Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Who the heck is Little Evan?

Little Evan's number is going to end up on some crazy rest stop in the middle of Pennslyvania.

Kidding. No one but us select, Elite, few read this blog. And none of us would do that sober. Not one.

But I'm glad you guys found this kid in the nick of time. That's awesome. Rest easy, have a good vacation, tell Fisa I said hi, and good luck repairing.

But I digress. I want to say that I will take care of the animals. Very good care.

WHO will be in charge of ALL our pets?

Little Evan of course, he will be in charge of EVERYBODY, including Blitzen, yes, laugh all you want but little Evan came through for us!! Three cheers for little Evan, "little evan, little evan, little evan" Will tell you all about it when we get back/

This "vacation" we are taking has been the most STRESSFULL moment ever, everything that could go wrong went wrong, I was even thinking maybe the plane is going to go down and God does not want us to go. THe lates thing, dad right now is pumping the basement, for a moment there we didn't think we could go. but, we decided to forge ahead anyway, so, tia titi being nice and good as always is coming here to pick up fisa so we don't have to worry about her. She should start to feel better, her xrays didn't show pneumonia, just bronchitis, she's taking medicines, her white cells are low and she also has osteoporosis, but other than that she's fine. I'm thinking that if something happens to us we may want Marcie to be a franciscan nun, so's up to you and Xavier to give us LOTS of grandchildren, are you ready for the challenge???Here it goes, one two thre....gooooooooooooo.....

Ok, kidding aside, I'm proud with all of you, so whatever Our sweet Lord has in store for all of you I'm sure He will let you know. Just don't fight Him too much ok??

Love you all, if you need anything just call Little Evan, his number is:908-788-7582

It seems that when little Evan left the paper to announce his "business" nobody called him and he asked his mom, why?? oh why?? so he was so excited when he got our call, his mom answered and she put him on (he is the owner of the bus.) and I asked her if he was still pet sitting, he said yes, I asked how much you charge, and he said "$5 a week" I said you are hired!! Just for Blitzen the kennel is $22 per day! then a pet sitter charges $18 per visit!!!!so three times a day, imagine!! So this was a good deal! Of course I told little Evan that I think it was $5 a day not a week, still cheap hah?? He said he would come over to get all the details as I was hanging up the phone and went outside to tell dad that we found a pet sitter Evan was already in the driveway. His mom was with him, and we realized we know each other from years ago, she also homeschooled her kids and Marcie and her daughter took sewing lessons together, she is a devout christian, what a small world. So, thank you Lord for Little Evan!!

You know the house accross from the monastery? My friends the homeschooling family is moving to Ohio and they sold the house to dominican nuns!! That will be their motherhouse. I'm in heaven, now we have the carmelites and the dominicans right 'next door" FIsa Alicia is a dominican tertiary, she'll probably want to move here. Then we have the sister of Jesus our Hope and little sisters of the poor. I love FLemington! Danny, did you know about the brother who died this week??

Love you all!


BLITZEN FOR PRESIDENT!! There I cast my vote!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I don't know!

Well....I don't know who to vote for, I am sure that if the election was for "the cutest of them all" Blitzen would have to win, she looks sooo cute in that picture, but look at Napoleon, he looks so human, and Jubi she is so smart, then we have Lucy who is very smart but it's going a little insane so she could be dangerous....we just have to wait to see what the candidates have to say, I just hope they don't start bashing each other.

Had a great time being all together, I loved it, I hope everybody enjoyed my cooking. Can't wait for Christmas my favorite time of year!!

Marcie is off to Washington, it seems like she's going to love it, according to what dad had to say about the place/activities, etc.

Fisa has been really sick, I called Fr. David to come and do the anointing of the sick (this does not mean you are in your "last leg" it's just an anointing) anyway, I just love him, he came ten minutes later and stayed for a little bit with her and also gave her communion. Tomorrow we will drop her off at tia titi's and we'll be going to Miami. Fisa Alicia is going to need surgery, they need to put a plate on her arm since it's not healing properly at least we'll be there with her on thursday, in case anyone wants to call and see how she's doing.

