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Monday, January 30, 2006

Game FYI + X, lets scheme

A follow up to the games post. In this one game, you play four different games at the same time. It is pretty damn easy, but a lot of fun, and it does get harder. I recommend using a mouse, with the trackpad, its tricky.


Also, X, as de facto blog administrator, can we update the fonts on this bloggo? Its getting a little Bonzo around here. Let me know when you're free, we'll discuss some options.

This bull jumps out of the ring at into the stands.

A bull jumps into the stands at a bullfight. Click the link "see video" to watch it, its crazy. As this is BBC, listen for the classic British understatement when wondering why the bull is so angry.

Free games

Check out some of these games, I haven't played any yet, but they look pretty interesting.


Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mountain - maybe hill

mad river (front)
Originally uploaded by pbotero.
This is Mad River where I go snowboarding- I took the picture from the parking lot, so its a little blurry. I'm still getting the hang of this camera business.

Its not very big, but its fun for quick runs down the front face, which I have pictured here. The mountain is about a 45 minute drive north of Columbus.

On the way home from work

hayden run road ohio (dusk)
Originally uploaded by pbotero.
I happened to have the camera in my car on the way home from work a few weeks ago. The sky was too great looking to pass up, so I snapped a picture from the car.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

It is now.....post time!

There was a very famous racing announcer whose trade mark was that before each race he would say the same exact words in a very distinct high-pitched voice: and as the crowd moves closer to the rail...it is now post time...and the're off...

I met him once (he had celebrity status for sure, but I don't remember his name, maybe I'll google it later) in an elevator, I was with a couple of friends and of course we asked him to do the thing and he did, just for us in the elevator. Pretty cool! on second thought, you had to be there...

For the first time in my career I was asked to take a job without having had to ask myself first. MetLife is forming a "think tank" called the Retirement Strategies Group (RSG for the military minds in the family). The group is only twelve people and we will be reporting directly to the chairman of MetLife. Very exclusive and high-potential opportunity. Of course mom says, show me the money! I start on Monday, pray for me. I will be the Business Architect and Program Manager. It means that I translate the strategy into reality. btw, this is also my first non-IT job ever.

Okay, as it stands right now; Phil, Danny, Marcie and I are confirmed for Florida on 5/7, X and Monique are in finals week and won't be able to go. Mom is still thinking it over, since she has to watch fisa.

I figured out what Mom's article means; it means that things are a little slow at the University of Madrid...

Marice is back from taking the SAT, I think that she did better this time. Not sure why, but I do. Actually she didn't take skittles...let's just say that she could have been better prepared.


Friday, January 27, 2006


Hi Marcie,
Attached are two photos showing the permutation and combination buttons. nPR and nCr.The first photo is a close up. As you can see the nCR is on top of #8 and nPr is on top of #9. The second photo is the explaination of how to use the key on our calculator, but every calculator is different. Hope this helps.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

message for Danny

Hi danny, since you left your charger here I don't know if you can get calls. This guy from the Guard called, it sounded something like Longuere, the name sounded either french or indian. I told him to leave you (the heck) alone and never to call back.
Ok, that's what I wanted to say but I didn't, he wanted your cell number, I don't like to give it to strangers but he forced me to. He said his number was 201-394-3834.

Filly is so hospitable, knowing that this girl is coming from Poland, not knowing anybody in this country, young and alone and you want to come and make her feel at home....sigh...you are just to good filly, but don't worry, we know you have a lot of work and can't afford to come so just return the "I love Poland" t-shirt you bought. Anyway, I think Monique is right, she is more Danny's age, sorry Phil, you are getting too old!!! Phil, to date a younger girl you have to wait till you are 36, then 26 doesn't sound too bad, or even better, wait till you are 46 then 36 is ok, the older you get, the less the gap is.

Love you all!!


Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Filly, as you can see by my picture, I can't deny it anylonger. You always say you have fat cheeks and I tell you they come from the Botero side....well, after looking at that picture of me, I realized that I have fat cheeks, so, again, you can blame your mom for all your "sorrows"and your cute fat cheeks. I actually like having fat cheeks, there's nothing attractive about people who have no cheeks, they look old and haggard. Thank you Monique for putting my picture there. I hope you got a chance to eat? Today I picked up some Boston Market chicken, I never eat out but today I went there to get some food for the Woodruff girls, my friend Eva Jane's dad died on monday and they were home alone so I brought them some lunch. I consider Eva Jane to be my best friend ever, she's always been so good to me. Tomorrow we'll be going to the funeral home and on friday is the funeral. He was 87.

