Monday, October 31, 2005


Sang while I was on top of our piano. ....It's still in one piece, don't worry!

Ok, couldn't help it!


I'm checking out recipes to make you a delicious lentil soup today. Have a great day! I was thinking... how about if three times a week we go for a half hour fast-walk? Sounds like a good idea?? We can start tomorrow!! How about at 5 fifteen?

Javi, I'm really proud and happy that you are running, after a goodrun you are ready to face whatever the day brings, you do get a huge appetite though. So, eat plenty of veggies, fruits and nuts. I'm wondering if I walk for 30min-45min five times a week, it's that enough exercise? I have to ask Dr. Monique, what do you think?
I LOVE YOUR COSTUMES! Javi, I think you should grow a beard, it looks very dignified, or just wear that one whenever you want to look older. ANd, just curious, did Jubi take the picture?

Danny, that idea you have about exercising, well, I'm tired just reading about it. Are you coming today? I'll have a cake for Dad, yummy, more sugar!! Marcie is going treat or treating today, I'm going to dress her up as a pumpkin, dont tell her though, it's a surprise. Is my filly dressing as a clown? I still have the costume, I saved it for my first grandchild. You looked so cute with that orange flowery costume, remember? it seems like only yesterday....I think it was! ANd Javi won a costume contest his first halloween as a clown. My kiddies, how they love clowns, Marcie always remembers that cute clown that was in her room....sigh...I think my boys do too...

Did you all know that Monique's mom got a promotion??? and award? Three cheers for Marta, marta, marta, marta. Monique can you tell us exactly what it was?

My retreat was heavenly, we had a discalced carmelite fryer, I mean friar. I'm not kidding when I tell you that it was like looking at God. He was so holy. His last words to us were,

"We won't see each other again on earth, but we shall see each other in heaven when we will be happy contemplating the face of God! And remember, you have to be the light of the world, that's why even the word carmelite, ends in lite! And always live by these words...ALL FOR JESUS, THROUGH MARY....with a smile!"
I had tears of joy during the retreat. I told Jesus, that I don't care what the "tides" of the world say or do, I will live only for HIM through HIM and in HIM!! With mom Mary at my side!!

Little Chris is getting married? Finally! WHen and where?

Love to all


Sunday, October 30, 2005

happy birthday!

happy bday, Dad! i figured i'd write this ahead of time so i wouldn't forget. hope you're having a great day!

so, i finally hit three miles on the ol jogging routine. the last time -- and the only previous time -- i ran that far was two years ago, when i did it in 30:00. i did it in exactly 27:00 this morning, so i've improved...even if it took two years. anyway, it's impressive for me. i was working for a good week there to get past the 2.5 mile mark. my body was just quitting there every single time. feels good to get past it, and to burn 400 calories in the process...


another wedding

so, Chris and Erica are getting married, and i'm one of the groom's peeps, as they're known nowadays. just thought you'd all like to know.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Dad's posting...

Here is a picture of Fisa's house that Tia Cuca sent. Everyone is fine, but they were a little scared this time.

Yes, my darling is on a silent retreat this weekend and somehow I am on a silence retreat as well... I miss my darling very much.

I started raking leaves today, however there have not really started to fall yet. We had our first frost this week (about two weeks late), so it won't be long.... You are all invited to a raking party!

Javi and Monique, you guys make a beautiful couple... the beauty and the beast! Javi, actually you should grow a beard. I am glad that you are having fun at Yale, now back to work.

Phil, did you catch up on your school work yet? Any more traveling in the near future? You should take my advice and go to the library....

Dan, sorry about not going to the game today. You should call home every now and then. By the way, my new office is about five minutes away from Rutgers.

Marcie, are you going to survive band this year? Are you ready for your trip to DC in December.

By the way elections for governor of NJ are this week and Marcie wants to know, since she can't vote yet, if anyone will vote for her favorite candidate. Here is a link to his website:

I love you all very much.


Lots of pictures to post today

Tree on Screened porch.
I wanted to give the pictures a disordered "hurricane type" look. Actually I just can't get multiple pictures in one post to look good. This is the tree that got drilled into the ground. See how it is standing up.

This is a big broken up tree smashed into a fence.

Here are some of the

pictures my mom sent me.