If something happens to us, know that WE love you and are proud of all of you! Marcie please go to Steubanville, Phil, stop drinking/smoking and become a monk, Danny please be a priest and Monique and Javi have lots of kids but don't leave them in a day care. Ok, you DON't have to follow exactly all this, just be good kids always! And, Phil, how about you taking all our cats??

Love you!


Who to vote for??

Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Ballot!

Blitzen for President, Napoleon for Vice President, and Jubilee as Secretary of Defense.

The Pound Puppy, well he's the secret service worker ready to take a bullet at anytime, to protect the President.

Blitzen for President!

Why not have a lady in the highest American Government position? She doesn't discriminate, look at her beautiful cat ID. She likes humans, cats and dogs alike. No old men in the cabinet please, they'll just make her growl. Blitzen for Pres.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Turkey Trot

Official times to come... Turkey Trot 2005 has been completed.

I finished at +31 min. I think I had a hard time when the lady with a stroller past me.

Dan finished at +25 min. I saw him almost knock some little kid over in the beginning trying to get in a good position.

Marcie, aka Uncle Marlie, did a good job handing out cups of water from the comfort of her own home.

Training for next year starts now. By eating lots and lots of food today...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Forget the Democats and the Republicats, get the vote our for FRANK! Frank rocks and will lead this country to new heights! FRANK for President!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Shoot Frank 2005

Vote now!


Well, Dad and I were going for a nice walk, then Franklin (what I call him when I'm mad at him) decided he did not want us to go. He proceeded to follow us crying with that loud cry of his. While crossing the street he decided to stand in the middle while a car was coming, I guess he was ready to commit suicide before having us go out for a walk. said he could not walk and then have Frank get killed by a car, we came back with Frank still following us but this time he was not crying. Ces't la vie!!

I had a really nice time with Javi and Monique, the football game was good but not as exciting as their half time "antics", it was really funny, then we went to have pizza, it was really good!! So, it was a great day.

It was also nice to see Danny even if for a little bit, I made him a delicious rice and chicken, not "arroz con poullo" just rice and chicken on the side. we are very proud of him but we were not surprised at him being cadet of the month, when Danny decides to do something he always does it well, right Danny?

Javi and Monique came to mass with us, it was the end of the weekend retreat and Marcie was one of the apostles, one of the moms came up to me to tell me how nice she is and can she adopt her, I said not for a million dollars!! A million and a half maybe. Just kidding, she is my "little gil" Maybe I could sell one of my boys for a million, I'll still have two left, but I only have one little girl.

So, poor fisa, she broke her arm, I just hope that's not an excuse for her not to make us a great dinner when we go over there, I expect good service as usual, including arepas for breakfast.

I can't wait for thursday and have filly and Danny here and then friday the rest of my kiddies.

See you all soon!
Love you all!


PS I was very impressed with Jubi and her "fetching" skills, never saw a cat doing that....she's very happy staying here with her grandparents.


My long awaited vacation has finally arrived. Of course I also have a cold... This weekend was very nice, we went to see the 122nd Yale vs Harvard football game in New Haven and had a good time, we left when Yale was wining 21 to 10, so even thought htey lost in overtime, we can still make believe that they won.

Monique and Xavier are off to Florida, Marcie is taking a day off from school (very tired), Drove Dan to Rutgers this morning. We picked up the Turkey Trot shirts this morning and I am looking forward to having Turkey on Thursday and the whole family together on Friday.

These next couple of weeks will be a good renewal for me; physically, mentally and spiritualy. I plan to read a couple of books, rake leaves, read and maybe finish some of the celing work in the basement. Right now mom and I are going to have some lunch and then go for a walk. Life is good!


Friday, November 18, 2005

Hey Danny you are quite elusive.

Congrats on Cadet of the Month!

