Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ash Wednesday

tomorrow is the first day of lent, just wondering what other people are giving up this year. I usually dont do anything but this year i finally decided to give up desert food, it was funny cause i hate so much of it today and the funny thing is that i had this hankering for bread pudding and of all things to have they had it today at brower. i dont know but it seemed kind of cool that they would have that on my last day before i gave it up.

anyway, just wondering.

Monday, February 27, 2006


In your life, there are two things that do not fit together, your head and your heart.
Your intelligence--enlightened by faith--shows you the way clearly. It can also point out the difference between following that way heroically or stupidly. Above all, it places before you the divine greatness and beauty of the undertakings the Trinity leaves in our hands.
Your feelings, on the other hand, become attached to everything you despise, even while you consider it despicable. It seems as if a thousand trifles were awaiting the least opportunity, and as soon as your poor will is weakened, through physical tiredness or lack of supernatural outlook, those little things flock together and pile up in your imagination, until they form a mountain that oppresses and discourages you. Things such as the rough edges of your work, your resistance to obedience; the lack of proper means; the false attractions of an easy life; greater or smaller temptations; bouts of sensuality; tiredness; the bitter taste of spiritual mediocrity....And sometimes also fear; fear because you know God wants you to be a saint, and you are not a saint.
Allow me to talk to you bluntly. You have more than enough "reasons" to turn back, and you lack the resolution to correspond to the grace that he grants you, since he has called you to be another Christ, ipse Christus!--Christ himself. You have forgotten the Lord's admonition to the Apostle: "My grace is enough for you", which is confirmation that if you want to you can.

Someone has compared the heart to a windmill, moved by the wind of love and passion.
Indeed, that windmill can grind wheat, barley or dried dung. It is up to us!


Now me talking,

There has been countless times when I have NOT felt love for dad, as I'm sure there has been many times when he didn't feel love for me. It's not the heart that rules us, not our emotions, but the will. If we can control our will we'll be the most satisfied people in the world. If we let our emotions control us we will never be happy in this world. I've never said this before but there were times when even dad or me didn't feel love for one of you, when you did something very very wrong. But we never gave up on you, as I'm sure there were many times when the four or you did not feel love for us, maybe even hate us, but you did not give up on us. Love is relative, it's the will, it's our minds that we need to "use". For years I had depression, anxiety, would drink to relieve that. Now, I'm not even taking any medicines, or drinking, but I'm using my mind to tell myself, to be strong and you know what? it works! THe mind can do anything!! Once you stop letting your emotions rule your lifeyou will be happy!! I promise you that!

Love and prayers,


Danny, I am interested in "in style" magazine, I will let you know later.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


well, im doing this fundraising thing for a group im in, and was wondering if anyone would be interested in a magazine subscription. its $40 (ya i know its sounds a lot), but its a good deal it comes out to being about a dollar a magazine depenidng on which one you get. there is also another deal depending on certain magazines where you can get two subsciptions for $25( amazing deal). this deal is real short (ends thursday) so call me or post any magazines you might be interested in and i'll tell you if i have them. i have a lot of popular ones so i should have any you think of.

mom, they do have instyle so if your interested shoot me an email daniel.botero@gmail.com or call me and i'll sign ya up.

phil, you just bought me that mug so i owe you. i'll get you something else, but if you want a subscription i'll do that too.

ps like i said i dont have much time but ask around to see if anyones interested, and i'll try and email a list to you guys

What "if"

Hi everybody, what "if" we were to rent an apt in the beach in Spain would anybody be interested? It's 50/50 right now because we won't know for two weeks until dad gets his bonus. (we'll be better in May) If anybody is interested the fare is about $1000. If you don't have the money we could probably give you a loan. We are looking at either last week of Jly and first of Aug. Or third and fourth of aug. I think it would be a lot of fun, stay at the beach, the train is also nearby that for the people who want to go to Paris or Madrid they could do that. Right now is just an idea, so what do you think??

Phil, that was so nice of you to send that mug to danny, the only problem is that is so big that once he put it in the cabinet I couldn't fit any other glasses. (I'm exagerating) Now he doesn't have to fill his glass too often.

Some words from my favorite author, Bishop Sheen

I just opened this book and this is the page I got,

There is one thing in the world that is definitely and absolutely you own, and that is your WILL. Health, power, life and honor can all be snatched from you, but you will is irrevocably your own, even in hell. Hence, nothing really matters in life, except what you do with YOUR will. It is the drama of will which makes the story of the two thieves crucified on either side of Our Lord one of the absorbing incidents of history.
Both thieves at first blasphemed. THere was no such thing as the good thief at the beginning of the Crucifixion. But when the thief on the right heard that Man on the Central Cross forgive His executioners, he had a change of soul. He began to accept his sorrows. He took up his cross as a yoke rather than a giblet, abandoned himself to God's will, and turning to the rebellious thief on the left said: "Have you no fear of God, seeing that you are under the same condemnation! And we indeed justly, for the sentence we received corresponds to our crimes but this man has done nothing wrong." Then from his heart full of surrender there came this plea, "Remember me when you come into your kingdom" Inmediately there came the answer of the Lor. "Amen, I say to you, this day you shall be with me in Paradise"

That's what we have to strive for in this world, as Danny, the wise says, "life on earth is just a test". Think of when life on earth began, where we are at this moment and when we are gone, life will continue. We are only a speck. Feelings are just that, we CANNOT be ruled by our emotions, we have a will, we can do anything we put out minds, anything!! The problem is that sometimes we think we are really trying hard for something, but we are really not, we have already made up our minds, its a sort of stubborness.