So, Phil did not understand one bit of that article I posted yesterday, which makes me feel that I'm not that stupid. So, Javi, I really need you to read it and let me know if you understand it, or is it just words that don't mean anything??

A little bird told me that dad had a very IMPORTANT interview this morning. I'm not suppossed to say anything but even if it doesn't work out I still think it was pretty good that this guy picked dad for that very IMPORTANT job. We're very excited about it. Dad deserves to be VP. THREE HURRAHS FOR DAD!!!!!!!dad dad dad

Danny, you sound excited about your classes, I think it's a good idea not to take too many credits, this way you are not too stressed out and enjoy school too.

We went to a mtg at school, we met all of Marcie's friends (her teachers who all rave about her) we will be getting a 16 ir 17 yr old exchange student from poland, a girl. No Phil, you may not take vacation then to come here.......HA HA HA HA HA

Love you all


PS update on Lucy....he refuses to take his drugs and is crazier than ever.

Sorry about the big picture I was trying to change my blog picture to something less dated.

So I'm at school and I forgot my lunch money. Boohoo.

Yeah, so I came to school early today (8:30am) to work with one of my professors. Luckily I ate a crab cake for breakfast, because I forgot my lunch money. The problem is that I change my bookbags occasionally, depending on what I am transporting to and from school and I always forget to put my little money bag in my backpack. I usually come to school at 1pm for my first class of the day so I usually eat at home, but today I had to come in early and I have to meet with a teacher at 2pm so it is now 12:35 (lunch time) and I can't walk home and back for lunch because that will leave me with only 30 minutes at home (max) and that doesn't seem worth the walk. I have a feeling it is going to be a long hour and a half. Hope you are all doing well today. Xavier is picking up a cold so when I go home I have to make him drink garlic water and OJ, maybe tea to. He doesn't have time to get sick this semester.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

glad to hear everything is going good

well, schools a going and seems like everyones back in the groove. some of my classes seem interesting and im actually a little excited to see how they turn out, some on the other hand i already know how there gonna be. today is the last day to drop classes and i actually decided to do just that and take only 15.5 credits. I realized im in no hurry, plus i have a lot of other more important goals then my school work.

that radio someone left at home is probably mine, my ipod is finally kaput so i was looking for it but couldn't find it so i think i left it there. anyway, im not sure what im writing but im probably heading to the gym . . .

Monday, January 23, 2006

Im glad!

I'm glad that Phil found some use for that little radio I gave for xmas. Somebody left theirs here, I put away till next christmas, I'll use it again for a stocking if nobody claims it. Phil, did it really work? Be careful snowboarding, it's dangerous!!

I read an article the other day and I did not understand it one bit, I was wondering if maybe one of you can explain it to me in simple terms. It was written by a spanish priest.

What terrified the demons

Trying to understand what knowledge is, and what it means that knowledge ends up in affection, I observed that, when someone notices our existence, he certainly knows something about us; but it is quite different when we see someone who is moved at our existence. Who knows more: Who is able to grasp all the factors of our life? The one who notices our existence or the one who is moved at our existence? So, true knowledge is that affective knowledge that alone grasps a thing in all its factors.
Knowledge is this acknowledgement of being, this emotion before being, that gazes upon reality in a way proper for a child: the result of the emerging of reality before my eyes is wonder, emotion, "Only wonder brings knowledge, " only one who has wonder is an "I" truly struck by the being of things...
Hannah Arendt has written, "In moden thought and philosophy, doubt occupies the same central position occupied for all the centuries before by the thaumazein of the Greeks (wonder, admiration) marvel at all that is in as much as it is...Modern philosophy...has consisted of the articulation and ramification of doubt"; in other words, of a non-acknowledgement and a non-acceptance of the attraction to reality...Doubt is what prevents any true knowledge and so prevents us from truly solving the problem of fragility and the disarray of the "I"...
The most evident thing to reason in the impact with reality is that we are made, therefore we belong....Looking at reality, looking at our "I", we reach the acknowledgement of that Presence we belong to: "I am 'you who make me.'" If we don't reach this point, if we don't have the certainty of this, then we are always on quicksand no matter what we do.