I looked through all the family pictures I have on the computer and you were only in one picture. And it was a group picture. So here it is, the only digital picture we have of you. When I cropped it it got fuzzy. You should really send us a new picture.

See you next weekend.

i did it!

well, today for ROTC we had a Combat Water Survival Test, which was pretty fun, but then afterwards I was nominated to go in front of the Cadet of the Month board, and was actually chosen. I studied most of the week to prepare, im never good at having all my stuff looking perfect but I know my stuff. anyway, i was going to take a picture but no one had a digital camera so there is none. well hope to see you all soon for some good times.

It's Friday! It's Friday! It's Friday! I Love Fridays!

So, I have so much to do before I leave town. I am starting today with outlining two sets of lectures to send to all my fellow classmates. We are all working together to get our notes organized and so we can be prepared for out inclass final when we get back from break. I also would love to finish my statistics final tonight, so that I can relax and enjoy "The Game" with the folks when they come to visit. There is also all the packing and laundry to do tonight. I'm getting tired just thinking of my chores. I'll be happy if I get 1/3 of what I have to get done done today. See you soon!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Little Javich called me really early in the morning to wish me a happy bday. What a good son he is. (and xmas is almost here!)

Danny, I was going to write: "Danny is a hard football, fraternity parties..." but I didn't want to hurt your feelings even more. I know my tikies are so sensitive just like their mama.

Javi, one of your patron saint's feast day was on the 15th, St Albert, he wrote many books, helpful to "religion and the secular sciences", he is the patron saint of scientists, I think he might be also of writers, I'll check that out.

Phil, so who do you think will win the race? you, dad, danny or me? anybody cares to place any bets??

Monique, thank you for the advice on the "gift"

Love to all !!!


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Put your Turkey Trot face on

Ok, I'll be home in time for the turkey trot. I'm taking a half-day on Wednesday, and will get home late that night. Laaaate.


Of course I was kidding Danny, you are working very hard and I'm happy you got a break.

I only heard from Monique and Phil about their wish list. Phil's I could not comprehend, so please send it to me in plain english ok? I know you wanted a digital camera, I think their prices went down so maybe that could be your gift, not much of a surprise but I prefer to get something you really want. The rest of you kids please THINK what you want Santa to drop from the chimney. Also, if there is a little thing you'd like you can also mention it since this year we will have our stockings.

About netflix, thanks for the input. Now, if I get one DVD instead of three I pay $10 versus $20 for 3. But, it's still unlimited so If I watch one a week I would think that makes more sense. I do think this is a good deal if like me you like to watch movies at home.

Love you all!!


1/2 to go!

I'll I have to do is present my last oral presentation before break. In and hour and a half from now I should be done! Yeah! Yeah! Yippy!

Oh, but I guess I should mention the work is not over. I have a midterm due after Thanksgiving that I have to complete prior to leaving, since I have to use a fancy computer program.

I have to read through 4 research proposals and evaluate them (write 3/4 of a page on each, since they are due our first day back).

Plus I have to study for my in class final that I have to take the Thursday we get back.

I thought teh break would be super relaxing because I had to turn so many things in this week. But of course I still have tons due right when I get back.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Me again. I wanted to ask about netflix, would you recommend it? Dad and I enjoy watching movies on the weekends and I love classics, so for $10 a month you can get a movie from them. I think you can return it and get a new one and this is unlimited during the month. It sounds good and since we don't really have other entertainments this is pretty reasonable. But, this is not like the clubs like Columbia right? where you owe them your life? can you cancel at any time? Will be waiting for your input before I make any decision.

Thank you!



Me again. I wanted to ask about netflix, would you recommend it? Dad and I enjoy watching movies on the weekends and I love classics, so for $10 a month you can get a movie from them. I think you can return it and get a new one and this is unlimited during the month. It sounds good and since we don't really have other entertainments this is pretty reasonable. But, this is not like the clubs like Columbia right? where you owe them your life? can you cancel at any time? Will be waiting for your input before I make any decision.