Well, javi is not the only "philosopher" of the family.

My love and prayers are with you alwasy!


Here's the new stuff. The bakers on the web say it is a bit different, but works fine.

Here is some of the recent talk about transfat.

"Nutritionists and lipid researchers agree that the artificially produced trans fat is the most dangerous fat in the food supply, increasing bad cholesterol levels faster than saturated fat and interfering with the body's metabolic process. The National Academies' Institute of Medicine last year concluded that there is no safe level of trans fat in the diet. "

The health food people have been supporting the new transfat free crisco. Maybe it isn't as bad.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


I've been told by a "few" people, that I have hexed "some" of you. So....even though I'm not a witch (that I know of) I don't "hex" people. But, if you want to feel better, I'm telling you "the hex is off". I'm really serious that I want you all to be what YOU want to be. Ok? Didn't I tell you to be truck drivers, plumbers or electricians? did you listen to me? So, if I tell you to be a monk and you don't want to it's ok with me. I'm very very very proud of all of you, and as much as I think some of you would be great priests, nuns, monks, etc you have to do what you think God wants for you. Happy everyone??

Monique do keep us up to date of some of the "dangerous" foods, I think we really need to use some common sense. The best food is the one we cook at home, we can control the ingredients and know what we are eating, eating lean chicken I think it's ok, but meat should NOT be the main ingredient, red meat is ok every once in a while. Fish is good but the problem is that it's contaminated, but I think once a week it's fine. Actually tilapia (from ecuador) and salmon (wild) should be ok to eat, it's the one we must like anyway. And donuts, well, having ONE once in a while but should not be on our regular diet.

So, you know everybody how I go through "stages?" Like, for the last few years I've been in my "frumpy" stage? Well, I decided that I don't want to be frumpy anymore. I don't know why I think that if I want to be a good catholic woman I need to look frumpy. So, yesterday I went for a nice modern haircut, everybody loved it!! I actually look very pretty. ( I know, I'm humble and proud of it). Anyway, if feels good to look nice again. Dad loves my new look. I also started to really work out like I used to, I missed working out like that, I feel great.

Thank you everybody for being so nice about little Joey, it's incredible how that little guy was here less than a week and I still miss him. who knows maybe he'll come back, not that I want the mom to start smoking crack again as Danny says, but if something does happen I hope they call me. He left his superman pajamas here, so to me that's like a "sign" that he'll come back. Maybe I should put a hex on his mom.......

Love you all!

MOM:) "the hexer--not"

Moving weekend

First off- Mo, don't go to Dunkin Donuts for health food - not going to find anything, except the coffee probably. Time to make the trans-fatties...

I'm moving this weekend and putting my things into boxes. I really don't have a lot of stuff, just random crap really. Some clothes, and a set of summer tires.

I'm probably going to leave most of this stuff in boxes. I really don't feel the need to unpack it all, as I'm pondering a move back East. To be clear, I'll be in Ohio for the spring, and mostly summer probably. I'd rather not move in July.

My new address for the records:

355 Oxford Oak
Blacklick, OH 43004

I'll upload some pics this week.

Dunkin Donuts, you are killing me!

Okay, so this morning I decided I felt like a donut (actually 2), so I went down stairs and got them. I ate them and then I decided I would check how much shortening they have in them. I know that they are made with that and that that is the the biggest source of transfat, which we all know is bad.

Oh if you guys didn't know. They only two things I try to avoid in my diet are
1) transfat
2) mechanically seperated meat (because of my fear of mad cow disease).

Fat, butter, red meat...everything else I think is just fine.

Okay so back to my story. I felt so bad after I found out that each donut had 4 grams of trans fat in each. I just ate 8 grams of the stuff I try to keep away from, because I know how bad for your heart it is and how it is really hard to breakdown to get out of your system. Sheesh I don't think I can eat donuts anymore, that really grossed me out.

I don't know if you have read the kielbasa ingredients yet, but you should check about the mechanically seperated stuff. The turkey kielbasa tastes really good and at least turkeys won't ever get mad cow.

All right enough about my strange eating habits. I just though I would pass on the info about how much junk is in a donut, because I knew they were bad for you, but I never would have realized how much bad stuff is in such a small piece of food.