Random Fallen Trees.

Lots of Distruction.

Halloween 2005

Xavier and I went to a Halloween party at the Forestry School yesterday night. I was a 1920's Great Gatsby type individual and Xavier was Professor Shelly Kagan from the Philosophy department at Yale. It was fun to see all the people at the school all dressed up. People really can come up with costumes quickly. Almost everyone I saw had thought up their halloween costume within the last week. Xavier and I made our costumes, that same morning. Hope you all are having a nice day. Talk to you later.

Friday, October 28, 2005


Hi everyone, I'm waiting for dad to come pick me up and take me to the retreat house for my retreat. It's a beautiful retreat house and if I knew how to spell the name I would tell you. I'll be back on Sunday, I'm very excited and have been for the last few weeks. It's an all silent retreat, I love it!! We start the day very early with the office (liturgy of the hours), mass, conference, office again, holy hour which actually lasts the whole weekend. You can get up at 2 or 3 am and go to be with THe Lord, you know me and sleep, usually I do get up early and go to the chapel. It's hard to even try to explain how much I LOVE going on retreat, so I won't try to. I will pray for all of you, and for the people in Miami. We do have to be grateful that everybody is fine. guess some mango trees survived? Just kidding, I'm glad your parents are fine, that's what's important.

Dad went to his new office today, I think he still has to go to NY but hopefully not for long.
Give him a call this weekend since he'll be so lonely without his darling (me)

So, the guy from DYFS called. I had prayed all week that if God really wanted us to adopt there were a few things I would like for HIM to do. One of them was to let the guy find these papers if not we had to do everything all over again. When he called yesterday, he couldn't believe the "luck" of finding all the papers right in his office. So, we still need to do somethings over, don't know why, but that's the way it is, but I think this time everything is going to go quickly.

Phil, if you are still smoking that is the reason why you are sick, smokers get bad colds and coughs all the time, your body is telling you to stop putting all those horrible chemicals inside your lungs!
I'm glad that Javi got rid of his tb and Danny are you still a newt?

Dad is home,

I love you all


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thank God My Parents are Okay

So, I was finally able to talk to my mom today. It turns out they suffered a lot of damage. One of the mango trees in the back yard split directly in half and fell on top of the screened porch and caused it to collapse. They also lost half of a tree in the front yard. It used to have two trunks coming from the base, but one of the trunks got pulled off and drilled into the ground by the winds. Their theory was that tornadoes came through and riped a bunch of trees apart. They said that there are tree pieces everywhere. Big pieces. It sounds like it was a really scary hurricane. Everyone in town has been talking about the roaring winds. We should all be glad that our family is safe and sound. They said they will send me pictures. When I get them I will post them so you can all see what happened. Talk to you later.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I think I have consumption.

I may have only a few months to live. Morbid maybe. Presumptuous? A little. Really 18th Century? You bet.

Is it just me?

Or did it get really really really cold today? On the way back from school my knuckles froze. Is it cold everywhere else?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Is FIlly feeling better??

Contented cows

Dad spoke to Tio Cabbis, the storm was really bad, they are all ok though, it's what matters. Monique have you talked to your mom?
Phil, how are you feeling?
Danny, I had a horrible dream with you, I was with my cousin from Ecuador, and he wanted to go to a bar, I felt bad saying no. Inside, this lady, I think my other cousin takes her clothes off, then I realized that there were three pits with people mud wrestling etc. I hope Rutgers it's not like this.
Contented have to ask papi about that.
Love you all!


Go Sox

Tonight is the third game in the world series. Will Chicago defeat Texas in Texas? Phil, since you are now midwestern are you rooting for the White sox?

I am rooting for the white sox, just because I don't like the astros (and I like the old timey appeal of a good old american baseball team).

I will be watching the game at 8pm while doing statistics homework....Ahhh....School.....Never a moment without work.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

I'm freakin sick

Don't feel so good. I was feeling flukey all this week but I thought I had it beat yesterday. Not correct. I took a nap before soccer tonight and woke up in terrible shape. I did still play, but I was not in top form.

And Mom, no, nobody put me up on their shoulders this time.