Thank you!



Hi people, I need you all to tell me one or two things you really want for xmas. Whatever it is, just tell me (except cars and in the case of Phil---no nannies, i know how much you want one) so, think of one or two things that you really want and post it in the blog. Dad and I are going shoppint, yes, you heard it right, DAD and i are going together. I don't want to spend more than a couple of hours doing this. I want to enjoy the xmas season and don't want to worry about shopping. If I don't hear from you, I will put coal in your stocking. You might tell what you want and then add an article of clothing, like socks? underwear? we moms love to give pajamas? maybe you need a duffel bag, there is always something we need, so just tell me and I'll take it from there.


Poor Monique is going crazy with all the papers she has to write, Javi....I know he's still alive because Monique would have said something but I guess he has no time for blogging. Danny on the other hand has classes cancelled and never seems to have to do work, well, maybe because it's freshman year and it will get harder next year. And then just because a class gets a credit added on.


Phil and Danny, I'm going to register you for the trot, or do you want to go on the walk with dad and I? HA HA!!


Fisa Mimi is coming back, she does not want to stay in PR and told tia Point she misses me. So, she'll be back this monday.

We're so happy with Francis being back home, we missed her.

Love to all and don't forget your wish list.


Monday, November 14, 2005

3 to 4?

the weirdest yet coolest thing happened during one of my classes. Durin the announcements of my Intro to Ethics course my teacher told everyone that the class had been upgraded from 3 to 4 credits. Isn't that awesome? I just got a free credit of work. Anyway i just thought it was kind of weird and was wondering if that had ever happened to anyone else.

I've been hit in the head by a big mallet!

Okay, so I am relatively comfortable with getting my paper done by the deadline. I have just about 10 pages double spaced and it isn't due till Wednesday, and the assignment is 10-15 pages. I happened to see some people in the lounge before class today and they mention something about 10-15 pages singles spaced! So after changing my paper I only have about 6-7 pages. Which means I have another 3 and a half to go by Wednesday. I am really going to need that Thanksgiving break to recuperate. I worked the whole weekend to write about four pages double spaced. Boohoo boohoo. Oh not to mention I won't beable to practice for my oral on wednesday at all, because I will be writing this paper till wednesday. I feel like I have been dealt a bad hand this week.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Rakin' time...

It has been a while since I blogged (been in blog detox), but I am glad to see that everyone is contributing.

Dan, you are worried about the winner of the Turkey Trot and I am worried about finishing... (the walking course). How was your veteran's day dinner? You better crank up your studying since there are only a couple of weeks left in the semester (that goes for all of you!)

Phil, I am looking forward to seeing you during Thanksgiving. Mom is ordering three homemade pies! I'll be on vacation so we can go to the library together! Sounds good to me. Also, I like the Rumsfeld philisophy, I think that you can pretty much apply it to anything. Agree?

Xavier and Monique, I am looking forward to the Harvard vs Yale game next week. It will be nice to have Jubi staying with us for a few days, while you are in Florida, specially since she knows how to fetch. I expect her to bring in the newspaper everyday. On Sunday she can ask Iggy (the sock man) for some help.

Marcie, you (I guess it was the deer and note you) gave us a huge scare last night. I am so thankfull that nothing happened to you. Are you ready for DC? I think that you should skip mayor and run for Commander in Chief! Why is it "in Chief"? Are you in?

Mom, today's reading for Mass is very beautiful and was written about you (about 3000 years ago)...
When one finds a worthy wife,her value is far beyond pearls.
Her husband, entrusting his heart to her,has an unfailing prize.
She brings him good, and not evil,all the days of her life.
She obtains wool and flaxand works with loving hands.
She puts her hands to the distaff,and her fingers ply the spindle.
She reaches out her hands to the poor,and extends her arms to the needy.
Charm is deceptive and beauty fleeting;the woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.
Give her a reward for her labors,and let her works praise her at the city gates.

