Sunday, July 30, 2006

Dinner -

This idea just came to mind - let me know what you all think. At some point before the summer ends - or in early fall maybe we could go out and get some dinner in some restaurant. Leave the kids at home - like Neveah and Fisa. I'll chip in 10 bucks.

If anyone is interested, just post.

Oh- and Mom - thanks for the food Saturday night. Good stuff.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Nancy Pelosi....

you can't expect anything from her....I heard the guy who is supposed to know about this and he said that people were not charged, but, what's wrong with charging anyway? I don't see anything wrong with people paying the $173 they were saying they had to pay.

Anyway, I had such a great time with all my kiddies home together, I had hoped that the weather would have been nicer so you could all play soccer, oh well....I hope you all had a good time though. Phil, how come you don't have any vacation? I was hoping to maybe one day get together to go to the races. Dad has been on vacation this week, on monday we went to the beach for a few hours, we were very impressed. We went to Point Pleasent, it's really nice, they have a boardwalk and an amusement park and places to eat, really really nice. THe people were nice too, I was VERY surprised at the young people we saw, they didn't look real, it seemed like somebody had "planted" those kids in the beach. They were too nice looking, a lot of guys and girls and nobody was "making out" or drinking or acting bad. They were playing football, frisbee, or just reading....what's wrong with those kids???? As soon as we got there I told dad to change into his bathing suit he said: "naw, I won't even go in the water" two seconds later he goes in the water with his shorts on. The water was warm but since there were strong waves. The baby loved the beach and so did fisa.

Phil, if I think of a place for you to go I'll let you know. A cheap vacation would be for you to come here, don't laugh but danny and marcie are here and javi could come. Soon there is going to be the festival of balloning which also has some nice concerts or just go play frisbee with danny, go to the gym even a day to the beach. I wanted to see if maybe this friday you and javi wanted to go to the races, but I guess you work.

If I think of anything else I'll let you know.
I'm glad you write on the blog, I like to keep in touch with you. I wish Javi and the others would write too.

Love you


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lebonese Evacuations

Get this - you know how they are charging Americans to evacuate them from Lebanon? Well apparently this stems from a bill passed in 2003. It was mentioned in this NYT article out today - quoting Senator Nancy Pelosi who asks that the president "remove worry" from people's minds and just do the evacuations gratis. Funny quote, as she was one of the ones having voted for the damn bill in the first place.

This weekend ( July 22 )

So do I need to bring anything over this weekend - for the BBQ? I understand we're probably playing some soccer - so i'll bring my cleats. We could even go down to Lenape and do a half-court game. A thought.

Vacation ideas - other things of inconsequence

I went into this summer with high expectations of some sweet vacations - some laid back fun in the sun, etc. It has turned into the direct opposite almost. I'm just waiting until September for when I can start taking some time off.

So - any ideas ? I've thought about abroad - and I'm still kind of thinking about it - but I'm also taking other ideas. Maybe I should just wait until winter time and go snowboarding?

Friday, July 07, 2006

of course...

Of course papi will be watching the games, Phil you could always go have a beer at friday's.
I like the idea of your "new hairdo", I actually just finished cutting danny's hair and I decided to make a cross right on top of his scalp, it came our really nice. I told Danny that he could start a new trend but he just looked at me weird and said nothing.....oh well, I guess my kids don't like to be trendsetter, but you filly, how about it???

I watched the original titanic the other night, now....I have nothing but LOVE for my fellow women people, but...we do want our cake and eat it too!! If titanic was now would women and children still board the only lifeboats???of course we would, we would run to get them boats and make the men feel like cowards if they wanted to save their lives the same time we want to be treated just like men...sure we do, just to get money.(in the workforce) Ican't stand the idea of women in the military, does anybody know the answer to this? how many people total have died in Iraq? How many were men and how many were women? and do men and women get paid the same? do they go through the same physical tests? exactly alike and if they do, are women as strong and have the same stamina as men, how come no women play in the world cup? how come women and men don't compete with each other? It really makes me mad, men and women ARE different and there is nothing wrong with that. women are endangering not only men but all people, working in fields where they jeopardize people. As policewomen, firefighters etc. Now, if you are a huge muscular woman and can do exactly the same thing as men to save lives then it's ok but don't lower the standards just because it's "politically correct" just had to get this off my chest. I wish we could go back to the times when women were treated with respect. Oh, and if we are equal how come women don't ask guys to marry them? most still don't.

Love you all,


World Cup 06

I'm down for catching either the loser's game (tomorrow) or possibly the final on Sunday. If so - I will need to carry on the traditional Cup atmosphere with a bottle of grappa and a chardonnay, in honor of the two nations involved. Plus I may shave my head like Zidane.

I will talk to you guys this weekend. Right now I am hard at work at economics.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


We will be watching the games here at home, as you know we got TV now. Papa would love to have somebody watch the games with him, I'll be watching it too. I'm going for ITaly, they are more like us hispanics and aren't the french like the argentinians? they think they are TOO much!! How come Germany is playing again?

I'll have good food if anybody wants to come.



Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I don't know if anybody reads the blog anymore. I do like having it because this way we could all keep in touch with each other. I hope that you all start writing at least once a week. FIlly was the only one doing it and I hope we can all participate. I like to know what everyone is doing and this way is easier.

We had a nice 4th of July, Marcie and Danny got here late on monday night. I wish Javi and Phil had been here, were you two together? I made a lot of food. rice and beans, burgers, hot dogs, chicken, salad and a delicious cake with manjar.

I am hoping that we could all get together for a weekend in July, we'll have a barbecue and play games, just be together, hope we could do that.

love to all of of you,