Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Phil, please translate your last comment to me, I have no idea what you wrote.
dad told me you were coming for a few days, I bought a lot of food so we can have a "barbie"
Javi, will you be coming too?



Tuesday, May 30, 2006

craziest thing ever

this actually made me feel old, but i just read about this security device that plays a high pitched sound that only teenagers can hear to scare them away. the device was then turned into an mp3 and used as a cell phone ringer, so that only teenagers can hear it, and use it in class and such. anyway, i did a test, and i can't hear it, nor can mom or dad, but marcie on the other hand started laughing because she heard a distinct ringing.

this is the article:

and this is another article about it, that actually has the noise:

it sounds crazy but it seems legit (unless marcie is lying), just be warned that unless you get a teenager you can't test it out, oh yeah and dont go crazy trying to hear something because i think you either hear it or you dont. dad somehow heard a cat, which i dont think quite existed.

good sons

I checked the blog today, hoping somebody had written something, and filly and danny had.
We did had a good barbecue yesterday, it was only dad, danny, anitamaria and me. Marcie was at work, she worked hard this weekend. we have lots of food left, but it won't go to waste.
On sunday there was a party at the McGovern's, meghan's graduation. We didn't go but I did send her a check. We were there not long ago and 1--dad wasn't feeling well 2--it's a 4hr car ride and 3--dad and I dont like leaving the house. We had a really nice weekend here.

Javi, how's everything going?

Love you all


Monday, May 29, 2006


Hi everyone or I should say Hi Phil!! (the good oldest son)

Well, this morning after mass, dad and I went to the parade, it was really nice. marcie marched with her school band. it was great to see her marching, her last year. she already has her college e-mail so ask her for it.

well, danny wanted a barbecue so we're having one. we have rice and beans, tostones, steak and of course hot dogs and burgers. wish you were all here. papi is planning on going to the pool, it's hot out.

javi's graduation was really nice, our first college graduate! who'll be next? we're very proud of you!
after the graduation we went to an indian rest, I was very impressed with the food, service and cleanliness. anitamaria was so good the whole time. it does seem like she will be going from us, but I still am hoping for a miracle. Being involved in the foster program we've come to the realization that the system is____________!!! They don't care about the babies or children, there are 7 lawyers just for the baby and her family plus case workers etc. the baby's mom is in the foster program because the grandmother did not raise her due to her drug addiction so now, she will be given the they are both in the foster program she will get money each month for each....I won't go on because then I'll just get more upset.

Dad has been kind of sick these past few days, but being dad he just does not rest, he goes on and on like the energizer bunny. He is my little energizer bunny.

I'm happy filly is moving to NJ, I've told you that this is where you're going to meet your future wife, but....don't be too impatient, remember, it took Tio Hector a LONG time to find his wife.

I hope that soon we can all get together, if it's a host day you can go in the pool.

On June 3rd I'm making my definitive promise, it seems only AnitaMaria will be there that day and of course dad. I will be praying for all of you. I do hope that if you can you could come, it will be a t 11am on sat.

Fisa is coming back from PR. THis is the 3rd or 4th time she goes to stay a while and after a week tia Point is ready to bring her back. It is hard having fisa living with you, she is so senile that she tests anyone's patience, the aunts have already mentioned the word "nursing home" because they just can't take care of her. Dad, being so good doesn't mind her living with us and even if I complain I do like her living with us, hopefully we never will put her in a nursing home. I do hope she doesn't get so bad that she won't recognize the family. THat would be terrible.

Well, hopefully we can all start blogging again.

Love and prayers,


Friday, May 26, 2006

Lord of the Rings and SAP

This New York Times article from the other day was fairly entertaining, comparing former Enron exec Kenneth Lay's lawyer, Michael Ramsey's statement at his trial to Aragorn in Lord of the Rings:

"There may be a jury that yields to unpopularity, but it's not this jury!... There may come a day when an American jury yields to a media mob, but it's not this date!"

Now here's Aragorn before the final battle:
"A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it's not this day! An hour of wolves and shattered shields, when the age of men comes crashing down, but it is not this day! This day, we fight!"

In the same article, the author writes a quick story about SAP America's CEO, and mentions that "SAP's customers range from Home Depot to Under Armour, the fast-growth fabric company, and Chico's, the women's wear retail chain."

