Saturday, December 31, 2005


Filly, you are the only one not here so I wanted to wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Monique made a delicious dinner tonight, she went with dad to get the ingredients, it was mediterranean. You would have loved it!! We missed you!!

We love you!!

Mom and the rest of the gang.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

The word's out

Today someone in a meeting asked if anyone had ever seen me and superman in the same place at the same time... and then this picture started going around... I am not sure what to say...

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

the year is ending....the year is ending....

Hi filly, It was great to have you if even for a few days. I REALLY enjoyed all of us playing that funny game. I do have to admit that I'm pretty bad at it. All of you were so good though.
X and Marcie have been studying (SAT), right now they all went to play frisbee at Lenape, I better have some food on the table as I was "warned' that they'd be really hungry after the game. I'm glad you'll be home soon, at least for a day!!
Love you!


PS Don't worry about Beth, your girl is out there waiting just for my filly....

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas 2005

Well it was another great Christmas. It was a real blessing to have all of you home. I enjoyed spending time with each one of you, even if we didn't do anything exciting, it was great. I specially liked singing happy bithday Jesus!

Monique, Xavier and Marcie, sorry about the Washigtons crossing thing. I think that I found the trick; go early, bring hot chocolate and watch from the Pennsylvania side.

Phil did you know that Marcie handed in her resignation at the Chocolate factory after you went to see Beth. Of course they are not going to let her go that easy.

Danny you are very generous, and by the way your mom and dad are the only ones that don't have iPods. Go Scarlet Knights! (did I just jinx them?)

Mom, you are such a great mom and hostess, but that movie last night was pretty bad. I guess two out'a three ain't bad.....



Friday, December 23, 2005

Marcie, was this the Tibe Tan girl?

Professor guy: ...Then he was sent to Buchenwald. Have any of you visited any of the camps?
Girl: I did.
Professor guy: Yeah? Did you visit Buchenwald?
Girl: No.
Professor guy: Did you visit one in Germany?
Girl: No.
Professor guy: Did you visit one in Europe?
Girl: No, it was in America.
Professor guy: Are you talking about a summer camp?
Girl: Yeah.

--Fordham University, Rose Hill

Overheard by: Maggie B.

I'm moving

I'm moving in March... my current apartment is run by the greediest of the greedy.. they took so much of my dang money ... its sucks.

So my friend at work just got married and he's moving in with his wife, and is leaving his townhome, which he's going to rent out to me... for less than what I'm paying now. And its sweet. Check it out. Its the "Reserve D" style.

I miss my hubby, javi.

Hey sweetie,
I can't wait to see you. Besos y beijos.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


If only for a few days we'll be happy to have filly at home, Javich is coming on sat and danny is already here and so are the girls.
I bought most of shoprite food so we should be ok.
I think we should all watch "white christmas" with Bing Crosby, actually not really WITH him since he's dead know what I mean,, Filly can hold the popcorn!! Just kidding!
See you tomorrow!

Love you!


Sunday, December 18, 2005


I'm upset that Ruiz lost, it's not fair, fighting with that giant!! Don't they have height/weight requirements?

Friday, December 16, 2005

No more kataploon theory...sigh....

Oh well, after looking at the picture of the boxing champs I have come to the sad conclusion that kataploon does not work on everything. In this case the little one is going to get killed!! That big guy could probably put Ruiz in his pocket and go....kataploon!! It's not fair though, I thought they had to be the same size????

Danny is coming tonight and the Boteros from COnn on Sunday, hurray hurray!!

Congrats Monique, finally done....for now. Let's enjoy the holidays!!


I'm Done! I'm Done!

Woohoo! I finally caught up with Phil and finished this semester. Xavier's trailing me by one day. When's Danny gonna finish? Marcie do you take finals before christmas or after new years? I am so relieved to be done with this semester. Unfotunately my wedding dress isn't going to be finished till Tuesday or Wednesday which means I am going to have to drive back to CT to pick it up :p Yucky! What a shame. So Marcie, are you in school this week? When are we gonna go to David's in NJ? We gotta get your dress. Who knows if red ones sell out during christmas time.

See you all soon.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

On the Borders

Borders coupon for the interested below. 30% off!!! That's even better than the 25% off from a few weeks ago.