Mom and I are going to take a short trip to Florida next week to visit Fisa. Just down and back...

I love you all very much.



Hi everyone, last night dad and I got "the" phonecall in the middle of the night, Marcie was coming home and a deer came running out from the central divide on 202 and hit her car. It was pretty bad, it seemed the deer must have hit her once, then again, last night we could see two dents in the driver's side. She was coming home from a friend's and was bringing her friend Steve home, which was good because she would have been even more scared had she been alone. Also, it happenned in 202 and not some deserted street,( which are usually the way to most of her friend's houses). As she told us (very shaken), she was able to control the car, she wasn't speeding so it was easier to do that. She showed really great driving skills and maturity at a time like that. Of course, we thank our Lord, our Lady and her guardian angel that nothing happenned to them. As dad says if the deer would have hit a little different who knows what might have happenned. It's so "weird" though but at precisely 11:45 (when the accident happenned) dad woke up, saw the time and then I woke up and asked him "is Marcie home yet?" (she was suppossed to be here by 12 at the latest) a few minutes later she called. They had already called 911, dad and I drove to where they were, the police and Steve's mom were already there. Dad drove the corolla back home and I brought Marcie. She was extremely nervous but thank God ok. A good thing that happenned was that Francis came back last night so when we were coming home she was there waiting for us and that made Marcie happy! This morning dad and I were so thankful that she's ok, it really could have been a lot worse.

Love to all!


PS I have a year's worth of music stored in the basement, does that count?

I used to believe in global warming but my friends at WABC radio tell me that that is not true, who do I believe?????

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Uber Geek

A milestone I think. I know its intimidating too, but feel free to compare sizes.

Friday, November 11, 2005

FOX NEWS showing a documentary on global warming this Sunday 8pm, 7 for Phil

•Global WarmingSTORIES •Global Warming or Just Hot Air?•Reporter's Notebook: The Heat Is On:Global Warming In Montana's Glacier National Park, only 27 of the 150 mammoth ice glaciers that existed when the park was created in 1910 remain. These "jewels in the crown of the continent" took millions of years to form; they are expected to be gone in 20 years.
In Alaska, parts of the 3,000-year-old Herbert Glacier are 500 feet thick, but the glacier is melting at a rate of 200 feet per year.
Some scientists say the receding glaciers, like canaries in a coal mine, are providing an early warning system for the Earth. They say human-caused global warming is making the sea level rise and can spawn floods — called glacier outbursts — brought on by glacial melting. They say global warming is responsible for extreme weather and outbreaks of diseases throughout the world.
Bruce Molnia, a glaciologist at the United States Geological Survey, has studied Alaskan glaciers for more than 30 years. During a recent tour over the Herbert and Mendenhall glaciers in the 49th State, he said: "The whole face has collapsed in the last month... That wasn't like that when I was here in July."
Tune in to the FOX News Channel special report, "The Heat Is On: The Case of Global Warming," on Sunday, Nov. 13, at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. EST.

copied from the fox news website

turkey trot

i was thinking about the turkey trot and looked up the standings for last years race, and saw that the first place guy was a track star who was like all state, kind of unfair isn't? anyway those guys run some crazy fast times, its unbelievable that there pace were 5 minute miles.

well its been a while, im usually insanely busy, but besides the crazy amount of school work i have this is my first weekend off since (i think) the first week of school. it feels nice to know that i have no real committments and that i can hang out. things are going ok, i had three tests, two of which i probably failed but the one i took today i was pretty confident that i had did half way decent. one class i actually got an A on the midterm, which was a real nice booster. ummm, besides the school work i haven't had time for much else, but our catholic football team made it to the playoffs but we "gave" away the first game (i did force the quarterback to throw a pick though) and i did a halo tournament ( dont tell anyone because i was supposed to be somewhere else at the time) and our team did suprisingly well(that just means all the other teams were really bad). for the tournament they had 12 foot screens which was a nice idea but it was hard to see, our team made it to the third round but lost it in a real close game. besides that not much else is going on, this week seemed like i had so much free time and then i realized it was just because i wasn't doing any of reading for my classes so im just catching up on that this weekend. plus theres a halo tournament(ya im trying to get sucked back in) saturday i think so im gonna try and play in that. anyway hope everyone else is doing ok.