Friday, February 24, 2006


well, im sorry about Joey, i only heard about him but he seemed like such a nice kid. im actually really sad about what happened, so im sorry for you mom, cause you were actually there to be with him.

anyway, im sorry but im gonna come home tomorrow night, i dont want dad to have to drive up here late at night so i'll give him a break. plus im too tire to do anything, i just got out of a 10 hour day of ROTC outside (freezing to death) running around, and at the moment there have beeen few times where i've been this tired and physically sore. its a great feeling though, when you know you've pushed yourself and worked hard. well, i think i had more to say but im so disoriented at the moment that im just gonna go, i'll talk to everyone later and can't wait for spring break when we get to hang out together for a bit.


Well, I don't know if I can keep doing this, I do know i will give it another try but I have to tell everyone it's heartbreaking. As Joey was leaving, I started crying and still am. He was such a sweet little boy, very smart too. I miss him already. The worst part was when the lady was taking him and he was happy, he thought we were going out and when he went to give me his hand he realized I was not going he started crying "mommy, mommy". I went with them to the car and he just kept extending his hands for me, "mommy, mommy". How sad! He really loved it here and everywhere we went people would just come say hi, he is really cute. He doesn't look that fat because he is tall too, he is just a big boy. Today in mass, he was talking out loud and i said "shh", so then another little kid started crying and he turned around and said "shh". This might get easier but if it doesn't I won't keep doing it.
It seems the DFYS office was in an uproar, the caseworker told me that they could not belive the judge gave the kids back to their mother, they are very surprised, but there is nothing they can do. We'll just pray that little Joey will be safe. Yesterday when Javi called, he went to the playkitchen phone and said "hi and bye" and he hanged up.

Well, as dad says at least he was in a safe, loving home for these few days.

And for happier things, that party Monique is invited to sounds like a lot of fun. I think the fish pants will be perfect, if not I know you will figure something fun to wear. I hope Javi will also have a little time to enjoy himself. What's this retreat about? I have a feeling it's a spiritual retreat or am I wrong?

Phil, you did get the book right?? ANd Javi the hat and beef jerky? I remembembered how you you used to love them, if Monique likes them (which I doubt) share it with her.

Phil, this is the way Foster parenting works, I had prayed to the Lord that the first child I had I could adopt, I guess he has other plans. But the main thing is that they try to get the kids to go back to their families. I did tell the case worker that If he has to be removed again to call me, so they write that down in his chart, and there is that possibility.

I'm sad Joey left but I have my other little boy coming home tonight. (Danny)

Love you all!!


Busy Busy Busy

Hi guys. Next week is the last week before spring break for us. I can't believe we are already half way through the semester. I think I can say that this must have been the most busy week of Xavier's life. It has to have been. He didn't get home earlier than 2am every morning this week. And 8am one morning (that was crazy). He is going on a retreat this weekend with his club. I guess it is retreat week. First Danny now Xavier. I got invited to a "Pants Party" this weekend. My friend Kerry's fiance is turning 28 and they are having a birthday and the theme is wearing funny pants. They are so funny. Halloween they were the statepuff marshmallow man (Kerry) and rick morranis from the ghostbusters movie with a colander on his head (her boyfriend). It seems like fun, but I don't have any weird pants. Maybe I will try making something really silly out of clothing I was going to give to goodwill? Who knows, it's tomorrow so I really don't have very much time. Maybe I will just wear my fish flannel pajamas. That would be funny enough I guess, and they are pants. Well hope all is well with everyone. Plug through them finals and see you guys in a week. Except Phil. Sorry Phil, we'll see you later.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I just got a call from DYFS, the judge ruled on the side of the mom. Which means that Joey will be going back home either tomorrow or friday. I have to say, that he looked like a little boy that was loved. He is really sweet, today I took him to mass, imagine a two year old, he did not make any noise and just "read" the book I had brought him. He is just a good boy, wherever we went today people would smile at him, he is just sweet, he is also very smart. I do hope he has a good life, and whatever the problem was that the mom will fix it. Today I bought him a superman pajama with cape and all and he reminded me of Javi, do you remember? He is so happy with his superman pajamas.

As you all know, for years I've had this in my mind, (being a foster mom) I needed to give it a try. That's what I'm doing right now. Joey is a very good baby but I don't know if I get a "terror" one, I may just say no more! I'm sitting here having a cup of tea and writing the blog, I just don't know of another two year old who would just let me do that. I do need my "down" time in the middle of the day. Even with him who is really good, I really am not able to do some regular things I do everyday. So, we'll see what happens. On the other side of the "coin", I could fall in love with a baby and just like with Joey they will take him away so, I have to see if I will be able to do that. Only time will tell. Blitzen really likes Joey but of the cats only Boo has been friendly.

Keep working hard everybody, Phil, you did get the book right? Javi I sent you the hat, no more excuses for wanting to wear Monique's "fancy" one.

Love to all,


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It's for real//Joey

Well, two topics, tio Hector is getting married, probably in June and then right away moving to Hong Kong, they say for 8 mos of the year but knowing them they will be going to Miami every month. It is Roxane and she has two daughters, so I think they will be traveling often, she already quit her job.