So I bought and drank half a quart of orange juice and 1.5 times the recommended dosage of nyquil. I may take some more since I'm still in a coughing, head hurting, nasally, feet-hurting, poor circulation condition.


We don't know what gender kid we'll get, at this point we are waiting to see if they find our papers somewhere lost in "la la land" (DYFS). The guy I'm talking to seems like he wants to help, so we'll see. What I'm thinking is adopting an older child, maybe around 9, and also a baby. Filly, you don't have to be jealous, we will love all of you the same. So, no need to "act out" ok??
Well, I'm off to making banana-nut bread and I'm going to try making challah bread, see how that turns out.
Love you all!!

PS Did you hear about the kid who brought a poisonus copperhead snake to school? Right near here, somewhere in PA. I guess this 14 yr old girl was petting it, it bit her, she is in very serious condition and may lose her arm....moral of the story, if somebody brings a snake, any snake to school/work, do not pet it!! I don't think he brought it for show and tell...

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Mom, am I getting a new brother or sister? If so, I might get jealous of all the damn attention you're going to give them. I'm not sure about this. It might drive me to have to "act out" to rival my new siblings.

Oh, a good article on the creator of Calvin and Hobbes off Yahoo. Apparently the guy went to Kenyon college, which is in Ohio and started off writing at the Cincinatti Post. Bill Watterson, the cartoonist, said that growing up he wanted to be an astronaut or a cartoonist and he was keeping his options open. Around the eighth grade when he began to not understand science and math, he then made his decision.

the greatest country in the world

is the USA.
To work in Spain you have to become a spaniard, it's only here where everybody is welcomed. I used to like Spain but after a while you realize that there is no place like HOME!!

So, I'm just going to tell you kids, (I'm not going to tell anybody else for now) I've called DYFS, I realized that I do want to provide a home for 1-2 children. There are so many kids out there that want a family. It seems after all the work we did, (and everything was done), they can't find our paperwork, our caseworker doesn't work there anymore etc etc. These poor children have no family and the people who are suppossed to care for them , don't. It's really a shame. THere is a supervisor I'm talking to who said he's going to see what he can do. The other day I met a lady who was in training classes with us, she had the same caseworker, she finally gave up, they make it so hard for families to adopt these children. We'll see what happens.

Dad is on a retreat today, Marcie is working on her college applications and Fisa is still not feeling well, don't know what's wrong with her. Fisa Alicia called, she went to Cabbis, Monique, is your mom staying at her house during the hurricane. I think by the time it gets to Fla, it will probably not be too strong, but I'm not a weatherman, I hope it won't be bad.

Yesterday I made zuchini bread, it's delicious.

Love you all


Friday, October 21, 2005


Apparently Accenture has a delivery center in Malaga, Spain.

I didn't know too much about it, but I decided that it couldn't be a bad place to work. I'm pretty interested in going there and checking it out. We're picking up Spanish government work, and although I'm a US guy, Spain can't be that hard to figure out.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Out of control???

This blog is getting out of, pics and all kinds of ramblings... I like it!

I see that everyone is doing well, Marcie and Dan, you better post something or else...

Phil, sorry about Penn State/ Michigan...

Xavier, sorry about those Braves (choke...)

Monique, we made apple whatever, it didn't come out as good as yours, but we ate the whole thing anyway...

Dan, how is philosophy class going? You might be able to get published in the YPR if you play your cards right.

Marcie, I am glad that you don't like astronomy, you might become a "space-cadet"... I think that you are surely a "pittster"

Mom, I think that it is time for a vacation, don't you?

Love you guys... very much.


the tortitas

the tortitas came out pretty good, but they were kind of a pain to make, fisa helped. next time I'll just make "bolones".
Monique, the chicharrones are salt pork that you fry, yes, I know, fat! but Fisa has eaten that her whole life and her cholesterol is fine and she's fine for 82. So, once in a while it's fine. I don't think we should be gluttons but Our Lord did make food for us to enjoy. you know Monique, I''m so glad that you are not like the rest of the 99.9 girls out there, that care so much about having huge weddings. Jeremy's wedding was like $30,000, and I just saw Andrew Doran's pictures, and they were the typical, expensive catering hall wedding, where they are posing by the huge, circular stairway. I'm just glad that you are so different from "now girls". My motto has always been, "simple, yet elegant". Not extravagant! So, thank you for being just the way you are. Marcie is like you, I know she wouldn't want to spend so much money on a wedding, and Phil told me that he doesn't care for that either, so get somebody like your sisters Marcie and Monique!!
Danny, how's everything going? I guess pretty busy. Did you ever meet Sister Donna Marie's brother?
Love you all


Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Kid you are all crazy!!

