Thursday, March 23, 2006


Well, thank you to the two that answered back. This is what's happenning. Foa while now these are the four cats that have been inside; napi, boo, iggy and sweety. From these four, boo is the only one that never "asks" to go outside, the other ones have and I've let them out from time to time. I have come to the realization that cats LOVE to be outdoors, they should be outdoors. I remember that after having my 4 parakeets I promised myself never to do that to an animal who should be free. So, if I had to do it all over again I wouldn't have indoor cats. So, what I'm doing right now is this, Iggy loves to be out but then if he wants to come in, I let him. Boo stays right out front and doesn't like to be out there for too long, but you know Monique, I'd love for her to be outside, you know her fur right? it's just horrible, she is one of the worst culprits but if she cries to come in I let her in. Sweetie has always loved to go out and stay out, if she wants to come in I let her in. Napi is the one who does like to go out once in a while but I'm kind of keeping him inside. I don't have any plans of letting him live outside, not yet anyway. I'm hoping that little by little they will get used to be mostly outside. You know, after feeling so horrible about letting these cats outside I realized that they do love it outdoors. But, right now, we have four that mostly live indoors, at least it's better than 8!! I would like to only have one or two inside. That should be the most cats anybody should have indoors. Phil was right all along! And how is my filly doing? All those companies fighting for him??

Love you all!


PS Please everyone, pray for me tomorrow, I have to drive to New Brunswick for a 10am appt in St peter's and for a 1pm in Robert Wood Johnson, I told papi that if I didn't get home by midnight to go get me, I'll probably still be lost somewhere out there.....

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Hi everyone, I've been kind of busy with the baby and other things so I haven't "visited" the blog till now....I guess I must have scared everybody with the headline "Fisa is in heaven" HA HA HA, it's soooo funny. THe only bad thing is if that does happen and I blog the news, nobody will believe me, like the boy who cried wolf.

Little Neveah, or Joy as I call her now because it's too hard to pronounce her name and because she is my little Joy, it's doing well. She does have some problems, but hopefully they will be minor. The thing is as you all know I'm not much for driving in "unfamiliar" places and with her I will have to take her to Robert Wood Johnson and St Peter's. Danny drove me last friday, and it turned out that the appt was not for that day but for next friday. So...I have to be brave (as Danny told me) and have to take her myself. So, little Joy is going to help me be brave. Today, the poor thing was picked up by a transportation aide, and taken an hour and half from here so she can visit the grandmother who wasn't too interested in her own daughter or grandaughter but now seems to be, so they have to accomodate her. Somebody from dyfs told me that a lot of these mothers want their kids back when they are 2 or three, out of diapers, it seems to be true in a lot of cases. A foster mom I know from church (who happens to be a saint) invited me yesterday to her house for pizza, there were other foster moms there with their kids, I really enjoyed myself, such nice people! TOmorrow they invited me to "viva mexico" a rest here in flemington. It's at 7pm, I know I don't go out at night but I think I'm going. I'm really happier since I've had the baby. I don't get my hopes high about adopting her, specially that the grandma is now in th picture. I just leave it to God.

Monique, I hope you had a nice time in Costa Rica, thank you for the souvenir. You need to tell me about the trip. I hope no insects stung you.

Did everybody hear about Filly? All these companies that want him? He's my little executive, dad is my big executive.