As for Joey, well, he is here, our new foster child. He just turned two, they called today and they brought him tonight. Marcie was a lifesaver since I have ccd on tuesdays, she went out to buy a booster chair for the car and then she went out again to buy clothes.. I was ready for a small baby so we needed these things. He has not been abused as we can tell, he is adorable, Marcie and I already fell in love with him. At the beginning he was scared but Marcie played with him, put a veggie tales movie on and he was laughing. He loves Blitzen and viceversa since Blitzen get to eat the leftovers. I don't know exactly why he was removed from the home, but there was some danger there. He is one of five children, the oldest 17, all were put in foster care last friday. In different homes. Joey is a really sweet baby, he does have one small "problem", he is obese. Thank goodness the pajamas Marcie got fit him, but he is two and 55 lbs. OF course he ate ALL his dinner like a good boy. Then Marcie told him that it's time for bed, we put his pajamas on and gave him a bottle, and now he is sleeping like a baby.

So, please say a prayed for him tonight.

Love you all!


Monday, February 20, 2006


I had a great weekend. On sat. dad and I went to eat lunch then went to the movies, we saw, "Firewall", I had read the reviews on how bad it was that maybe that's why I enjoyed it.
Yesterday we went to the McGovern's, they were so happy to see us and we to see them. Of course they all look so grown but specially little Johnny, who is not little and is now just John. They are such nice kids and they love us like family. Their house is just beautiful, it's like a mansion built in around 1903. I was so impressed with the neighborhood too. Mr and Mrs Mcgovern are fixing the house themselves, (as they always have) and it's incredible what they do. Mrs M was a little dissappointed she couldn't do the roof, so she got somebody to do that. Oh well.
I'm expecting to hear about the baby this week, we got two calls already, one was for an older child, but I had to say no. There are people who only want older children and we've decided we want a baby.
Danny, I'm very happy about the retreat, Ilove retreats!!
Today we are having a peaceful day, dad is watching "thin red line", I'm sure he'd love to have one of his boys watch it with him, as for me, I started my new hobby, working on photo albums.

How is filly filling? a little better? remember vicksvaporub works great!

Javi, you should wear Monique's hat, I'm telling you, you wear it out one day and you'll start a new trend in New Haven!!
Do you want me to send you a hat?

Marcie had a great time in Scranton, after we picked her up she went to say hi to the McGovern's, I'm glad because they really do care for all of you.
Dan and Matt are doing very well, but after being in spain I don't think Dan likes Washington, so he calls the house everyday to complain. He does have a girlfriend from Spain.

Love you all!


PS Phil with your sore throat, what were you doing out at 10PM???? in this cold.
I hope everybody is dressing warmly.

I guess you all know that Tio Hector is getting married? ANd moving to HONG KONG??

Sunday, February 19, 2006


well, this weekend i was up in New York on Bear Mountain, for a retreat i've been helping to plan for a bit. Everything went smooth and i think just about everyone had a good time and walked away with a better understanding of their faith, which is always a good thing. During the retreat i gave a witness and, not to brag but it went better then i could have hoped to imagine. Nearly everyone came up to me after i gave it and said how well i had presented it to them and how it actually touched them. last week was insanely busy but now that im over with that this week should be extremely laid back (fingers crossed). other then that everything is going pretty good. ROTC got 10 slots to send 10 people to airborne school (4 to Airborne; 6 to Air Assault) its something i've always wanted to do and i think im going to try and compete for the spots. thats about everything thats been going on over here, hopefully everyone else is doing ok

ps i failed expos last semester (didn't pass one paper) this semester though, i already passed my first paper with a C+

brrrr, it is cold!

Hi Everyone,

Just writing to say it is cold today! With the wind chill it is 14 degrees here. Yesterday night it was 3 degrees with the windchill I think. Hope everyone is keeping warm. Xavier left one hat in flemington(the clay colored carhartt one) and his friend took the other one (black and grey) and hasn't returned it, so his ears are in danger of falling off in this weather. I offered him my cool canadian hat, but he refuses to wear it. I guess it doesn't go with the look he is trying to achieve. We are only 2 weeks from spring break, which is crazy. There is so much we have to do prior to leaving. I can't wait to pack up my stuff for Costa Rica. I hope it is warm and isn't raining when I go. I worked out today, but Xavier says I shouldn't bother if I don't do it regularly, but I don't think it is bad to get a little exercise here and there even if I can't commit to doing it every day. I get tired and I like to sleep in the mornings. So I might have read the post wrong, but did you guys visit scranton this weekend or are you going next weekend. Hope all is well for everyone. Keep Warm!

Hurray for a three-day weekend!

I think that instead of having one President's day, we should celebrate one day for each president? We would still have less holidays than Europe....

Today we are going to Scranton to visit the McGoverns and pickup Marcie. I am sure that she is having a good time with her friend Meredith. It is cooooooold today!

Phil, I hope that you are feeling better and able to get a lot of school-work done this weekend. Did you say a little thank you prayer on your new job?

Monique and Xavier, I can't believe that spring break is around the corner. Are your plans all set? all the best on your upcoming mid-term exams. Javi, how is your german coming along?