Today, I'm making tortitas de verde y chicharron, it'll be a surprise for Marcie, last time I made them was for one of our "restaurant nights".

I want the ad back, where did it go?

Please don't tell Dr. Furhman about the tortitas.

donuts after a PT? how about some apples and carrot sticks?

and papi can still beat all of you, so just watch it, he is my big "muscle cutie".

I don't think Europe is going to work for next year, considering it costs $1000 per person, anyway, who wants to be with those people that hate us anyway, I don't want to spend my money in their contri (said with an accent)

Love you all
I think my chicharrones are burning,
sorry Marcie,


Monday, October 17, 2005

Phil, leave your brother alone!

Sorry, I am just practicing for one day when I have kids. Did I do a good job mom?


What happened to the GQ ad? Was it pulled by the administrator?

Yo Flemrod, put it back.


Hey, that's not fair, I thought we didn't accept any ads in our blogs and I see we have one just like the I one I saw in GQ. And how is it that I read GQ? Well....Dad's been getting that magazine for years...couldn't you tell?
Monique, Javi does look very handsome, thankgoodness he doesn't look "euro" even if the pants are "european cut", to look euro you need those huge scarfs that european men love...and I guess they also love wearing their pants where their privates are cut in the middle they are so tight and how about how they shave their wants to go to Europe next year??

Sunday, October 16, 2005

He's sweet!

I love my husband.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

To the Homies

I haven't blogged in a bit, so I figure I'll bring you all up to speed on what I've been doing.

I was in Reston, Va for some training two weeks ago. Basically on US Federal SAP. Actually really interesting and very relevant to what I do. I thought it was a great class. I left on Thursday for Charleston for the wedding. I missed my flight. It was stupid, but I went to check in a bag, I brought my textbooks with me and couldn't fit them in my carryon, so apparently I missed the 45 min cut-off to check in for the flight. It was bullshit. If I was late, it was by 1 minute or two, but they still wouldn't let me on. So I went standby on a flight later that night. I wouldn't have been able to get on, but the guy at the gate really went out of his way to get me on.

We had the wedding rehearsal dinner in the Exchange. I talked to Dad and Dan, and apparently you guys visited it on the way to Miami one time. Its one of the oldest buidlings in the country actually, and has a dungeon in the basement. I was really impressed with Charleston, too. At night it has this ambiance, very historic.

The wedding was great too, and of course, so was the reception. I did end up ruining it, when I tripped over a lamp and lit the building on fire. Sorry Mom.

Anyway, I went back to DC to meet some people on the design team and pick their brains a little. I got back Weds night and was very glad for Saturday to sleep in, at least, until X woke me up. Sure it was 12 noon, but you know how it is.

Eh, I had to get up anyway. I have a month of HW to do. Catch you guys later.

Can't believe

I don't know what it is, I think it might be the exercise but Fisa's memory has gotten better. Every day after mass we go to the gym and Fisa and me (I?) walk in the track. She just remembers things, better than she used to. I have also been making her help me with cooking, I want to learn to make a lot of the stuff she used to cook for us. So...we've been making all kinds of tortitas, tortitas de papa y queso, de camote, etc etc. We made the manjar and yesterday she rolled the "huevitos", even they they will be a little bigger they are still good. She did them all by herself yesterday, of course I had to try a "few", so we will be making more. Today we are going to make the suspiros, see how they turn out.
Monique, the B&B used to be called Main street Manor but I just passed by there and it says something about Manchester.
Brian Burke died of an overdose, there was an article yesterday about his friend getting arrested for giving him I think morphine, I got the feeling that Brian wasn't a druggie but you know all it takes its once for that stuff to kill you. It happenned here in Flemington.
I'm glad to see Marcie wrote, I know everyone is busy but it's great to be able to keep in touch this way.
That was a cute hippo, where do I call to adopt him? Napy would love to have a BIG brother!
Love to all my kiddies!!


