Thursday, April 27, 2006

cool news

as you guys know im going to air assualt school, and there was one requirement i had never been able to do, climb a rope. today though, i woke up at 5, did a 10 mile road march, and on the way back we practiced climbing ropes and i did it! The rope we used was like 20 feet high, a lot higher then any i had tried before, and i just slowly moved up it with no trouble. anyway, i was just proud of myself and wanted to tell everyone.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I havent blogged in awhile - sorry - but life has been hectic.

Work is ramping up - getting busy - getting more in the hang of the style around here. Traveling is alright - except that I don't get my H2 regularly enough.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


did good, but not as good as i wanted to do on the test. i ended up with 50 pushups, 75 situps, and a 13:30 2 mile. i wasn't feeling great so i think it hurt me a bit, I know for the run if this one kid didn't slow down and pace me i would have definetly not run that fast. anyway, i decided to take the test again for my unit this Sunday, so i will be coming home.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


i hope everyone had a great easter. as phil asked me to do i gave his basket full of chocolates to richie aka mr richards. he loved the three pound chocolate bunny!! well, at least he died happy!! just kidding Phil.

danny, it's incredible how you get after not running for a long time, I love to run and started doing it, very little, like three minutes at a time, but i want to keep doing it, i run with the stroller, baby and mom love it! so...bets are on! who thinks it's going to do better in the turkey trot this year? mom or danny? phil can you be the bookie?

as you could all probably tell, i've being a "little" busy with a 2month old baby and a 3 yr old boy. the first two weeks were tough!! but's still tough HA HA! no, i'm actually having a great time now. i'm settling down to a routine, and it's working out really well. Please, I am asking EVERYONE to pray for little Nevaeh, that she might be able to stay with us, her family is not really good, the judge will decide on 2/25/07 if she goes back or stays with us. WE NEED PRAYERS from everyone,even if you don't believe in prayer please do it for me.

Javi, I'm going to rent the movie you recommended.

So, Marcie has been nominated for the phibetakappa (something like that) very impressive, wow, we're so proud of her.

Monique, how's school? too much work?

I was thinking I wanted to order from Uncle pete's for javi's graduation, they have great food, the only problem is that I would have to pick it up the day before and they are closed if this doesn't work out anybody has any suggestions for what food should we bring? I would like to make my rice and beans and mi pierna de chancho but don't know if I'll have the time to make it. So, let me know if you have suggestions.

love and hugs to everyone!!



been a while since theres been a post so just seeing how everyones been doing. things are going well and my last week of class is next week and then i have three finals that monday, and finally finish with one final may 4th. so, things are wrapping up here. been working out a whole lot more, i started running with these guys in ROTC and have imporved dramatically. xavier was always right about running, its important to run for distance, everynow and then do sprints but run for a long time. oh yeah, and make sure to run consistently every day, like i said i've gotten a lot better. i have a pt test monday (pray for me) and im hoping to get my highest score ever, and i think i might even earn this Army physical fitness badge (if i can do good on the push ups). i ran a practice 2 mile and actually managed a 13:29, and i think i can push myself even harder, the only problem is that i've developed nasty shin splints. most of the time you can run through them, but these are horrible, so i've been resting for my test, lets just hope they go away by monday (even though i dont think they will). also been trying to read a lot more and watch less tv, which is always good. anyway, kind of lost track where i was going, but hope everyone else is doing as equally well.

by the way, i've been training for the Turkey Trot, to set the Botero record, oh wait i did already. well, i guess im gonna hold it, so make sure to start training, and im almost considering myself a runner so if you want to talk about all things running giving me a call.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


So, is anybody coming for Easter? I know that it is hard if you have to work/study the next day but it would be nice to get together.

Some of "my" quotes.

When negotiating price, try to force the other party into making the first offer.

I've learned that children follow examples, not advice.

live beneath your means

don't feel like you have to express your opinion on every subject

Remember that if you can save money regardless of how limited your income, your success is almost assured.

Be flexible with your time but never with your values.

Never make an important decision after having a couple of drinks or when you are upset.

Be constantly looking for ways to help others succeed..

I don't know if I get this next one

The first onw gets the oyster the second one the shell.

Love you all!!


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Quote for 4/12/06

Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives.