marcie, i just found out that the guy from Hotel Rwanda was here and they showed the movie and then the guy gave a speech, felt bad that i didn't tell you in time you would have probably been interested in hearing him speak.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Well, at around 2pm this guy who is in charge of Phil's security clearance came to interview me. He asked me a lot of questions, like "how long have you know Phil?" etc. I told him that my filly was a good boy and he better give him the clearance or I was going to get the ecuadorian mafia. He looked kind of scared, so I think Phil should get approved. Filly, did I do a good job?
Talking about libraries, I can't wait for the one in Flemington to open up, it's going to be really beautiful, they are completely redoing it. I liked that library, the hours, and once you get to know the people they are nice but I always thought the bldg was ugly looking, so I will be happy with my new library. I plan on going weekly.

I think it would be a good idea for Marcie to run for mayor but I don't think she has any time left and....I don't know if I want her to be a politician...

I got a name for the kitten...Leo, I think it's a great day, it's actually St Leo's feast day today, he was a pope. I know right now he doesn't look like a Leo but he'll grow into his name.

We're doing the manjar again! THe other two times the taste was good but the consistency wasn't perfect to make the juevitos, so, this time it better work or no huevitos for the wedding. Fr. Zenen (?) asked about Xavier and Monique. Today, during mass, all of a sudden he started crying, we didn't know what to do, it was very unconfortable to see a priest cry like that during mass. It seems that right before he had talked to his sister in Poland and she had given him some I guess bad news. He didn't say what, he is going for two weeks on monday. I felt bad for him, he's a nice guy but I don't see him staying here for long. He's very close to his family and he told me that he misses them and also the traditions they have there specially during christmas.

Love you all


Danny, how are you doing?

Marcie for Mayor!

Hey guys look at this high school senior who won a mayorial race. Young Blood. Marcie should be mayor of Flemington. Then she can be the youngest woman to ever win a race. That guys gets $250 a month but he has to use his bedroom as his office and work after school. It's interesting.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Library cards

I got a library card today. When I showed the librarian my driver's license, from New Jersey, she just kind of looked confused. I told her I hadn't gotten my Ohio license yet, but I was going to, real soon.

She asked me how long I intended on staying in Ohio. I told her I had been there a year already. And she just asked again, "So how long are you staying?" I really couldn't answer her. I just shrugged, and said "Awhile."

It was kind of funny. Anyway, I got my library card. Apparently the Columbus Library was named the best in the country. At least the main branch I guess. My library is ok in size, bigger than I thought it was going to be.

Anyway they gave me a map to all the other branches. There are like 12 or so in the Columbus area, its pretty surprising.

3 1/2 Down, 1 1/2 to go!

I've done the two problem sets, one oral, and I've created my final powerpoint. I just have to present it next week. I also have to complete my 15 page paper and then I am ready for Thanksgiving! Woohoo!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Jean-Paul Belmondo on the Daily Show

I'm serious! Check out Argentine Beef.


Hi everyone,
dad went to pick up Javi and monique last sat. left here very early. THen we dropped them off on sunday but before returning we had a nice lunch. I liked the eatery, good food and books, what more can you ask for? I even saw two normal looking families, Javi told me that those are the two normal families that live in New Haven.

Monique, about the survey from DYFS, you are right about very few hispanics being in the program, that's what they told us at the classes. The reason is the hispanics have extended families that care for the children in case something happens to their parents. I did have a friend though who was a foster mom and she adopted three kids that were hispanic.