Borders Coupon

So I'm working from home today, probably going into this office this afternoon, unless the roads stay real bad. I'm getting new tires for my car, some all-season ones that are expensive but necessary.

On the job front, got a call from another recruiter yesterday. We did the conversation thing for a little while, and I shot him a resume. Told him I would be interested in living Northeast again. He mention something about Conneticut, but I steered him over to NYC or Philly. No offense New Haveners, it would be awesome to live near you guys, but CT is 3rd on the list of picks.

And no, Mom, there are no SAP jobs in Flemington. Well, there is a SAP recruiting office in Flemington, ironically, but not an actual job.

I'm rambling, yes I'm working over here.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ruiz vs the Giant

I figured the blog needed a testosterone injection, no offense of course to the ladies.

We have to see this fight. The current heavyweight champ is the guy on the left. Mom he's a short Hispanic, you have to root for him right? Check out the guy on the right, the guy he's fighting.


I'm in such a happy mood, I love everything about christmas!!
Tito has been a good boy this week, he is so cute, at night he sleeps with me and he's just like a baby, he snuggles with you and gets under the blanket and sleeps there till the next day. Blitzen loves to have company and they play together, sweety is a little jealous though but I'm trying to give her extra attention.
The house is all ready for christmas, I've had fun decorating it, yesterday I went to shoprite and got plenty of food so we're all set!

Did you read the article about the mice having a brain that's like 1% human?? It's scary!!

Danny, I enrolled you in the gym, starting 12/16 to 1/16, this will be you "big" xmas present ok? It was expensive but I think it's something you'll enjoy for the whole month instead of getting you some junkie thing. go everyday.

Marcie has now been invited to the "global leadership conference", it's somewhere in Europe I think.

Hope everybody is finished or almost finished with their schoolwork, my tea/game room is finished. It's a perfect place to play board games, I think you'll all like it.

I love Netflix, hopefully the good service will continue. I decided to go for the 3 movies per month. I figured that dad and I enjoy watching movies and never do go anywhere so for $20/month it's a good deal for entertainment.

Love to all, the eggnog is ready......


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hi Flemington Family

I just wanted to write to tell you that I am having a package sent to Flemington from If it gets there could you put it aside for me and call me to tell me it arrived. Amazon has been slow and I just want to make sure the package gets there.

Thanks a lot

Ahh finally, just one thing left

One paper in need of revision is all I have left. Hurray! Hurray! Three cheers for me for almost surviving 25% of my graduate education.

ps. mom, my stocking is very excited about its new warm home. See you all soon.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Dear stocking....

Dear Monique's christmas stocking, you will be very happy this year, no more hanging on places where a stocking should not hang. This christmas you will have your own stocking holder on a real fireplace!!
Yesterday I was soooo happy and filled with the christmas spirit I wanted to cry (tears of happiness). I love advent, the anticipation that Jesus is coming, I think we should have a cake for him so we can sing happy bday. I'll either make the xmas tree or gingerbread cake. I lOVE xmas carols and decorating the house for xmas. I can't wait to have the whole family together. How about I make fritada with arroz y frijoles for xmas dinner? and add some tostones? I'm dogsitting this week, little tito did not let us sleep much, either he missed his dad or had to go to the bathroom, he's a good doggie but a little hyper and the cats lose patience with him, they are bigger than he is!!
Today is our lady of Guadalupe, whoever finds out about her image in Mexico and what does a "tilma" has to do with it will get a prize when they come home. I'm even willing to raise the "prize" money from the usual quarter to a whole dollar!! And please don't tell Phil he's getting a tin cup in his stocking....he would faint of happiness!!

Love you all!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Christmas Spirit

This Friday we woke up with about a foot of snow on the ground around the Botero house in NJ. Aside from the fact that I had two great shoveling helpers, Marcie and Danny, it was a very pretty day and really put me into the Christmas spirit. I am sure that Mom's decorating and carols have helped. Most of all thinking about the King of kings, being born in a stable is what has put me in a great mood (I have learned to shut out the thought of presents and such),

I am glad to hear that all of you are making progress towards wrapping up another semester. Work hard and get the most out of school, it won't last long. I heard a rumor that Marcie might be a fifth year senior at Central next year, due to losing credit when she went to the National Youth Leadership Conference. She is appealing the decision, not sure why.