- William Dement

Monday, April 10, 2006

Hi everyone??

Just thinking of all of you and wanted to tell you that I love you all.

Marcie and I are having some popcorn and watching "The wedding planner". The baby and Fisa are sleeeping and Brandon is waiting nicely for me to heat up pizza for dinner. We had leftovers from yesterday when Danny was here.

Brandon is such a good little boy and I really hope that I don't have to send him to another family but it's a little hard with fisa. She starts to really spoil him and then he gets "le das la mano y se va al codo" meaning he starts going a little crazy and then she says "tell your brother to come pick him up" she thinks it's his. So, right now I'm praying to god that things work out with him.

Love you all


Sunday, April 09, 2006

A secret

A neurosis is a secret that you don't know you are keeping.

Kenneth Tynan

Friday, April 07, 2006

Soul coughing

I have had this cough today and yesterday, I don't think its flu or anything serious, but its annoying.

I'm currently waiting for my Pittsburgh flight...Pitts. being the most depressing of airports. Have you ever walked into some small supermarket and seen signs and food they haven't replaced since 1970, like the old school nutrition signs? Well, anyway, imagine that as an airport. It doesn't really bring nostalgia so much as make you just laugh at how stupid it looks.

I went out last night and saw Danny Howells, this DJ from Liverpool. He's ranked up there as one of the best, and he was pretty good. I had a good time, although I'll remember the night mostly from this huge bouncer telling me I wasn't going to get in with the shoes I was wearing. Yeah, so what I had my Reebok running shoes on, I had a ticket. Anyway, I got pissed, and told them to give me a refund, and then all of a sudden they let me in. Besides that it was a good evening.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

How's everyone doing??

Hope everyone is feeling well. A lot of flu going around. We've being spared here. PTL!

Danny, I'm so proud of you, as R. Reagan said, the people who are pro killing babies are themselves already born. Most rapes don't end up in a pregnancy, the reason that even if the rapists were castrated the "experts" say they would use other ways to "entertain" themselves. THe numbers are VERY low of women who do get pregnant. And is it the baby's fault? One crime has already being committed so that one will have then the trauma of abortion. As dad says, we feel all babies should have a chance to be born. As prolife people that is why we are foster parents, a lot of people say "well, you don't want abortion, so would you take care of that baby nobody wants? well, we would and we do.

Love you all!!




like i said i've been sick for the past two weeks, and because of various reasons haven't run in quite a while so i made the extra effort and met up with some other ROTC cadets. These guys run every wednesday, and are the best runners in the program, so you could tell I was nervous. All doubts aside i braved the cold and ran with them, not only did I keep up with them (except for the very end two guys sprinted ahead), but we ran for a whole hour! We were going at a slow pace, but still it was far, and it really boosted my confidence with running.

Crazy story with the kid, im glad to hear that everythings going well. I was actually talking with some friends about the issue of abortion, and all of them but one were talking about how they felt its ok in certain situations. One mentioned, "what if a 13 yr old gets raped, how is she going to take care of the baby? might as well not even put it through that life." I replied with the fact that its still a living breathing baby and killings killing (usually once pro-abortion people understand that its living and breathing they begin to truly understand the complexity of all of this), if worst come to worst the baby could be placed for adoption. My friend then replied well its probably better to abort it then force it to live in the adoption program we have in the US. The one friend who had agreed with me in the beginning chimed in with the simple fact that its better to give the kid a choice, because he had been adopted himself. Right there it was like a slam dunk, a perfect example of why abortion should be outlawed. Anyway, I just thought it was quite an ironic situation for all those pro abortion people, and i liked to think i scored one for the good side.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Well, life is just very strange sometimes, you know how little Nevaeh was born on Jan. 31 which it's St Marcella feast day. About the three year old boy I'm watching, his name is Brandon and yesterday he was in the news. I think he was also in the NY paper because Tia Titi saw it, but I read it here in the Star Ledger. "A 3year old boy was found wondering the streets at 1am, they found the parents who came home at around 4am, they were arrested. So, can anyone guess what his mother's name is????Marcela Vargas. Now, isn't that weird?
Just don't tell everybody you know about this, just in case the parents are drug lords and they send a hitman to come get the boy and kill me...He will be here for a long while though. He is a nice boy, thankgoodness!! As any 3 year old wants a lot of attention but he is obedient and it's not mean which is important.