Friday, October 14, 2005

I Love Hippos, They're so Cute!

Isn't she Precious!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Marcie! What's up!

We need some posting variety. How's the job at the chocolate factory? Are you a junior or a senior this year? I forget. We have all been hearing from everyone but you. Just drop a quick message so we know what's going on. I know you have been practicing for the SAT vocabulary by playing scrabble lately. Talk to you later.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I'M so glad....

I'm really glad that Monique's mom is planning a lot of the details for the wedding, I'm not too good at that stuff. I thing the B&B is called Manchester Manor, the reception is going to be cozy, small, simple yet elegant, just the way I like things. It will be beautiful, not to mention the ceremony!!
I don't think I'll wear black, I probably will "force" myself to get a new dress, oh well, sometimes we all have to make sacrifices.
Danny I'm glad you found some good little friends at the retreat.
I don't know about fraternities but this one sounds good, as long as they don't ask you to torture people or set any fires it should be ok. Half already quit? what's wrong with people? Are you sure they are not going to ask you to do something really stupid?

I'm reading a great book/s by this guy who was a famous investigative reporter, UNTIL he got a visit from the guy who lives "downstairs," yes the name starts with luci (no, not our cat, even if he sometimes acts like that) really interesting book. After that experience he went back (running) to church. When he gives the description of "that guy" it sounds just like the time I saw it. Tia Titi and Tio have also been paid a visit by this beast. He is everywhere, we need to be vigilant, I know this sounds crazy but believe me it's not. We're going through some very important and dangerous times and we need to be with God. Jesus said that you are either WITH him or AGAINST him, no middle ground.

Javi, as I was reading the obituaries, I came acrooss this one, a Brian Burke, he was 23 and was a baseball and football player at HC, graduated in 2000, did you know him?

Marcie, find a few minutes to write in the Blog, we'd like to know what you've been up to. Yes, I'm including myself in the "we"

Filly, I was happy to get a phone call from the good son, I'm glad you are busy and doing well, don't forget to try to eat right. We are what we eat! Like me, I just had a BIG piece of chocolate, I mean, a big apple.

Darling Felipe, you are the cutest guy in the whole world, and good too!!

Monique, how is it that you did you undergraduate not drinking any coffee? That's incredible!


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

since you asked

im doing pretty good, the past week i've gotten the least amount of sleep in my life (Army doesn't count in there). i've been forced to stay up late and wake up early so most of my free time has been spent sleeping to catch up. this weekend was supposed to be relaxing one, but friday afternoon i was asked to go on a retreat in NY with the Catholic Center so i did. It was my first retreat in a while and so it was good to get back in touch with my faith, it'd been a while, plus i got to meet a lot of cool people. im still pledging for a frat, its actually funny because half the pledges have dropped out, and the only thing they make us do is make a pledge book and study hours M-W (dont tell anyone that). i was gonna drop because of the sleep issue, but then they gave us this speech on how its sooo hard and we shouldn't give up. i just couldn't bare to let myself quit, and i want to show these people that its really insanely easy so im still mostly in for the spite (hey its gotten me far in life i might as well continue to use it). Thats pretty much everything thats being gone in my life at the moment.

mom, the food sounds good but i have the most insanely busy weekend ever. i leave Friday morning to go to Fort Dix with ROTC, and get back late on Saturday, in which case i have to get a ride home, prepare all my stuff for my unit and then be there early Sunday morning for a physical fitness test (these things can break or pick up your whole career in the Army). So, i will be home, but odds are i wont be chilling for too long.


Monday, October 10, 2005


It seems I will be cooking for the reception, so I will make a HUGE rice and beans tray, a HUGE sausage tray, a HUGE sweet potato tray and we will get a HUGE italian sub. I think everybody will be happy with this food and it's not messy. I think that just to be on the "safe" side we could get two more trays of food, Shoprite has some pretty good stuff, I will find out. I will still be making the chocolates, the huevitos and suspiros, these can be made far in advance so I don't have to leave them till the last minute. THe problem now is...
what to wear?? Can you wear black to a wedding, since it's winter most of my dresses are either black, gray or dark brown, or do I have to make a "sacrifice" and get a new dress, Monique???