Phil, I got your flight information and I we will be able to pick you up. Xavier and Dan will be home then, although I may have to work that Friday.

Monique, you win the blogger champion award for 2005. Thanks for the graphics. Very funny.

Marcie when are you going to post something... Are we making Christmas cookies this year? If I were a rich man!

Marcela, I want to tell you in public how much I love you and how blessed I am to have you in my life.

Visiting Mom in Florida was very good. I did have a great two week's vacation and now will look forward to the end of the year. See you all real soon.


Friday, December 09, 2005

Stuffing, not the stockings.

So I am not a big stuffing fan, but I made a stuffed chicken for Xavier, because he told me that he loves stuffing. It turned out pretty well. I just used some hard bread, spices, egg, kale, and some chicken broth. I think he liked it cause he wanted seconds.

On the stocking front, I have my stocking and it is ready to be hung by the fire for the first time. It never had a fireplace before so it is excited for a traditional home (it used to get tied onto my old stairs or dangled off a string hanging on the wall).

Hope all is going well. Xavier's marked another final off his list. Hurray!

Has anyone tamed little Leo yet?

Just curious.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

No New Blogging?

Gosh, Phil I thought you would be full of blogging after finishing your finals. How are your finals doing Danny and Marcie. I have 2 down 2 to go. Friday of next week I should be all done. I heard that there is going to be a blizzard coming in tomorrow morning. I also heard that Ohio was getting really badly hit by a blizzard this afternoon. How was the driving Phil, was it scarry. I don't know if Flemington is getting a blizzard. I didn' hear anything on the news. Hope all is going well with work mom and dad. I know having 12 cats and a household to run is no leisure job. By the way, have you heard anything lately from the social worker?

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! It may seem a little early, but I walked out tonight and saw the big city christmas tree up and wreaths and colored lights and a horse drawn carriage, just like the movies showing christmas in central park. Good luck finishing all the hard work before Christmas break.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I'm here laughing all by myself!! I always like to reread what I wrote and I guess I should do it Before I post it, so anyway I'm reading it and it seems my game room is a "boring tear room" or something like that, it just looks funny!"

We're baaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone! We have been back since sat. but even though I'm not in school "cramming" for exams as the rest of you are, I do keep myself busy. I have come to the conclusion that the reason I spend soooooooo much time on housework has to do with having all these cats. Ok, maybe I should have figured that sooner but now I'm sure of it. Since I like to have a clean house I do have to clean everyday, other people can do it every week. I'm not complaining though, I love my kitties and would not give them up for ALL the gold in the world..................ok, maybe for all the gold I would but since nobody is going to make me that offer I'm keeping them! there was an article in the paper that says that people with pets are happier, less stressed, less sick, etc etc. I believe it!! So, extra housework is ok as long as my babies are happy....and fat! I have also being organizing, yes, I'm doing that again, the thing is that I had so much junk at the other house, and coming to a small house I told myself that I wasn't going to clutter it, but somehow I think it was still a little cluttered, I want to be like Javi, a "minimalist". Actually we should all strive to have as few possessions as possible, it's just good for our physical, mental and spiritual well being. So, I'm getting rid of a lot of stuff, I think you'll see a difference when you come for xmas, I'm not going to worry about emptying the garage yet, it's so cold that it will have to wait till springtime. Meanwhile I have turned my "tea room" into a "tea room/gameroom". So, I expect everybody to use it, I don't want 24hrs of xbox, I've put the borad games in the tearoom/gameroom and I've also put a big table with comfortable chairs so you can play war games, scrabble, etc etc. It's a nice room to do just that.

I'm already done with all the shopping, I got everybody something, nothing huge, just un "carin~ito". I feel very relaxed and will be able to enjoy advent as it should be enjoyed. Fisa A was very happy that we went, we took care of her and was very impressed at Dad and how good he is with his mommy. She suffers from vertigo and it seems that was the reason she fell, I'm just praying that it doesn't happen again, she should not go out by herself or at least get a cane with the little legs in case she gets dizzy again that could help her a little more. She LOVES kitty and he is such a good company to her.