Fisa will be going to PR this sunday, she will stay until Jan. It'll be good for TIa Point to have her over there, she must get lonely without the family.

Au Revoir,


Monday, November 07, 2005

Two Down (Almost!) Three to GO!

OK! So far, I have created two powerpoint presentations. I present one Wednesday and one Next Wednesday. I have almost completed my Ecology Problem set (which is #3) I have to do my STATs (tomorrow, #4) and a 15 page paper by Next Wednesday (#5). The good thing though is I can breathe during Thanksgiving break. It will be really nice to take a breather and relax. Wish me luck. I'm back in for round three of the fight. Hope you are all doing well. Marcie, are you gonna sleep in this weekend, now that band is over?

Kitty is getting the Rumsfeld-shovel

To get the joke, read the kitty comments.

Note, rated PG-13:
The Shovel

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Here is a Website About Statistics for Fostercare

I was surprised that the greatest number of kids in NJ adopted are black (65%) and White (~23%) Hispanic kids are rarely adopted (only 7%) . I'm assuming it's because they aren't given up as often. The families are closer knit so family will help out babysitting etc. I don't know? But is it pretty interesting. There are only 6 surveys or so, but in NJ the mean age of kids adopted are about 5 years old, and acording to the survey it takes about 6months to a 1 1/2 years to finish the adoption paper work. Here's the link.

Doesn't this kitty look like the one in the garage

I think that after this cute kitten got a little too old his owners let him roam the world. And now he is in a garage in flemington NJ looking cute as pie.

Friday, November 04, 2005


I think blogging is good for relaxes you and takes your mind off other important stuff.... Writing your thoughts, ideas is actually very therapeutic. And what better way to keep in touch with the family.

Marcie has her last competition tomorrow, it's at Giants stadium, she said she didn't mind that we were not going. I hope she is not traumatized for life....she did get $25 for both our tickets so I don't think she is too upset. It's a HUGE competition...

I'm happy to have Javi and Monique here, I thought maybe Monique wanted to help me put some tiles in the basement but if you have too much work its ok. (just kidding) I have my mtg at Carmel but will be back early. Fr. Zeneg is being so nice to do this, he does not do it for anybody else. He will ask you some questions separetely, I asked him "like the newlywed game?" He said: "something like that". Javi, please be nice to him, if he asks who created the world, don't say something like an alien from mars....Just be yourself, ask him anything you want to know, he is really nice and patient.

There was an article in the paper about this poor buck (male deer) that crashed into a glass door, the owner wrestled with this poor creature for 45 min. before he broke its neck....the guy's comment? "my freezer is full..... with venison meat" and then this other article (true story)about a guy who is suing Home depot because....somehow and for who knows what reason somebody put glue in a toilet seat, the guy got stuck, screamed for help, an employee went to tell his manager who did not believe him and for 15 min the guy was stuck....he says is not home depot's fault that he got stuck but that they didn't do anything to help him. AN ambulance finally came and the paramedics unbolted the man who was "frightened and humiliated".
Moral of the story...if you are going to use a public toilet, check first that there is no glue, even better...wait till you get home or do what we ladies do, line it with toilet paper.

Now you know what to do if.....a deer crashes into your apt/house and how to prevent getting stuck to a toilet seat at a public facility.



PS Things are rolling along about our foster child. The guy called and said that all the paperwork seems to be in order and our case worker "Monica" (yes, that's her name) will call and set an appt to come see that the house is ready for the child. You know, that the crib is where it's supposed to be,(we gave it away) and the car seat (that we gave away) the clothes that we gave away...the high chair etc etc. oh well, somehow the Lord will provide us with all the stuff again. I can't wait to be a mom again! Oh, the things I'll teach my new boy/girl....

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I think I am Addicted to Blogging.