Danny, I bought some chorizos and I wanted to make them when you are here, are you coming this weekend? Everytime I see Fr TIm or Fr. David they want to know how you are doing...How are you doing??

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Goodbye to the Botero Hilton

The Botero Hilton has been "scratched" from hosting the Botero/Magellan wedding reception. It seems we weren't too "fancy" for them. The chef was slightly dissappointed but got over it real quick. The reception will now be hosted at the Main Street Manor, this name might have just been changed, until recently it was owned by a friend of mine but she sold it. I don't think she would have giving us a huge discount so let's not feel bad about it. It's a really nice place, so I know it will be a beautiful reception. Monique, dad and I would like to help with the $$$ for the food, so please tell your mom we need to talk to her about that. Marcie was telling me about an Friends episode where Ross was getting married and his dad volunteered to go halfs, since the wedding was at her house he got a bill from the future in-laws for all kinds of things like bathroom remodeling, even a jacuzzi! Too bad we're not having it here anymore or I could have remodeled our kitchen and passed the bill to Marta. (Just kidding, of course)or maybe not!

No, we are not vegans, what I'm doing is eating a LOT LESS meat, there are two good reasons for that, 1-health, I know eating meat everyday is not good for you. God only gave us two molars and the rest are just regular teeth, I read this somewhere but how about the wisdom teeth? are they for meat also? anyway, whenever I eat meat (frequently) I get constipated, and this happenned to all of you when I introduced you to meat (when babies) it takes a lot to digest meat. I don't think chicken is that bad, so I try to eat more of that. 2--I feel terrible about the animals, so when I do buy meat I buy organic, grass fed, from animals that were not tortured, they live a happy, happy life in a beautiful pasture until....chop chop, their heads come off. Oh well, at least they are happy for a while. But, this meat is more expensive but I think it's worth it, it's antibiotic and hormone free which I really think it's #1 one reason we americans are so fat!! and eating a lot, of course that helps too.

So, I have to go...Dad is helping at the pancake breakfast and he should be just about done washing 400 plates and glasses. From there we will go to the Right to Life peaceful protest in Main Street and then at 4pm to Carmel for our weekly being just with the Lord at Holy Hour.

Love you all

PS Monique, I will still make the huevitos, suspiros, and chocolate favors, or am I cut off from this also?? HA HA!! is there anything else we need? oh my goodness! I'm typing like in script, cool. how did i do this??

Monique knows more about all of you than I do!!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Phil's a Jet Setter!

Whether in Ohio, Wahington D.C., or North Carolina it seems like Phil is always hopping on the next plane. A young suburban professional with a shiney new convertable Audi. Many men would envy what you have achieved in only 25 years. Good job Phil.

So how is everyone? Marcie I heard you have been very busy, but things should slow down after Thanksgiving right? Aren't all your band competitions around then?

Danny how's the stress that is college? Good stress I hope. I have decided that they only way I can get everything I need to get done done is by drinking coffee. I talked to my mom about it and she told me it is okay to drink 2 cups of coffee a day for 2 years till I am done with my masters. Then I will cut it out if I can. But she said if I do it I have to excercise and eat healthily at the same time. Don't drink coffee excercise instead. You can do it. I didn't drink coffee during my undergrad.

Sweet Xavier has been so busy lately. He has been working on three extracurricular projects this semester. The philosophy review(magazine). The Art infusion project (getting artist, musicians and poets to work with each other on collaborative projects), and the Philosophy Society (where philosphers get together 3 or 4 times a week to discuss different philosophical problems). I don't know how he has time for his 6 classes, but he seems to be juggling everything well.

So what's new with you Momzie? hehe. Are you still eating veggies and going to the gym everyday? So were you saying that everyone is a vegetarian this year? That's what the last post sounded like. I can't wait for the temperature to fall and for the leaves to change. It's just taking too long this year.

So how's the garden going dad? Are you still working on it or is summer over so you don't have to work again for a while. Did the poison ivy heal up yet? How's metlife? Are you still commuting from NY to Hartford?

Hope everyone is doing well. Talk to you all soon.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Thanks Everyone!