Dan, I didn't see any comments on Boynington from you. You can't just start a thread and then not comment. Hope that you are having a good weekend at Rutgers.

I am very excited about my new job, I am learning a ton... It is our new chairman's pet project (he sat in on our weekly status meeting this week) so it also has a lot of visibility. It is on everybody's mind also, there are a bunch of articles on the topic on any given day, it is hard to even keep up, let alone catch up.

Mom and I went out for lunch and a movie yesterday. It was a lot of fun, just the two of us.

Have a great day everyone!


ps. read your eMail

Friday, February 17, 2006


Well, it seems Jubi wants to spend spring break with grandma, I'm looking forward to her visit. Her dad told me that she said: "meow, meow, meow, meow" which meant, "I want to go visit grandma for spring break". How cute and intelligent she is. Just like her parents...and grandparents.

Marcie got us two yummy bride and groom caramel apples for our anniversary, I think I may go have one right now, it goes perfect with my afternoon tea.

Love you all!


Thursday, February 16, 2006


Hi everyone, I've been very happy lately. Just very proud to see my kids doing so well. Two graduations this year, one or two next year...

Filly, the good son (one of three good sons) called me yesterday, he has a new job, CONGRATS Phil, making VERY good money. The best thing for me though is that he's going to be in Conn. around Hartford (say it with a rich person's accent) so he's going to be closer. Not only that but he will be moving home in the summer, he won't be here all week but a few times a week. He told me that he wants a sign "welcome home mamone". I started making it already. Actually, it's a smart idea what he is going to be doing, saving money on rent (which is a lot of money) and save to buy a place of his own. I know a few couples that the husband (wives don't save money, except if you are Monique) bought a house and when they found the girl of their dreams they already had a house. Phil, I DID NOT put a hex on you, you will find a nice girl, you just have to be patient. You don't want to be a monk if you don't want to. There, the hex is off. HA HA HA!

This weekend Marcie will be visiting Scranton, I'm lending her my long skirt and coat and she's taking Blitzen with her, so she can look just like the picture. What is it of anyway? On sunday when we go pick her up we'll be stopping at the McGovern's, yes Phil,she's still my friend. She's very happy to have us and will be making dinner for us. I haven't seen them in a long time.

Thank you thank you and thank you Monique, I finally changed my wallpaper, now I can change it anytime I want.

Lucy seems finally content outside, he doesn't cry anymore and loves to sun himself on top of the car. Last time he came in, (danny, was it you that let him in?) for two whole days I was cleaning, it seems as though he has a hose, he sprayed: fisa's dresser and door, bathroom door, vcr and dvd player plus all the tapes etc, couch, etc etc, he just came in and sprayed, I was going insane! I finally got the odor out, but it's soo much work. I've tried everything and that's it, he will be an outside cat from now on.

Well, today it's papa's and mine anniversary. 26 blissful years!! I'm so blessed to have a husband like your dad, he's my love, my life, my everything!! and he's so cute too!! All these years I've learned so much from him, he's made me a better person. I hope and pray that my boys will be like their dad, I know they will. And that Marcie finds a husband who loves her like her dad loves me. Oh well, I know I'm a little sentimental but it's how I feel. I will make fish, pasta and veggies and we'll watch a HOratio tape, hopefully on sat we'll go out to eat. I feel like going to Red Lobster.

Love you all!!


Wednesday, February 15, 2006


An elegant college for an elegant modern young woman and her pet. Ahh, how her coat drapes, how her hat fits perfectly. The perfect outfit for a perfect school. The instution to which all parents should send their young ladies to prepare for the rigors of domesticity.

Thank you Xavier for your help editing my post into 1900's speak.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy LOVE day!!!!

Hi everyone, first of all I have to congratulate Monique on that picture. I just realized that even dad and me are in it. Just too cute for words.

Well, it was Marcie's day yesterday, she got her good results for her SAT and then she got her first acceptance letter from a college. Scranton is giving her a $10,000 scholarship. We're so proud of her!!

And all of of you!! The Lord has truly blessed me with my wonderful children and the "handsomest" husband. This morning my darling called me and asked me to be his valentine, of course I inmediately said yes!!

While St Valentine was in prison due to persecution he would write letters to the other prisoners, and that's how it all started....

What a beautiful Invitation from Yale, what a great honor, what a blessed mom I am, I guess I must have done something right to have kids like you!! My Javi will be our first college graduate, but certainly not the last, I think we will be going to graduations every year from now on. Monique thank you for sending it, it would be great if you could send it to my family. Not so that they go but that they can also feel proud!!

Love you all!!


Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone

My sweet husband was so romantic this Valentine's Day. We went out this weekend to dinner and then today he got me a little teddy bear with some fancy tea and three pretty candles that he lit when he gave them to me. It was quite romantic and thoughtful. I love my honey.

Hope you all are having a nice day. For those of you without Valentines you should spend the holiday the way the Argentines do. According to my teacher, they have Friend's Day on Valentine's and everyone hangs out with their friends and have a good time celebrating. You know latin Americans celebrate as often as possible. Americans at times like to reject holidays that they feel excluded from. Everone include yourselves, and celebrate your friends and family!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Hip Hip Hurray!

