing, knitting, crafting, decorating genes" from fisa, all I had was that I was the best cake decorator of the house, no more, Tia titi holds that title now. Anyway, the cake is really "manly', it's pink and has roses all over. On top, I will put the candle I bought for papi, "over the hill".. He will be working from home tomorrow.

I'm glad Phil decided to run the turkey trot....maybe the rest of you are just TOO afraid to run the turkey trot now that you know filly and me are running it, don't worry, we'll try not to go too fast, right filly? Danny "thinks" he can beat us.....

Anybody trick or treating? Jamilah really wants to go, maybe I'll take her trick or treating in our block....last year we got two, yes two trick or treaters, and they were our next door neighbors, I felt so bad when all I had was one nip candy, I told them to split it in half. THis year I'll be ready. The baby will be a little care bear. How cute! She got her third tooth and can say, papa, mama, nana (fisa) and baba.

Love you all



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