A note for all my children....I love you all very much!! and don't worry, when you come there is plenty of me to shower you all with my love and my cooking!!

The backyard is coming out so nice, today they were suppossed to come tile the pool but all of a sudden we got this snow-hailstorm. Did anybody get that where you are?? I can't wait for spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all!


Monday, April 03, 2006

I feel terrbile...

Well, before I say why I feel terrible, first I want to say that I now can't wait to visit t....square (can't spell it). It looks so peaceful, tranquil, so beautiful.....

About Spain....the bottom line is this, dad told me that even though he got a great bonus it just doesn't leave us extra money...but...he said that we could rent a place there for a week, we say some places in Calafell that look really nice. And Phil and Danny could pay their own way, we would pay for Marcie. Marcie wanted her friend Katie to go but she won't go if I don't go, I really cannot go. How about the three siblings going? I think you would have a great time. I would definetly let Marcie go with her two older brothers, you can spend some time at the beach, go to Barcelona etc. So, if you decide on a week, Dad and I can see about renting the apt. If not interested in that, we have a fabulous spot right here in Flemington that might be of interest....Dad and I have spent thousands of dollars fixing some things...we've been under "construction" for more than a week, we're having french drains put in, this will solve our drainage problem so that the basement doesn't flood anymore. We're doing a complete overhaul on the pool. When it's done it's going to be beautiful. I also plan on many barbecues by the pool since I got a grill to put in the patio. I'm hoping that all of you can be together sometime during the summer. It will be fun!! We can also have some frisbee games, volleyball, basketball, running on our beautiful streets, biking, scrabble, etc etc. sounds like a plan to me...

Little Nevaeh, whom if we a re able to adopt her she will be called Anna Maria, is doing very well, she's such a sweet and good baby, we're so in love with her. I did want to help two kids, that was my plan, to have a little older one, and just stay with two. So, this morning they called me about a little 3yr old boy who was found at 1am this morning, roaming the streets of somewhere in NJ. They don't know much about him, if anything but it seems the parents or just mom left him alone, I guess to go to work and was found by somebody. So, the parents are in jail. He is a very sweet natured boy, just loves fisa, fisa is so good with him, and he sits on her lap. He brought no clothes except for some old old pajamas so thankgoodness I had Joey's superman ones, they are a little big on him but that's what he's wearing. I made him rice and beans with maduros, and he ate everything. I do have to get used to this routine, of having two kids plus dealing with the "construction", it's tiring, but I am very happy.

So, hopefully I will have all of you together this summer.

I'll try to write more often, I have to get used to my new routine.

Love you all!!



been doing crazy stuff the past couple of days, and adding in that i've been sick for over a week i'm kind of out of it. Nonetheless I'm mightily interested in this trip to spain, and want to get some concrete times. im going to list my activites and hope others follow to find when we can do this ( i know its odd, that i actually have plans)

9 - 21 Jun Air Assualt School
27 - 4 Jul Jaimaca
22 Jul - 5 Aug Annual Training
? theres another two week school, but i have to find out when it is, im hoping may so its not a bother

everyone lets get on this now, its something that i dont want to fall through, cause i might have had the chance to also go to Airborne school and i didn't so i could do this.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Google China

Definitely hope that this is not the case in Hong Kong- future home of Uncle Hector and my prime vacation spot - but Google removes some of its search results in its Chinese Google site. This is to appease the Chinese who like to have a say - eh control? - in what their citizenry have available to them.

So anyway - here's a pic of what you get when you put in "Tiananmen Square" into Google:

Lots of tankssss

OK, here is in Google China:

eh, what a lovely place, flowers, people, no tanks, good place to go and NOT protest.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

WWII and Pancakes

Very funny story. Apparently the messenger charged with delivering the news of the Japanese surrender in WWII delayed the delivery by hanging out at a diner, hitting on some waitresses, then getting pulled over and being lectured for making an illegal U-turn. The kid was 16 and why he was entrusted with this message, I have no idea, but usually important things are done by the people you'd least expect in life.

WWII Surrender Delayed by Friggin Pancakes