Little Evan was great, it's so good to know that if we ever need somebody to watch our pets we have somebody who will come even at the last minute. He is a very mature 11 year old. Of course we were VERY generous with him, dad wanted to give him $20/per day X the 4 days,, I guess he is right that we don't go out too often and we know he'll always be ready to help us out. He brought in the paper and the mail, took care of the cats and the litter and of Blitzen, he did say that sometimes Blitzen did not want to go out. There is something wrong with her, I think it might be her hearing. Today I took her out and called her so many times and she didn't come in, I was so upset since I had to go outside in this freezing day. I just left her outside and she finally came in, I guess she likes the cold, she is alaskan.

I already hanged the stockings and put the xmas tree, I just LOVE christmas and specially when I'll have all my tikis home with me.

Marcie had a great time in Washington, Dad was very impressed with the program. She'll be working until late, since now they close at 9pm, I told her to study her "cards" as her tutor Javi wants her to.

I'm glad filly is done with school (for now) hopefully the "rest" should also finish soon, one semester done and how many left? TIme does go fast though.

Fisa M has been sick, I think today she is better but all she wants to do is sleep, I think she really hibernates for the winter, I feel like doing the same thing!

Love you all


PS Monique, how about you and Marcie going to get the dress while you are here?

COMING (he's so lucky, he was born on christmas...who said that?)

Ok, I'm DONE

That is all!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I've got a theory about Lucy and Jubilee

So you know how Lucy and Jubilee are sort of nutty about their water. Moving it around splashing it, and touching it. Well we may have figured out what is wrong with them. Xavier gave Jubilee some ice water the other day in her bowl and she was just splashing it and splashing it and making a funny face while drinking little licks here and there. Xavier said, "Maybe she doesn't like cold water". So I emptied her bowl and filled it with warm to lukewarm water and she just drank it and didn't move it around or splash it. That is our new hypothesis, though we have only performed one replicate of tests. Tell us if it works for Lucy.

Hello bloggers

I've been super busy getting assignments in for school, and finishing up my exams. I hear you guys out there. But I got in all the hard copies for school into the mail today, and I'm happy. A few more things to do, and off I go to just relax this week. Its going to be awesome.

Here is my flight information for Christmas time, aka, Yuletide-of-Drinking-Eggnogg. By the way, Starbucks Eggnog latte is good as hell, while the gingerbread favor is horrible. Tastes like gingercardboard.


Fri, Dec 23
Newark, NJ (EWR)
Continental 2,477

Mon, Dec 26
Newark, NJ (EWR)
Continental Airlines Flight 753

Monday, December 05, 2005


Still four assignments to go. Oh well. I was hoping to be done with at least one by now.

How was Little Evan as a petsitter? How are all the cats and blitzen doing?

How was Miami? Was it warm? It has snowed hear twice since we've been back from Thanksgiving in Miami.

Is Fisa home?

Just wanted some good old blogging updates. Keep on posting. See you all soon. I think we'll be back in Flemington in about 2 weeks, if we make it through finals.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

im done

last night i finished pledging, then went to sleep and did not wake up until 2 in the afternoon, anyway its quite a relief, cause now i have to focus on all my classes which are almost done. well, looking forward to christmas break, and i dont know if your coming phil but the reason i was a party pooper last time was because i was getting rid for the last week of pledging, this time we can hang out.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Not only is it exciting that Phil will take care of the 12 cats, but I also finished 25% of my classes. One class done (completely) 3 to go! Exciting! I'm really pumped. Hopefully the rest of finals period will run smoothly. I have one take home test, two final projects with write ups, and a final paper due and I am done. 4 assignments in 2 weeks isn't bad. Danny are you still taking 5 or 6 classes? How is your finals schedule? Figuring out how to juggle the assignments is half of finals. When are your finals due Phil? Marcie, your finals aren't till the end of Dec. right? or are they in January?

Hope mom and dad are having fun in Miami. It should be warm down there with Fisa and Kitty cat (that's Fisa's kitty for all of you who don't know about him, he barely sheds).

Yeah-- so what if that nerdy little animation is me. What are you gonna do about it.