Maybe I just use the computer too much, but I must check my email and the blog at least 6 times a day. Perhaps this post is a cry for help. Should I stop blogging for a while? Should I take a vacation from the blog? Or should I just keep posting pictures instead of text? We are going to Flemington this weekend to meet with the priest. It should be a really nice trip. A nice little break from New Haven. The only problem is I will have to do a lot of HW while I am there. I have 5 things due by Nov. 16th and 5 due after, and everything is worth a lot now. See you soon, Mom Dad and Marcie. (Danny are you coming to visit?) Talk to you later.

candy vs real food

ok i went trick or treating and have this bag of candy, and instead of eating real food i've found myself eating meals of candy. now besides the three days straight of stomach aches what are the real downfalls of only eating candy, yes i've gained about 5 pounds in three days (literally true), but isn't it better for you then hamburgers and fries? oh well just throwing that out there.


Mom, sign me up for the turkey trot. Not sure if i'll get the best time, but I'll go out there.

And thats nice of you and Dad for wanting to come out here. That would have been great. But I have no problem swinging up to NJ. I'll probably end up driving since flights are really expensive right now. I'm not sure why.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I want a baby Shih Tzu!


Well, dad and I were thinking of going to visit Fillly for thanksgiving, I was going to cook and bring everything over there....but, I think it's a LOT easier if one person comes here than all of us go there. Danny won't be able to go to Miami so we can have thanksgiving here. Phil, you wanna do the turkey trot? How about Danny and Marcie?? Let me know. I think Dad and I will do the turkey walk this year, I don't think I can trot anymore.

I like the idea of getting cookies for xmas, I don't even drink coffee so that will be just fine with me!

Poor Jubi, all excited about xmas, don't worry, grandma will have a present for her.

It will be great to have everybody here for xmas, as you all know it's my favorite time of the year. Since xmas should be about the meaning and not the gifts....ok, ok, nobody has money anyway I think what we should do is this....1--Dad liked the idea of borders, so can can put that to a vote and see if we all want to do that. 2--What if all of you think of something you'd like, $50 at the most and send me a few ideas, I will then pick one and get that. Or just tell me the one thing you want. I really don't want this xmas to be all about going crazy and shopping, so this way I will get one present for each, something you really want and we'll have a frugal and happy xmas. One present for each, one book at Borders, good food and you can all play that game you like. Monique, I think you should play, shouldn't we show the guys that we are also good at war games??? What of Hillary becomes president and she wants to start a war but doesn't know how...I guess that's good, right?

Marcie and Danny looked really cute dresses as GiJoe and Gi Jane for Halloween.

Of course this is the first year I don't buy candy, so I had 2 pieces of chocolate and what happens? We get trick or treaters, so I gave the two candies to the first two kids, then we got more and Dad gave these kids dollar bills and told them "we ran out of candy", which in a sense we did.

Love you all


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Jubilee can't wait till Christmas. High expectations from last year. Look at all her presents. Ahhh the disappointment she will learn to accept, this year will be a low income christmas. Sorry guys, no free coffee this year. Maybe I will make cookies.

Happy Bday Dad!

Of, I need to get a digital camera, as the blog looks a helluva lot better with pictures posted up on here. So hint...Christmas is coming up. But let me know in the next two weeks if I'm not getting it, because there are some awesome deals out there.

So I'm thinking of taking off the week of Thanksgiving this month. Crash in NJ with padres. What do you think? I can't take any vacation between December - February, so I'm going to use some days this month. As for Christmas, I think I can do a four-day weekend, but thats it.

Well, I understand Dan and X and Monique might hit Miami for T-day? Consider that ok with me, excepting that for Christmas we resume our Risk war for the world, with the no-married people in a game rule in effect.

Work is going ok, got some problems with the car fixed today. Expensive, but necessary. I was telling Xavier, at least if it were my child getting expensive work done, i.e. braces or glasses, I could take my anger out on them after I had paid the bill by severly spanking them or something. But I can't beat on the vehicle.

Anyway, I'm bowling with a bunch of people from work tonight, and I'm going to hit the gym first. Hopefully get some HW done at some point this week.