3 cheers for Marcie

Well, Marcie got her new sat scores and she improved 220 points!!! She told me that she had a pretty good teacher! Thanks Javi.

Monique, I want to change the wallpaper on my computer, is there and "easy" way to do it? If there is, could you tell me??

Dad is right about the baby, we're excited but a bit nervous, of course if you do anything for God, for your neighbor is not easy, good things are never easy but Jesus gives you the strengh to do them.

Love you all!


PS I enjoyed talking to Filly yesterday, he always calls mama. I liked you picture in the blog, you sure are good!!

Marcie is a mean snow clearing machine, she worked for about 4 hours straight yesterday and did a great job!

Danny spent the night at the armory (probably playing cards) on alert for the storm. He was on-duty for 26 hours straight. I am taking him back to school today.

I heard from Phil and there was a lot of italian people in the background, then I saw this picture, sure looks a lot like him? Phil, where are you???

Xavier and Monique, I hope that you had a cozy (and productive) weekend. Stay close to home today, if you can!

Mom and I are very happy that we finally have the license to be foster parents. We are not quite sure what we are getting into, but it sure feels right!

Have a great day everyone!

Love , Dad

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Here in NJ is still snowing, not much but some. Outside it looks beautiful. I wanted a day like this after this springy winter we've had. We've stayed home all day, in a little while we'll have a movie "marathon", I'll make some popcorn. Danny went to the guard yesterday, then came back, picked up more gear and left, I was a little worried with him driving but he got there ok. (To the armory in Lawrenceville) Then, at noon he called that he was in church and was going to mass, I don't know how he made it, he said Flemington streets were fine but other than that everything was covered, it's incredible that he made it home. I made some lunch for him and Marcie and now Danny is taking a nap and Marcie is out shoveling with dad. And I'm left watching Shrek 2, it's pretty funny. Dad and I have watched 3 episodes (out of 4) of Horatio Hornblower, I loved it, they did a great job fiming and the actors are excellent. Now we have to wait for DVD 4.

My love to all,


Is it snowing in Ohio??

Does Jubi like to watch the snow from the window??


Wow, the snow is really piling up. It started last night and it hasn't stoped yet. It's 11am now. I haven't gone out yet, but I'm sure it looks beautiful. It's always a beautiful white after these storms. Just wanted to say hi. Enjoy the snow.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

never too busy...

I will NEVER be too busy for my grandchildren, you don't have to worry about that Phil. You were always the one most protective of you mom.


Friday, February 10, 2006


Filly is the good blogger.

The inspector lady and the case worker came promptly at 10 thirty am. Blitzen was very good, and all the cats behaved. we got licensed so we maight get a baby anytime. Phil, Marcie told me that you were worried that I won't be able to watch your children anymore, well, how many times did I tell you to have kids and you wouldn't listen to me?? Don't worry though, I will always have time for my little grandchildren, and they'll have an aunt or uncle to play with.

Love you all!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

tomorrow's the day!!

After almost a year of paperwork and other "stuff" the day has finally come. I'm excited but a bit nervous. Dad sent me a quote today, that's from St John of the Cross, "on the twilight of our life we will be judged on love", I think it's very appropiate for us. I hope the cats behave and say a prayer for us tomorrow, at 10 thirty. Blitzen is all ready, I took her to the groomer and she looks really cute, I hope she doesn't do her "I'm a fierce dog routine", yesterday the mailman came and was terrified of our "huge guard dog"

Love you all!!


PS Where's everybody? I write LONG letters and don't get a little comment. sigh....

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Hi Everyone,

How is school and work going? I have my first midterm tomorrow! It's too soon. Time is really flying by. What's your schedule like?

This is the topic of my exam!

Monday, February 06, 2006


In all the years dad and I have been together he never really have been jealous, which I guess it's good but a girl once in a while would probably want a little "jealously". So, besides one time when this guy asked for my phone number I don't remember any other time except yesterday. Dad was jealous and he probably won't admit it though but it's true. He thinks I REALLY like Gary Cooper. We've been watching some of his movies and I have to say, he was a handsome guy, I think I'm going to say even more handsome than Errol Flynn, ok, so they're both dead, dad has nothing to worry about. The funny thing is that as you've probably noticed, Monique has put Claudette Colbert's picture instead of mine (yes, that's not me) because I told her that Mrs Mellon would always tell me that I looked just like her, so anyway, last night we were watching some old movie trailers and there it was; a movie with Gary Cooper and Claudette C. and they were kissing!! So, dad said, "look, you're kissing Gary Cooper", and dad looked very jealous!! ok, the second part I made up. little trivia, did you know that Cary Grant was Archibold something? his name was changed to sound like Cooper's, noticed the same initials? (inverted)

Last night I played scrabbled with Dad and Marcie. Great game!! I won!!!