Under Armour and Chico's ??!!@! WTF ? What about customers like Pratt & Whitney, Reebok, the Department of the Interior, the US Marines ? This guy did no research on that one. .. Chico's ?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

funny...and we finally know how to say it

from the front page of, a whole article on 'Nevaeh':

And if It's a Boy, Will It Be Lleh? - New York Times

Friday, May 12, 2006

||| Fridays - the best days - ever --- |||

Since we're the only ones bloggin, Mom, I think I can pretty much write anything huh.

Work week actually went fast. This spring is flying by actually. I'm still at work right now, but leaving in about 40 m. I have a 1:30p but I need to stop by the cleaners and the post office before I get going. I'll probably touch-down in Columbus around 5p. I was kind of looking forward to getting back the other day - but now I guess I'm more looking forward to just crashing a bit.

I'm glad we got a hold of some of those videos - except for the ones with my uncle and dad in the bath at ages 2 and 3 or whatever. That one was mildly disturbing.

Anyway - as everyone has probably heard - I'm moving back Northeast. I had grandiose ideas of NYC or Philadelphia - but I'm too much of a lazy ass to actually get up there right now. For now I'm renting a room up in New Brunswick from a friend. I have to still plan this out - since I'm totally procrastinating on this. It'll get done.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


how's everyone?

Brandon left two days ago, he is a good boy but I just could not handle a 3month old baby, a 3yr old active boy and a 83 yr old senile mom. Brandon is one of the "lucky" ones though, I say lucky because he does have a lot of family who love him.
I've been feeling a little sad though about the baby, the reality is that she will probably go back to her not mom but grandma. I don't even want to think about it.
papi has been enjoying the family movies, when you all come you should watch them. I don't know why but I thought your grandfather Hector was serious but he wasn't. He is always joking around, laughing and hugging fisa and his kids. He was very handsome too.
Danny is settling into home, and I'm happy to have him here. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you.

Javi, i saw the movie about the parrots, i cried and cried, specially when he told the story about the one that died in his home. at least it had a happy ending.

I love you all,


Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Hey - If anyone gets or has pictures of Miami - please feel free to email me with them. I know that I want copies.

Friday, May 05, 2006

way to go!!!

great job filly and danny, how about the rest of you??

I have an announcement, I made a decision today that I know it's the right one. I'm not going to have Brandon anymore, the sooner they take him the better it will be. Yes, it sounds harsh and if you all want to think bad of me, come and spend an hour watching him. There are MANY reasons for this decision and I won't get into all of them but just the fact that I had to send fisa away because she actually became physically sick while here with Brandon. Wow, that kid needs attention and just for himself, does not like animals so he makes the cats cry, the baby cry etc. Dad was suppossed to work in NJ and maybe come home earlier, wel, that didn't work out, but it's not even that, the kid is just too demanding. So....I won't say anymore because I know in my heart I tried and it didn't work with him. I'm hoping we will be able to adopt the baby, but whatever happens I will not take in any more kids, I never wanted to be a foster mom, I wanted to adopt and here in the US that is just imposible that's why people go to other countries. Anyway, tomorrow I will be here by myself with fisa, the baby and Brandon and I'm NOT looking forward to it., have a great time in FLA......sigh......sigh....sigh....don't think of me while you are at the party....sigh...sigh...or at the beach...sigh...sigh or having sanduchito cuuubano chico...sigh...sigh...sigh...

Ok, I'm kidding, really, I am....

Javi, I ordered the "parrots of....whatever hill" will let you know if I liked it.

Love you all and hopefully I will not be a the asylum when you get back...


Thursday, May 04, 2006


just finished my last final, it was the only one that i actually needed to study for and i think i did real good. i usually make small mistakes on my math tests and do real bad, but if i didn't on this one then i think i did real good. anyway, just feels mad good to be able to relax, and cant wait until this weekend, should be a good time.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

to clarify....

hi! i guess nobody cares if we get subs or not. so that will be it. they are delicious!!