Fr. Julian Carrion (spanish priest and professor of theology at the univ. of Madrid)

If any of you makes me understand this, I will pay you a WHOLE $1!!!! Yes, I've raised it from a quarter.

Marcie is in Washington at the march to life.

Did you hear about the new president in Chile? atheist.

The one in Bolivia? He worships the sun, moon, who knows what else? and is friends with chavez and fidel


What is this world comin to?

Love you all!!


PS Fisa did drive when young, I think she drove in one of those cars that had "manivela" it was a thing you would wind. Phil is going to let her drive his tt for making fun of her, right filly??

Sunday, January 22, 2006

After a long wait, The Albatross is Back

I know I haven't blogged in awhile, except for innane blog commentaries lately. Don't have any excuses, since you make time to do what you want to do. That's what it comes down to.

This weekend was enjoyable to say the least. Not anything out of the ordinary. I went snowboarding yesterday, which was interesting since it was around 40 degrees out. Certain places on the hill you could see brown spots from the dirt of the mountain. You avoid those spots unless you want to go from 30 mph to 0 in about 1 second.

It was good, the snow was slushy mostly, but in some areas it was chunky. My board is really old - I got it in 1997 - so it doesn't really handle some areas of the mountain. I had to stick to the green trails, because it was the best snow. The danger on the green trails is that beginners hang out there, and they ride down the mountain like Fisa Mimi would drive a car - slow and swerving all over the place.

I brought that pocket FM radio Mom/Dad gave me for Christmas. What an awesome gift. Definitely great to listen to music while riding. I'm not bringing my ipod, since I don't want to chance breaking it. The one funny thing was I changed stations a lot, and all I could get were slow jams, R&B style. Finally I got some rock stations. Riding to R&B is kind of relaxing, but weird.

This article came out a week ago, but I thought it was good, its on the evolution of man.

Real cat in sink...

...and she's not about to move. Crazy Kitty.

Friday, January 20, 2006

great minds think alike

I was reading this article on philosophy of language and I thought the example they used was pretty funny:
Speakers succeed in referring to something by means of its name because underlying their uses of the name are links in a causal chain stretching back to the dubbing of the object with that name. Speakers thus effectively 'borrow' their reference from speakers earlier in the chain but borrowers do not have to be able to identify lenders; all that is required is that borrowers are appropriately linked to their lenders through communication. However, as Kripke points out, in order for a speaker (qua reference borrower) to succeed in using a proper name to refer to the object/individual the lender was using the name to refer to, he must intend to do so. Thus, I may use the name 'Napoleon' to refer to my pet cat, even if the lender of the name used it to refer to the famous French general. For in such a case, I do not intend "to use the name to refer to the individual the lender used it to refer to."

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Leo said something very interesting...."The secret of happiness is not in always doing what you love but loving what you do."" I like that. By the way, our Leo (the cat) was named after the pope Leo the great, not Leo Tolstoy, not that there is anything wrong with him.


I really loved that picture, those little boys look pretty handsome.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Boys

Xavier loves that little guy!

I just can't believe it, it must mean something!!!

Yesterday..... all my troubles seem so far away....

oops, I mean, yesterday, dad and I (me?) were talking about how weird, strange, we just can't believe that Javi's patron saint is St Anthony of the desert, it's just too incredible to believe. And what's his fraternity???????????It must mean something, if he wasn't married, of course I would be thinking that he was going to become a monk and live in the desert but since he is married.........I just don't know what to think....I do know that The Lord has something special in store for him, we'll just have to wait and see. Poor Monique, you may have to go live in the desert instead of Alaska, at least it's warm. Talking about the desert, do you remember that trip in California? while driving through the desert? dad wanted the windows open, no air, just nice and toasty, memories........ok, I won't start singing that song now.

Monique, MK does have great stuff, I've tried a everything out there and MK is the best for skin care, lotions and perfumes. THey use really good quality ingredients and that;s all they do. They don't get involved with anything else. The perfumes don't give you a headache like others do. I'm becoming very allergic to people who use so much cheap perfume, it gives me a headache!!

Javi, I'm glad you had a nice bday and I hope you had fun at your surprise party. I asked Marcie if she wanted a surprise bday/graduation party but she said no. THe problem is she has so many friends I probably have to hire a huge catering hall.