I'm very excited about the baby, but nervous at the same time. The way I see this is that I want to make a difference in a child's life, I want to be able to say something to Jesus when he meets me at the "pearly gates", He's going to ask all of us, "so, what did you do for the least of my people?" I know it's not going to be easy, specially having fisa to take care of too, but I feel that God wants me to do this, I've felt it for a very long time and can't keep saying no. The way Dad and I see it is that if for some reason I feel I cannot do it, at least the baby would have had a loving home for whatever time we had him/her. Dad and I have always felt that we want to do something "extra" in our lives, like be missionaries in some far off country, I would tell that to Fr David and he would say, "that's nice, leave your family behind and go help someone else" and that's not good, that's not what God wants from us. "charity definetely begins at home" Mother Teresa would say that if everybody would take care of their own family there wouldn't be any need in the world. So, as I said, I'm excited but nervous, which I guess it's normal, but if this is something that The Lord really wants me to do, he will be there with me every step of the way. As I said before, I always had this "feeling" to be a missionary, it was always in my heart, and I think giving a child a home right here in the good old USA, where it's also needed it's kind of being a missionary, that's the way I feel. I know that if I went to a different country to be a missionary, I would help lots of kids but I'm reminded of something else Mother Teresa said, "start with one", I felt those words in my heart, the day I finally decided to go through with this. I'm very happy and proud of all of you, my beautiful kids for supporting me in this. You have been great just letting me know that It's ok with you. I needed to hear that, of course none of my sisters or brother like the idea, let;s say they hate it. But, I've always been different from them in that, for some reason since I was very young I always liked the idea of giving of my time, and I've done it since I was in 7th grade, as soon as i had taught myself english. I volunteered in the school library, Mrs. Olicker was the librarian and she used to treat me like a daughter. So, going back to the baby, dad and I are going to go get the crib tonight and some other things we need. As I said, we are already approved, but they have to check that everything is in order, and they will let us know when they come if we're licenced, then as soon as they have a baby in need of a home they will call us, it can be anytime!! Pray for us and for the baby!!

More quotes,

"The journey is the reward. The way to be happy is to take pleasure in what you do and how you do it, no in imagining that happiness is some place at the end of the road"

"It is good to have an end to jorney toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end."

"Happiness is not a destination' it is a method of life"

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be."

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"



PS I actually did not win in scrabble.



Saturday, February 04, 2006


that picture of dad looks exactly like filly. It's incredible when Phil was a baby up to a few years old he was a clone of dad, exactly!!! I think it probably means that he will look like him when he's older.


Well, in a few minutes we're going on our date, even though I think neither of us want to tell the other one that we probably prefer to stay home. Last week we also went but we had Fisa on our date and it just wasn't too romantic. Dad bought me two books, one on "personality" and the other "it takes a family", very good book by a PA senator. I will read that one after Mother ANgelica's biography, it's really good. Today I'm hoping to get a book called "women who make the world worse" byKate O'Beirne, when I read the review (On National Review, I get the subs.) I felt as though I'm not alone anymore. It's what I've been saying for years about "those" feminists, I'm so glad somebody had the nerve to write it, I could have written that book myself. (If I was a writer of course). I will let you know how it is. As for dad, he usually (always) goes straight to the business section, surprised??actually last week he got a book about the founder of the knights of columbus.

As for Javi's picture, oh well!! it's not as I thought is with cap and gown so might as well just take a nice picture on his graduation day. So, don't worry Javi, I will still make manjar. But, on your graduation I better be able to take a nice one of you, one with Monique, one with Fisas, one with parents....etc etc.

Monique, dad says he can't see Claudette, I mean me when he checks his blog? Am I the only one that can see it?

Well, one reason for our BIG date is that Fisa is not around this week and also we probably will be having the baby/kid soon. Finally all the paperwork is done, case study is approved and the INSPECTOR is coming on friday at 10 thirty, the case worker will be here also. If they license us they can call us the next day with a child! We are excited but cautious, if I see that I cannot handle two babies (the other one is Fisa) then at least I feel like I gave it a try and probably start volunteering in a cat/dog shelter....yes, I'll go from humans to animals.

I hope the cats behave that day, we put that we have 6 indoor cats, so I hope they don't start asking who is who because I don't even remember who I didn't put down, we didn't say anything about the outside cats and watch, they will probably decide to have a meeting that day and will be in the garage.



Some things never change

So you think that people change??? Take a look at uncle Hector who had his own driver (that's me driving the hook & ladder) from the very beginning.

It is definitely a rainy, lazy day here in NJ. Mom's is sleeping, Marcie is out with her friends, Fisa is in Staten Island and I am working on an article for a microinsurance book that the ILO is putting together. However we are going to go a little crazy (why not?), mom and I are going on a date to Borders later this afternoon.

On the taxes, it is probably best if you send everything here and we give him one pacakage. We won't be able to come to New Haven until the end of February at the earliest. By then we may just want to wait for spring break.

My new job is really fantastic, but my head is spinning right at the moment. This is a really great opportunity. I am going to learn a ton and also have fun with this job.

Have a great day and a great week!