about the kids.....the perfect thing would be if i could adopt both. BUT, in brandon's case, he has grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins that want him and i know they love him very much. when he comes back from visits he comes spoiled and with toys and food. AnnaMaria comes back screaming, trembling, not having eaten well and with completely soiled soaked diaper....if Brandon is reunited with his grandparents, he will be raised with plenty of love, I dread to think of the baby if she is reunited with her 16 yr old mom who lives in a shelter, who's been told many times that she needs to have a curfew if she wants her baby but doesn't do it anyway or the "past" drug addicted grandmother who is all of like 30 yrs old and who has her for an hour but does not feel like feeding her or changing her diaper. Dad and i dread to think what would become of this baby if they gain custody of her. and yes, if they do abuse her (again) she would come back to us, abused? neglected? every wed, somebody new, an "aide" smelling of smoke picks her up to put her in a car for an hour an a half, to see her grandmother for 1 hr, her mother for 2, not together because they don't speak to each other. then the drive back another hour and a half, 3 hrs in the car in the space of 6 hrs!! just to accomodate the grandma because they could bring the mom and grandma to the office in Flem that is easier on the baby but since they don't want to be in the car together they have to transport the baby....and on and on...i don't think any of you understand how bad this is for me, I love this baby and I'm going to have her until 2/25/07 and the judge might just decide to give the mom custody. Bradon was not abused, the parents went out to work and left him alone, thinking he was going to be sleeping the whole night, so their cases are completely different. THe baby will be in danger in she goes back to the mom. Brandon will probably go live with his uncle either in Penn. or his grandparents in Colombia. I want what's best for these two kids.

Terry's baby is BEAUTIFUL!!



Monday, May 01, 2006


I've been thinking what to bring for Javi's graduation. I wanted something hot but that's a problem so I think getting subs from //brothers ravioli should be good. I'm not into subs but those are the very best! I could pick them up at night and bring them in a cooler.

The kids are doing very well, they surely keep me busy but I'm very happy with them. It would be great to adopt both but Brandon does have family that care for him so if they get custody it would be okay, the baby on the other hand would be for me worst than death. He mother and grandmother don't really care much and she would not be treated right. She turned three months yesterday and she is always all smiles, she knows me and as soon as she sees me she smiles at me. Please, please pray for her, I'm praying for a miracle! If we are not meant to have these children I will not take anymore, maybe I would take a baby who would be free for adoption but those really don't come up, I could not fall in love with a child to have him or her taken away from me. As I said, I would not mind with Brandon, he would be ok but not my little girl.

My love and prayers are with all of you.

Dad is thinking fo renting a house somewhere in the US, Danny would definetly go, we would love to have the whole family if we decide to do it. I would probably even let Phil bring a cooler with some beer. I'm not "afraid" to see beer anymore, my anniversary will be June 26 and it has been the 4 best years of my life.

The first sat. in June is the ceremony for my final vows, dad wants to take me and whoever is going to come to go eat to a restaurant, I chose Angelo's in rt 31, I love their food, and I'm extremely picky.

The outside of our house looks like a paradise, it's just so pretty with all the stone and the flowers. The pool is looking really nice too. the hammock looks very tempting....

Annia, our exchange student is very very nice, of course we really don't see much of her. Yesterday they went to Washington, came back today.

On wed I'm going to a dinner honoring.....drum roll....Marcie! Something about her character, you know more than grades I have always wanted all of you to have good character, that's what I've asked for, I'm very proud of her. And also that she chose the college of NJ. good choice.

Does anybody know where Xavier is?? have not heard from him in a long while.....

Love and prayers,


PS Fisa Alicia would always say to me, "when I don't hear from one of my kids I think there might be something wrong with them."

$$$ Horses

I've been putting money down on horses with some co-workers from my project at the DLA. Ever since I joined up - last fall - we've been losing everytime. We'd win an exacta here and there - but overall we were hitting losses. Well - we bet and won on the Tiznow stakes last weekend. Not a huge sum, but its the very fact that we did win that gets me. Breaking that slump!

So I'm assuming I'll see Dad and Dan on Saturday. I know Mom is not going, is Marcie? Sometime spent in Miami sounds good to me.

Oh - and I am sore as hell as I played softball yesterday. I was called in for my friend's team as they were down some guys. We played a double header and it was a really good time. I got a couple of hits, and hit a good one into deep left, but unfortunately it was caught - if not I could've pushed a double. Anyway, I forget playing ball is a hell of a lot of fun, especially on a nice evening with the city in view of the park.