Thanks for all the birthday well wishes. Hope everyone is doing well. I am getting very tired. I think all the staying up late is catching up with me. It is midterm time and I have two problem sets this week and two midterms next week. Yow!

Talk to you later

Happy Birthday!!!

Monique, I hope that you had a great day for your b-day!

Xavier, be good to that wife of yours...

Dan, you'll pay later for abusing your body...but enjoy it while you can

Phil, how is DC? hope you are having a good week. Behave this weekend and careful with the southern belles

Marcie, relax a little. Why don't you post your college personal statements and get feedback from the tribe

Mom, I love you just the way you are....



Hi Monique, yesterday we called you but I guess you were having such a good time you didn't want to be interrupted! I didn't get a chance at the computer yesterday, Fisa hasn't been feeling too well this couple of days and I felt very tired and slept in the afternoon. I did go for a blood test and my thyroid medicine needed to be increased, in a few months it has gone from .112 to .1 back to .112 to now increased to .125, I haven't had it this high in a long time. So, for your bday Fisa and I kind of slept. So, since I couldn't sing to you yesterday here it goes, "jappy verdi to juu, japi verdi to juu,,,jappi verdi dear monique....japi verdi to ju." well,even blitzen is singing (howling) and the kiddies are meawoing! I''m sorry to hear about Jubilee and how she has taken a little bit of each of our cat's personalities, my sympathy to you and Xavier. She just wants to be like her big aunts and uncles. Francis is still missing, we miss her a lot. Specially marcie who is very upset, she would be her companion in the morning as she was leaving to school, Francis would do this even in a snowstorm! But, I know she'll be back, she's been away before. So, did you have a nice bday? how was the italian restaurant? I'm glad you liked the bracelet. It was made with you in mind. Now you have something given, you need something borrowed and what else? Monique, my sisters wanted to call you for your bday but I told them that I would just relay a happy bday from them, if not you were going to be on the phone all day!!

Danny, you sound really busy, what are non-catholics doing playing for the catholic center? oh well, just evangelize them. ANd why don't you get in the tennis team better? I don't want you getting hurt playing flag football. You were always good at every sport. Did they carry my dannich in your teammates shoulders while chanting "dannich, dannich" like they did with filly and javich?

Love to all!


Thursday, October 06, 2005


glad to hear that everything is going well for everyone (except that it sounds like everyone is really busy). Everything is going ok for me, i should be on track for passing all my classes, except for 2 - 3, but we'll see how that turns out.
fraternity stuff has kept me really busy and up late at night so today was finally the first day i woke up for PT (in ROTC) and man it felt good, at the moment my knees hurt 24/7 (i have two theories on this) and my shoulder popped out once again but beside that im in a pretty chippy mood. I "finished" my expos paper last night and besides that dont really have any work to do.
just wanted to inform you guys of one of the greatest flag football games. last night i was playing for the catholic center (our team is a motely crue of catholics, non-catholics, quaterbacks from john hopkins, and people that have never played football before). the team we were up against seemed like they had practiced together and even had plays they would call, we on the other hand had only met 10 minutes before the game. the game starts and right off the bat they score one touchdown, then we score, then they intercept another and score again. the score is 12 - 8, later in the game they are about to score another but i (someone told me this) made a game saving block on the QB. we continued to trail the rest of the game until the last 10 seconds when we get possession and make our first couple of completeions and score. this telling is not nearly as dramatic as being there, but our team came out ontop and it was amazing.

well thats about everything. Happy Birthday Monique, and hope everyone continues to have a good week/weekend.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Moderation is the key