Well, today I was goint to do my blog just on happy thoughts!! As I sat in my computer, little sweetie comes over and says "MOMMA", or something like that. I realized that happiness is having a CAT or CATS!! It has to be true that having a pet makes you healthier phisically and mentally.

For the YOU BETTER, I can think of no better reason for Javi to go take his picture if not because I will be FURIOUS if he doesn't. I already missed out on having his HS senior picture, the ones before he either is making funny faces or something silly like that. One thing I have been working on and it was a secret but it doesn't have to be since it will probably take years to finish but it's a scrapbook for each of you. You know how you each have the school books with pictures and stuff? Well, I want to make a really nice scrapbook for each one, so when I die you have something I made just for you. I always think what I want to leave "behind" for each of you, so I have 4 nativity sets and also chess sets (don't think I have 4) but one day Marcie let me know that she is not into material things and I realized she is right, so, the best gift would be a beautiful scrapbook of each of you from baby till......SO, what am I trying to say? That I don't have Javi's senior picture and I better get one of you from YALE, or else!!! (I will never make you huevitos again!)

HA HA HA Monique, you are too much, I love my latest picture, I don't remember where that was taking but don't I look just like Claudette Colbert?? Please do put my other picture too, the one from the wedding. I actually was waiting for somebody to say, "Oh no mom, you look so pretty in that picture" oh well....I like it anyway.

Right now I have napi, iggy, boo, totis, sweety and sammy with me, sigh sigh, they are sooo cute!!!

The other day I was talking to this lady who also loves cats, she has eight indoor ones, so I figured that since she likes cats like me, I could ask her to pray for Lucy, I don't ask this of other people since I don't want to sound crazy. Maybe it's true that people with a lot of cats are considered....I can't think of the word, Javi help me....I don't want to say "crazy" or "different", anyway, while talking to this nice lady and thinking to myself, see, she has eight cats and she's not "nuts", then she proceeds to tell me about each of the many cats she's had and has, and says that she's had some with personality problems, so she took them to a cat communicator, and then her husband took classes on cat communication and to give her my phone # that she will call me to see what can be done with Lucy. Up to now, it didn't sound too crazy so I gave it to her, but then she tells me that maybe I should put a candle in the garage and that cats don't know about death, they know about the "other side", so she's going to tell her husband to tell Lucy (telepatically?) that "your mommy does want you to come inside, but if you keep spraying ("or you want him to say peeing?") then she is going to have to send you to the "other side", so just leave the candle there, that's what I did with one of my cats" So...she goes on to tell me really weird stuff, by this time I'm thinking she's a lunatic but then she tells me about her cat Boo, yes Boo!! she didn't know why Boo would always jump in the counter when she was making italian food, or why her dad hated cats except Boo and it was because the cat was actually her grandmother!!! She thought she might have been her aunt, but no she was her grandmother!! I don't think I've ever had such a crazy conversation before, after that I got in the car and left. So how was your day??? I do hope she never calls!!!

After that crazy story (but true) there is a moral somewhere....never give your phone number!!!

I'll leave you with some happy thoughts

"Real riches are the riches possessed inside" (hear that Phil?)

"forget regret, or life is yours to miss"

The grand essentials of happiness are" something to do, something to love, and something to hope for"

"never look down on anybody unless you are helping him up"

Love you all!


Friday, February 03, 2006

Reason #1

Ok, maybe this isn't a reason, but are these nude pictures they take ? Because if so, I definitely wouldn't recommend it, because it could come back and haunt X when he's accepting an award nomination for "Best in Show" at the Philosophy World Cup (WARNING: I made that award up).

You get the point though right?

As for an actual reason, I think it will be cool to get some Yalie senior pics you can hang up and look at when you're older. Or old. Etc.

A Reason?

Can anyone think of a good reason for Xavier to take his senior pictures. It doesn't cost anything but maybe an hour of time.

So we have:

CONS: 1 hour of time
PROS: That's what I would like to have a survey of. I couldn't think of a good reason, but maybe one of you can.

The only think I can think of is that it wouldn't hurt to do it and you wouldn't regret not doing it later, but I don't think that is good enough.

Lets get some good ideas. Make up pictures are only being taken today and tomorrow, and if he doesn't take them he won't be in the yearbook.

Let the thinking begin!

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Coyotes - in the streets.

And plus the resident Coyote expert is named Fox, ironic eh?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tax Season!

Yikes, it is here already. Is Uncle Jose in NY now? Is that where we should mail our forms?


Who is that woman showing up on the blog? Can we please change her?

Weather for pessimists...."Today the weather will be: Ominously quiet, cataclysmically calm"

When will we get computers that have little pictures in the keyboard? wouldn't that be a great idea?

Marcie has to tell you about her anatomy class yesterday...ask her WHAT they were dissecting...

weather for optimists..."Today the weather will be: Severe thunderstorms where the sky will turn a delicious shade of blue.""

One whole dollar for whoever guesses where this line came from...

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in the world, she walks into mine"

Love you!!


PS Danny somebody just called you from your unit, about this saturday, I gave her you cell number.

Daily Quote

Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity.
- Frank Leahy