That's all folks,

Love you!


PS I love netflix

OH, I almost forgat, all the paper work is done (to become foster parents) we should hear from Dyfs in three weeks, they'll come, if they find everything ok then they will licence us. Then I'll have two babies. (I'm including fisa)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Yes, It's Javich's bday!!
I hope you have a great day today, you have my permission to play hooky(?) from school, if you need a note I can send you one or just write one yourself and forge dad's signature. You still remember how to do it right??
Will Monique have time for a special japanese meal or will you be going out? Maybe order something and stay home and watch a movie?
The cards are too funny, it must be the same actor dog.

I think there is a possibility that filly might decide to become a monk, here's why, I told him not to say "I will never marry an obese girl" because then it can happen, the other day I thought of something, I asked him to say three times, "I will never be a monk", and he refused, scared? I think so!!

Now, don't faint, but yesterday Marcie spent almost the whole day at home....I know it's hard to believe but it's true. She actually said she accomplished a lot. She cleaned her room (no, she did not find any rodents or roaches etc) and did her villanova application which I sent today overnight. (not that dad ever reminds her to do her applications on time) anyway, since I organized the living room it's so nice that even Marcie now likes to hang around at home. I just took some stuff out, organized it differently and it looks so nice, we love to sit and read or watch movies. I also bought one of the best things ever, I want to kiss the inventor, I'll put it right there with some of the best inventions like my breadmaker and swiffer broom and mop. It's the "stir crazy corn popper", it's the BEST!!! I makes the most delicious popcorn, I NEVER used to eat the microwave one and this one makes better than the theater popcorn! It's fun too, the other night, dad, marcie, danny and me (and I, which one is it?) just looked at it while the popcorn was being popped, it's so much fun! Danny wanted to steal it from me and take it to school, I wouldn't let him. So, it's not only delicious but really cheap compared with microwave, easy too!

Ok, sweetie and I (me?) are going to take a little nap before going to CCD

Love you all!


Monday, January 16, 2006


Monique's card to Xavier is on the left, Mom's card to Xavier is on the right. See the similarity?

Thanks Mom!

Thanks for mailing all our stuff. Xavier opened up the bible box with my glasses and the nair in it and his face was priceless. He thought it was a birthday present for him. Hahaha, you should have seen his bewilderedness. (is that a word?) He liked the long sleeve, dufflebag, and hair pommade, but he hasn't tried on the shirt yet. Thanks again for mailing us all that stuff. Also thanks for the addresses, now I only have to send tio a thank you card and I am done. Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Hi everyone, I had such a great time with all my kiddies together. I hope we all had fun too!

The wedding bouquet that we put in the altar is still there, most of the poinsettas are gone but they've kept the bouquet. I just know that The Lord is happy with Javi and Monique's offering of the red roses, you two are getting many graces. How's married life? Has Monique cooked any special things or no time for that?

I loved reading the comments about the classes everybody is taking....

Yesterday we had a storm here and were very worried that Marcie had to drive back from school, thank goodness that Matt's parents wouldn't let her drive and brought her home. Not that in a situation like that it's safe for anybody to drive but I know their car is better than Marcie's. She did come with the news that a sophomore in Central who it seems to be on her way to see the play (where Marcie was a member of the stage crew) and her Mom who was driving got into a car accident and both died. Horrible! The girl's name was Chelsea. Driving is really dangerous, I worry mostly for Phil who likes to have a few drinks and drive fast, I wanted to send you an article of a kid about your age who was coming from a wedding with a few "beers" and hit a car and killed three people, he feels horrible and now is in jail. Please, always be safe when driving.

Well, it seems Napi is the winner....
On friday I took Iggy, Napi and totoro to the vet, it's not easy putting the cats in the kennel and it was so cute that Napi just went into the kennel by himself, the other ones gave me trouble, anyway, totoro weighs a little more than 19lbs, the poor thing had to have antibiotics since somebody (lucy?) bit his tail. I asked the vet if could do something about Lucy and he gave me some pills for him. they seem to be working....yes, Lucy is on drugs but at least he is alive and hasnt "mark his territory" for a few days. So, Napi is 20+ pounds, the vet said he is ok, that he is "big bone" but that he shouldn't gain anymore.