For a loooong while now, I've been thinking about our cats. As you all know, I love them all very much, but....I know they were becoming a BIG problem. I think it's true about some people that have so many cats that maybe they are in need of something else. You hear about people like that. It's not right to have so many cats. Even my two priests told me but I guess I didn't want to listen. I know some of you kids told me too. But somehow they all came and I felt sorry for them. But since the "lucy" problem I just could not put up with the smell. And then it wasn't just lucy peeing, even with him outside there was pee everywhere!!! None of you, either dad or you kids know the extra work that having these cats involves. I do enjoy going out and seeing people once in a while but I haven't been able to do that in a long time, I'm constantly cleaning fur everywhere!! and I'm embarrassed to invite anybody here. and with the peeing, well, no time for anything else, this was affecting my sanity, my health. So, once Lucy went out, he cried for a few days and it broke my heart but at the same time I was relieved that besides his peeing there were not the "fights", the going up on the counters, the spilling water everywhere. The house is more peaceful. Now, lucy is happy outside, you know, cats are happy outside, they've always tried to go out and I was afraid for their safety but you know, we have beautiful grounds here, perfect for them. Nothing has happenned to any of them, and if unfortunately something does happen I just can't torture myself about it. Cats should be outdors, it's been so much better since I have put them out, the house is easier to maintain, it's cleaner, it smells nice, not so much fur on the clothes,etc etc. Besides all that, imagine, we all suffer from allergies, we should really not have indoor cats! Everytime you come home the sneezing doesn't stop, I don't want that anymore, how about Dad? he even have to take daily asthma medicine!! So, what am I getting at? I know I can count on Phil to support my decision to have the cats outside, as I said, it is safe here, they have the fish pond, etc etc. But I hope I can count on the rest of you, and not make me feel that I'm a terrible person for letting them be outside. I just cannot keep being a slave to cleaning this house and it's never clean anyway. I think you will all appreciate coming home to a clean and odorless home. I'd like to have an allergen free home. Something else, if dad or I want to go anywhere it's such a problem!! Little evan can come and feed the outside cats but last time, ther was so much problem with the indoor ones, they peed all over, the litters were a mess, that's the other thing, 4 huge litter boxes I need to clean everyday!!
So, do I have everybody's support on this issue? If no, I do take volunteers to come and clean the litter and house at least once a week. The cats WILL be fine outside, they have food, water, and shelter and even more love, I didn't like petting them indoors because the fur went everywhere but outside I always make it a point of petting them. They are all getting along too, lucy is not the meany he once was and leaves them the rest alone. I do want to enjoy my life a little more and maybe help one or two kids and be here for fisa and for all of you, I just can't have all these cats practically ruining my life. One last thing, dad and I have been talking about buying a house in the beach, as I said, with outdoor cats I just pay somebody to come and feed them outside, and I don't have to worry about them being inside or having somebody come to clean the litters.

As I said before, I hope I can count on everybody's support on this issue.



Saturday, March 18, 2006

Moving again *?!@#!

Whats up.

Not much over here - just sitting in the 'Bucks (starbucks for people in the know) and selling some furniture. I'm moving back northeast this summer if you all had not heard officially. And since the blog is the forum for releasing all news Botero - I wanted to release here.

I'm still under consideration as to where exactly I'm going to move. NYC and Philadelphia top the list.

V for Vendetta

yo, i saw this movie and its really good. i dont know what specifically but I thought it was really good (ya i can't think of any more adjectives its too early). anyway, if your going to a movie you should check it out.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Hi everyone, the main reason I was a bit scared of being a foster mom was because of fisa. I thought it might be too much work for me. Well, fisa is the happiest person in the world, she just loves Neveah, right now she's holding her, as she is for most of the day, and she's singing..."la cucaracha la cucaracha.." that's not the only one in her repertoire but it's just funny. It's being so good for her, but also for me. it's incredible how much she helps me. I can pretty much do everything around the house as I used to because she takes care of the baby. So many people have told me that I look 20 yrs younger since I got the baby, even though I've been a little tired just getting used to her, I have not been this happy in a very long time. I just can't explain my happiness but I realize this is what God wants from me, and it just feels great. Today, Eva Jane left me the nicest message in the machine, she said that she saw me in mass with the baby, that I look 10 yrs younger, that she had not seeing me so happy, and that I did such a good job with the four of you and that the baby is blessed to have me as her mommy. What a nice thing to say. Yesterday two of my friends from church brought us presents, not just one little things but a huge bag full of toys and new clothes, it's just wonderful! I just love that little one. ANd I love all of you,


check this out

this is amazing, but this guy was in Iraq and got hit by an explosion. a piece of shrapnel hit him in the glasses and pushed him back. anyway, the glasses actually stopped the piece of lead, and heres the picture

its mind boggling how that thin piece of plastic stopped it

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Hi everyone, well, I have to say I do miss Monique blogging, she is very witty. Today, dad took her to the airport and off she went to Costa Rica. It was good having her these past couple of days, we did some stuff together. Went shopping, went out to eat, watched movies, etc etc.
jubi definetly misses her parents.
Nevaeh and I are blogging together so in case there are some mistakes it's not my fault. I love my little girl, she is so sweet!! I took her to the dr. I need to take her to a cardiologist because of her heart murmur and also to an eye dr. The dr that saw her was very concerned about her eyes, I do hope she is not blind, how horrible would that be. tomorrow she is going to see her mom.
About my big princess Marcie, (nevaeh is little princess) it seems she has been asked to the prom and not only that, she has been asked "out", I guess that's how you say it. She's been good enough to ask my permission , I told her that I had to consult with her brothers, so, if the three of you approve then i'll have to say yes. Of course dad has to also approve. His name is Joe and here are his "qualifications", he is catholic (BIG plus) likes the outdoors and it's going for his eagle scout (+) son of a doctor (+) smart (+) not a playboy (+) don't know any negatives yet. he is the youngest in the family, he has three older sisters, oppossite of marcie and definetly a plus that he grew up with 3 sisters. it seems phil was friends with his sister Katie. so ther it is. marcie wants an answer SOON, so cast your votes! yes or no.
her life is in your hands.