I just want to say that I am not a VEGAN, not that there is anything wrong with that, I actually think it's good to be one but I don't want to do the "opposites" like I used to do. Like it has to be hot or cold, nothing in between. I do feel very bad for the animals and how they are treated before their torturous (?) and untimely death but just cutting back on meat is good in that sense. If everybody did it maybe they would stop torturing poor animals. SO, dad, Marcie, me and yes, even carnivorous Fisa have not really missed meat. Actually Dad told me he wants to keep doing what I've been doing. But even Dr Furhman says that you can eat meat once a week and keep your good health. We've been eating little meat, me almost nothing but if one day I feel like going to McDOnald's and enjoy a burger and fries I will do it. What I'm trying to say JAVI, is that if you enjoy something, have it, but instead of having 15 cups of coffee a day, have two. You'll see how much more you'll enjoy those two cups. Have one in the morning and then one in the afternoon, that could be your time to relax. Today I read somewhere that if you eat rice and beans regularly you cut the chances of getting lung cancer by 46%. I have to say that rice and beans are the perfect foods, yeap, perfect and cheap too!!
I've been reading the "Tightwad Gazette", I think I'm going to try to be a tightwad, ok, don't laugh, I'm serious. Being a tightwad doesn't mean never spending any money. I won't go to any extremes like "dumpster finding", I really don't need anything anyway, but the book does give some good practical advice that I'm following. Dr Furhman and rightly so says that all convenience foods are really bad for you, and they are very expensive too not to mention the extra garbage to the environment, so now we are eatingg most everything from scratch, it's tastier, less waste, more healthful. Phil, if you learn how to make rice and open a can of beans, you have the perfect food and cheap too. Or you can buy ready rice. I'm going to send all of you a copy of an article in the tightwad gazette, the author saved $49,000 in 7 years, with an annual income of $30,000. It can be done!

Love you all!
Happy St Francis Day today


Monday, October 03, 2005

Happy almost birthday!

Well, it seems only like yesterday when I had to go to the hospital....wait a minute...Monique does feel like a daughter but I forgat I did not give birth to her. I can't take THAT away from her mom. You do have a beautiful month for a bday, I also love fall, I love everything about it, but then I also love when winter is just starting, and then all of spring, don't like February though. Hope Xavier takes you out to have a coffee and pastry??
Having two cups of coffee per day is fine, more than that it's not!! IF you really don't want to have any, then have tea, if I got used to having tea anybody can. I used to love my two cups/day of coffee but caffeine is terrible for me, I do enjoy my decaf tea though.
This weekend as most weekends Dad and I had a movie weekend, yes, this past weekend...ok...I have to say that for the first time I think in my adult life I saw the worst movies ever!!! 2 horrible movies, I will put them in my list of worst movies. One had Cary Grant, Sophia Loren and Frank SInatra, well, even Loren and Cary were horrible!! THen we watched "Little big man" with Dustin Hoffman, my goodness!! Great movie to use for that show where they made fun of horrible movies.. I had to apologize to Dad for getting those movies.

So...this woman that Bush picked, was she picked because she was a woman? or was she the best candidate?

Today I made two loaves of cuban bread, have no idea why it's called cuban, they were so easy to make but I overcooked them.

Well, it seems the wedding plans are coming along. Fr. Zenig personally will oversee all the details, he told me that usually it's the deacon but he is going to do it. This week he is going to give me all the details on what needs to be done.

Danny was here for his bday, we had a nice dinner and I made a sort of brownie/cake, it was really good, right Danny?

Love you!


It's My Birthday Thursday!

I'm getting old once again. First Phil, then Danny, now me, who's next? Is it mom or is there someone else in the gap? The weather is warm once again. Fall is gone. Hope all is well with everyone.

Xavier gave up coffee. It's been two or three days already. I am very impressed with his willpower. Cold turkey. I have had a cup of coffee and a cup of caffinated tea in the last few days. But I just got some decaf to help us, but Xavier won't drink decaf (cause it is whimpy...oh well I tried).

Talk to you all later.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Fall time

Yeah, you got that right Monique. Its Fall. There didn't seem to be any transition, just one day I got up and it was cold in the morning and I could tell summer was gone.

Work, very busy. Trying to keep up. The next few days I'll be out of town, I have Jeremy's wedding to go to this Saturday. As many of us say, we'll believe it when we see it.

I hope all is well with you all. Happy Birthday Dan, welcome to the 20s. They fly by, so head's up.

Still kicking it with a cuff and a crease,


Autumn is here!

It's starting again. The weather started getting cold already over here. How is it in the Ohio valley? I heard it gets cold up there. Well we have started wearing sweaters again and opening our windows. It's pretty nice. I think it is only going to be another 3 weeks at most till it is really cold. To celebrate our little change in season, Xavier and I had some pumpkin pie yesterday and some hot cocoa today. It's getting nice and cozy. I love the Fall! Happy Autumn everyone!