Danny goes back to school tomorrow, I'll miss having him here.

love to all!


Chinese Martin Luther King Day Message?

Hi everyone. Look at the fortune cookie I got this afternoon. Doesn't it seem to be themed for Martin Luther King Day?


Xavier I know they almost pulled it off. There is always next year!

Now back to school before the olimpics start!

Personally I can't wait for those nail-biting Curling matches!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Three day weekend!

Well a three day weekend sneaked up on me, maybe it is not for everyone? Who has the day off on Monday? It is Xavier Botero's birthday! we are also celebrating Martin Luther King day, but that is secondary.

Xavier, when are those Redskins going to bite the dust?

Monique, nice pictures (read the comments).

Marcie who? Everyday this week she came home at midnight! Something about a Cabaret! sounds really bad...

Dan the man played Feesbe in the rain today, do I have to say anything more??? Back to school next week.

Phil, with this weather you might as well sell your snowboard? How is school? Mom got you a batman lunchbox...

Mom you are so good... I mean it... Saturdays are so good...

Love, Dad


What classes are everyone taking?

I'm definitely in my Music-Poetry Collaboration course, Constitutional Law, and the second semester of Intensive German. I'm also trying to get into two philosophy graduate seminars: Epistemology and Mind-Body Problem. I think it's safe to say that these are five of the most demanding classes I could choose.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Let the Music Ring

Xavier and I love this picture. James was a great reception photographer, we got so many nice pictures.

Danny and Dad

Don't they look so nice in this picture.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Word of the Day

Good word...

renascent: rising again into being; showing renewed vigor.

Baby on board...in belly?

"PHOENIX, Arizona (AP) -- Fetuses do not count as passengers when it comes to determining who may drive in the carpool lane, a judge has ruled."

See link!

I thought this sounded funny, I never though I would hear of any pregnant woman going to court because of a ticket for driving in the HOV lane and using her belly as her excuse.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

First Wedding Picture from Tia Mimi

Tia Mimi did a good job as photographer. Here's the wedding party picture.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

"School Days, School Days"

Hi everyone. It was so nice to be able to spend so much time with everyone this break. I just wanted to say that I have felt like such a part of you family this last year and a half and I am so lucky to have a even bigger and more wonderful family. Everyone of my family and friends came to me this weekend and told me what a wonderful family I married into. For mom, I must say I can't tell you how lucky I am. So many people came up to me to tell me what a wonderful mother in law I have and it is completely true. You are my second mother. I can go shopping with you and make manjar and help with dinner and I don't feel unwelcome at I, I feel just as comfortable with you as I do with my mother. On an academic note, I checked my grades today and I got 3 A's and B which is excellent for my firest semester and my first quarter of the program here. I am not going to let it get to my head though because as Dad would say there is room for improvement. Marcie, Yoko and Sandy were saying that I was lucky I had such a cool sister in law. They really liked your personality. Phil and Danny your lovely speechs brought tears to my eyes. Before the wedding I told me friends I don't cry of joy. I'm not that sentimental. but you guys did it. You broke me down. So many of my friends told me that dad was such a wonderful man and such a good role model for the guys and that I am so lucky to have married into such a nice close family. I just wanted to tell you all the nice things I heard from so many people yesterday. These nice comments didn't just come from one person I heard them from many people yesterday, and I think it is nice for people to hear the nice things people say about them when they are not around. Okay I must pick next semesters classes well now, I am going to have a lot of hard work ahead of me if I am going to do as well this semester.

Oh also on a practical note. I have a bunch of clothing I left in the basement laundry room and I have some wett clothing in the blue hamper on the floor. If someone could put it aside for me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much for all your help this weekend. I couldn't have been so relaxed were it not for my trust that all of you could help me and things were going to fall right into place.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Uncanny !!@


Thursday, January 05, 2006


What's worse than Cats and Politicks.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

crazy shot

thought this was real interesting. I found this article on a sniper in iraq who took out an insurgent in a hospital window 1250 meters away. This may fly over peoples heads (as it did mine), but he was firing with a M14 which is not a real sniper rifle its much weaker and i read some other special force snipers mentioning that they went to ranges and couldn't hit dumpsters from 1000 meters. heres the story, its actually pretty interesting and some of the stuff he says are quite funny:

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Cats in Sinks

That's right: Cats in Sinks.