Javi, send me your e-mail to

love you all


Friday, March 03, 2006

New things

Hey everyone -

Things have been busy lately... still are for the most part. I went ahead and moved last weekend, and will finish this weekend. My new place is great, I will take some pictures today/tomorrow and post them online for you guys to check out.

Also, today is my last day with Accenture. I'm a little sad to leave, I've really enjoyed working here. It really comes down to the quality of people I've worked with, and that's what I'll miss the most. I highly recommend anyone going into business to consider consulting and definitely consider Accenture as an option. To wax sentimental - I've learned and done so much in the past year and a half. Its been a huge experience.

Well - I start the new job Monday - I'll be flying into Hartford, CT that morning. Pretty much everyone has asked, "are you taking time off first?" No, I'm not. I didn't think about it honestly, I'm just moving with this momentum right now, and vacation time just did not even register. I kind of regret not taking a few days off, but whatever. Might as well jump right in.

I know everyone is going through some experiences right now - some good some bad - but I still wish all the best this weekend. Stay cool -


Thursday, March 02, 2006


hi everyone,

phil, how's the new apt? and when do you start work? and where is it going to be?

little nevaeh, it's very smart, she is such a cute and good baby. she's sleeping in my lap right now, the only problem is that she's a night owl, she sleeps all day and then at 10pm it's playtime for her until 12. she loves it when marcie holds her.

actually dad's bonus is not $100,000, is $110,000, that includes some stocks.

well, we have to see about Spain, i guess we could rent a small apt with 2 bedrooms. marcie and he friend can go sightseeing, i do want to spend sometime in the beach, what torture!

so...hong kong??

danny, how is it going without desserts?

i miss your blogs.

i get calls almost everyday about kids who need a home, i wish i could help every kid. for now i have little nevaeh, i'd like to have another baby and hopefully adopt two. maybe in between give a temporary home to some other kids. but we need to expand the house though.

love you all and always do the right thing.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Blessing

My little Nevaeh is such a blessing!! I love her like my own already, I could not bear it if they take her away from me. I probably will move to Spain and not tell DFYS. I will miss all of you but I need to do what I need to do. That or offer the mom $5000 to sign the adoption papers, it's still cheap since adoptions are more expensive. She is an incredible baby. Today we went to mass, she got her ashes too, then we spent an hour talking to my friends from church, eveybody was so happy for me, they all loved her. Then we went to the gym, I put her on the stroller and walked for 40 min. She started to cry in the car because she was hungry, we came home, gave her a bottle, changed her and she's been sleeping since. Last night she slept from 10 to 4, that is good! She's just special. she came to us when dad and I are facing of one of the most trying times in our marriage, not our marriage, thank goodness but when something happens to one of our children we just can't stand the pain. So, I don't know how I would be if it wasn't for little Nevaeh. 1--I checked what her patron saint is, Jan 31 is St John Bosco, and then I couldn't believe it!! It's also, St Marcella!!!!!!!!!That is incredible because I have always looked in books to see If I had a saint, and it's always St Marcellinus, and for her to have that saint, it must mean something. 2--her name is heaven backwards and 3--dad has not had a good rating at work for yrs, and today his boss told him that he gave him the highest rating and an incredible, big, large, huge bonus, double as the previous one, I know it's because of our little miracle girl!! she's a little angel.
They called me today to see If I'd take 2 siblings, they are very sweet, 2 and 5. I realize I do have the patience but we just don't have the room. I wish I could help all of these kids.

Danny, I never give things up for lent, I figure I give up things at other times, but this will be my first year giving up something, it's going to be very hard for me but I'm offering it up for something very important.

Danny and Marcie, I really admire the two of you, you are incredible, it's not easy to give stuff like that up. Please offer it up to the Lord. I know HE will answer our prayer.

I'm so proud of my darling,

I think he said he's getting a $100,000 bonus, or maybe I just heard wrong?

So, I guess nobody is interested in the beach in Spain?

Love you all!