Saturday, June 24, 2006

bunny ears

dad got some bunny ears for the TV (not real ones) and now we're watching the game between argentina and mexico. You can't seeit 100% clear but it's not bad either.

The poo USA is getting kicked around in everything not just soccer and it all has to do with those media liberals....hating Bush, the military etc. It's really harmful.

to other topics, Phil, let us know next time you come so I can prepare dinner, you could watch one of the games with us.

Javi, I sent you an email. Marta sent me an email saying that you got a letter from Wachovia, I forwarded it to you. Let me know if you got it. It's something about your acct going on collection and if you don't close it you will be paying more $$$$ you have to be careful with accts that you don't close.

Argentina just scored a goal against mexico in overtime, I think I prefer Mexico, argentinian are spoiled!!

Love you all


Thursday, June 22, 2006

world cup

garbage, garbage, garbage, before that game I actually had some respect for Ghana. I thought they were a good team, that were the underdogs (kind of like the US last year)who tried hard and rocked the world with a win against the Czechs, but everything changed when I actually watched them play. I've never seen a team play so disgraceful in my life, I want to say taht there were seriously about 8 or 9 dives but then it was impossible to count because every foul against us was a dive. I only saw one or two real fouls, and they weren't even called! There should have been about 15 minutes of stoppage time because it seemed like half the game was spent watching them rolling on the floor in "pain." For example, it was odd that the goalie needed medical treatment twice (beginning of game and end), yet was able to do back flips when they scored, mind you off a dive turned into penalty kick, and then do pull ups off the bar when we shot high. Don't even get me started on Pimppong, that guy deserved a red card with what he did. Anyway, this team I think got away with this because there new to internation play, and I think it hurt them more then helped them. Not only did they lose the respect of a lot of people, but I think next game they play the ref is going to be looking for dives and coming down hard on them. The fact that there main tactic of pretending to be hurt is going to be taken away, coupled with Brazil's record of 28 - 0 - 1, I can't wait to see them go down in flames.

Ghana, I hate you, I really hate the team, the country, and, as Phil says, "Half of me wants to invade."

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

MS Ipod

What if Microsoft redesigned the Ipod packaging?

Thursday, June 15, 2006


I've been wanting to write in the blog but time flies. I was so happy to have javich and filly home, and specially that filly is moving back to NJ!! How was the move? did everything go ok? I'm glad Javi was able to help.

Danny is coming home tonight, he's coming by taxi, last week tia point and I took him to the station, it took us about an hour to get there and exactly three hours to get back. tia point still says we weren't lost.

I think a blog party is a great idea, we could have a blog/barbecue/pool party.

Today I got a call from the person who calls me to see if I could take in a child/children. Today she called, she had 2 hispanic brothers, 11 and 13, they are very close to each other and will not separate, they were beating with belts and wire hangers, very bad. It just makes you appreciate what we have in life. Of course, it hurts to say no but right now I have plenty with the baby. I think I might try a little girl though, 7 or 8.

Hope we can get together soon, I have plenty of food for a barbecue.



Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Botero's [Blog]: October 2004

Do you guys realize the blog has been up since 10/04? That's almost 2 years that its been going. Pretty impressive if you ask me. I think we should probably throw a party for the exact anniversary.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Stinking it up

We got hit pretty bad in Windsor yesterday, while I was at work. The power flashed on and off for awhile. When I finally got to the hotel though, the power was completely out there. Now listen for the lesson: Do not watch War of the Worlds when there is no power on for miles around - it was a bit ridiculous - but it was the only movie I had. Before going to sleep, I checked for any alien tripods in my closet.

It was funny the movie begins with the power going off, then freakish flashes of lightning - which was happening where I was too. Coincidence?

The true, stinking, reality was that no power ever came on, there was no hot water, and I only just took a shower 10 minutes ago - its about 6:45p now. What a pain.


was it bad in conn???what a storm yesterday. not even the cotton in my ears help. you all know i don't like thunder. i'm glad nobody got my fear???

i will pray for all of you and all your intentions tomorrow when i do my definitive promise.

danny passed his test will be going to virginia next week. i'm proud of your determination!

i guess there is a bad cough going around, phil do you have it too?

it seems like it's going to start thundering again...where are you my ear plugs?

i read today how most college grads are women, what's happenning to the men?

love and prayers,


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Phil, I thought you were going to stay with us until the apt was ready. So I guess it's not going to be right away. I do hope you and Javi can come when Danny and Marcie are here so we could have a barbecue, as I wrote yesterday I bought a lot of food!! I was hoping we could all get together to celebrate my definitive promise and also Javi's graduation. Bring your bathing suit.

Javi, how are things going? When are you moving to the new apt? How's your class going?

with love,


I hope we don't get the avian flu in the USA, they are saying that it might hit us by summer. If it does, you should stay indoors for three months, that's what I heard in the radio. So, you could all come here since I have plenty of food.