Monday, October 30, 2006

last day...

Yes, today is the last day that papi can say he's in his "forties". Tia titi was here and brought him a beautiful cake, actually this is the second one, she also brought him a banana bread cake. The one she brought today is beautiful!! I used to be the best cake decorator but no more. As you all probably know, I did not get the "sewing, knitting, crafting, decorating genes" from fisa, all I had was that I was the best cake decorator of the house, no more, Tia titi holds that title now. Anyway, the cake is really "manly', it's pink and has roses all over. On top, I will put the candle I bought for papi, "over the hill".. He will be working from home tomorrow.

I'm glad Phil decided to run the turkey trot....maybe the rest of you are just TOO afraid to run the turkey trot now that you know filly and me are running it, don't worry, we'll try not to go too fast, right filly? Danny "thinks" he can beat us.....

Anybody trick or treating? Jamilah really wants to go, maybe I'll take her trick or treating in our block....last year we got two, yes two trick or treaters, and they were our next door neighbors, I felt so bad when all I had was one nip candy, I told them to split it in half. THis year I'll be ready. The baby will be a little care bear. How cute! She got her third tooth and can say, papa, mama, nana (fisa) and baba.

Love you all


Turkey Trot Strategy

You know what, I definitely like complaints about not blogging enough vs not calling enough. Not that I don't like calling you Mom, but this is so much more tech-savvy.

Sign me up for the turkey trot. I don't think my time is going to be worth much but if I take that left turn at Main st, I may be able to win the thing.

Friday, October 27, 2006

it seems...

Hello everyone, it seems everybody is so busy. I will cancel the "party". I hope we'll get together for thanksgiving. Let me know if everybody is running the turkey trot. Papa would be happy with that and I'll have a cake for him and me. We could celebrate thanksgiving and our bdays.

Hope everyone is fine and I really wish that at least once a week people would blog so I know how everyone is doing. Don't think I'm asking too much.

Love you all


Monday, October 23, 2006

great time

Hi everyone, papi was really happy about Phil inviting out to dinner, so thankyou!!
About his party, if I don't hear from anybody by this wed I will cancel the plan. I'm thinking of getting together sat the 5th. of Nov. we could include my bday too. So, let me know, if not we'll get together for thanksgiving.

Love you all


Friday, October 20, 2006

Assorted pics

Glockenspiel, Munich

Pest, across the river from the Buda side, Budapest

Bar in Budapest

Main Square, Krakow

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

ok, this is the deal....

Hi everyone, no, I'm NOT trying to make anyone feel guilty, as I've been accused of doing,,,to everyone I guess.

I wanted to have everyone together...that's all papi would like to do. As the kind of dad he is and has been to all of you, he likes the idea of getting together and playing a board game, or did you all forget how he was laughing last time we played Javi's game????? Since papi's bday is in Halloween we never really have celebrated it because of that. Since this is the big 5-0 I thought I would have a little "party" for him. It seems that most of you cannot make it on the 28th when I wanted to have it. So...this is the deal....take it or leave it....the weekend AFTER the 28th, I don't have a calendar right now but would you all be available then?? that saturday? could you all check your busy calendars and let me know???? If this doesn't work then whoever wants to come whenever just let me know and celebrate it with one child at a time.

Thanksgiving, I started running, not much but some, Iwant to run the turkey trot, so is everybody doing it?? It's fun, we'll do like last year, I left the turkey cooking in the oven, we went to the turkey trot, they have bagels and stuff like that over there and then later in the day we have the turkey. I had an idea, how about a foosball championship? To see who is the best??

Third party...I want to have one of my christmas parties, So the aunts and cousins come too. I was planning that for the first weekend of dec. Now, this does NOT take the place of christmas, my FAVORITE time of the year....jingle bells....ahhh I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! Wasn't Jesus lucky to be born in christmas?? ANyway, what do you say to a christmas gathering?? Karen was saying the other day, reminiscing, and how she loves all of you, and now you are all so big and we really don't see each other. If you like this idea, let me know, if not we will just have our christmas as usual....PLEASE, start thinking of 3 things you'd like for xmas, let me know in one week, since I shop early, early. We will also do, the latest tradition, go to borders together and have coffee, papa and I love that!! They have a better coffee place now.

Since, I've been missing my kids calling me, (except marcie) try to blog. If I do get a phone call it's like people are so busy they can't talk for more than a minute. Don't know what's going on..

Love you all


Monday, October 16, 2006

I take that back

Actually Dad should decide if he wants to go out or stay in - either way its his bday.


Mom - I told Dad I was going to take him out to dinner this weekend - probably doing it Saturday. I know you're planning something for the 28th, but I am going to be away that weekend.

So I think we should all go out to eat - if you prefer having something at the house - then let me know. Either way I'm only going to be in NJ for the weekend on the 21st....

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Hi everyone, I REALLY need to know if I should have papi's bday party the 21 or the 28th. Marcie has work the 21st until closing 9pm. Danny can come either date. So, please let me know so I'll tell tia titi. I'm only inviting her and Karen and Terry. Karen can come in one day but not the other, the same with Terry. I really do want the 4 of you, so either day will be ok. I probably prefer the 28th because Marcie can be here, I'd like to have an early dinner and papi really enjoys playing a game, he's very excited about his little party.

I'm in the process of getting the permit for the house renovations. I AM SO EXCITED!! The contractor told us that the basement is the size of the house, so it will be like having another house!! The garage will have two small bedrooms, this way if any of you just want to come have some privacy etc there will be a place for all of you. THen, a living area with the sectional from the LR that's so comfy. the stairs will stay there and you can go directly to the new basement. It will have the foosball, a small gym, a ping pong table and the futon. With a play area for little Nevaeh. There will be an office/den/bedroom and my new laundryroom. ALso, in the garage, we will have a sliding door that will go out to the patio. Right outside I will have the patio table and the barbecue grill. I just can't wait!! We will also do some minor things inside the house. In the dining room, we will take out the fake fireplace and we are having a bookcase built there. We are planning, God willing to stay in this house, we LOVE it here. We have everything nearby but it's like an oasis.

We are very happy with Jamilah here, she is doing very well. Really likes Central and has made some really nice friends. She joined the dance club, the youth group including the music ministry, she does a bowling league with papi and best of all, has decided to become catholic. Last week she started CCD, and with God's grace will come into the church in Easter, baptism, first comunion and confirmation. Just thinking about this fills my heart with God's love. What a blessing. Hopefully you can all be here, We will have a party for her. We also want to baptize Nevaeh. Yesterday we went to Great Adventure with her brother and sister, very nice kids. The brother is her twin, it was really sad though, what poverty, what lack of love even from the mom. Very sad.

Back to the party,

Please let me know

Love and prayers


PS After yesterday, I really appreciated having a mom like fisa. She gave me so much love. and still does.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

papi's bday bash

Hi everyone!!

Welcome back Phil, you have to tell us all about it, don't forget to bring the pictures.

As you all know, papi is celebrating the big 5 0, I thought we could all get together the last saturday of Oct. let me know if this works for everyone.

I am so excited about the renovations to our house. Papi and I have decided (God willing) to stay in this house. We LOVE this neighborhood, we have everything close by, bank, post office, drs, hospital, gym, etc etc but we go right on Harmony Rd and it's just so beautiful, and of course I have Carmel at walking distance. So, we are hoping to start work soon. I can't wait for all to be done, I LOVE having the 4 of you home and it will be a lot of fun to have an "entertainment" area. We are doing this so that there always will be room for all of you. I will let you know of exact plans tomorrow. RIght now I am going to bed, I'm very sleepy.