Thursday, September 29, 2005

wedding plans

I think we are going to have a beautiful wedding. Javich, you are right, you are not only giving me one wedding but two, making up for Phil. It's ok Phil, the right girl is somewhere out there, do you know where? how's the girl you told me about?

Remember Tio Carlos? Tia cuca's ex? his mom died two days ago, I really liked her a lot. She was always very nice with me and with all of you. If you'd like to send a sympathy e-mail is

I think I saw Francis today, but even Frank doesn't come by often since that crazy cat started going outside, Dad thinks he went crazy. (Lucy that is)

Love you


Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Haha, thats a great song, Monique. I think the mini-squids should cover it (ask Dan for an explanation on that one).

I was waiting for some to post first. I was trying to hold back from saying anything Daaaaniccch.....

Monday, September 26, 2005


On Saturday Danny (Dannich) will cease to be a teenager, it seems like yesterday when he couldn't wait to come out to the world, nope, and he didn't wait, not for dad, not for the doctor, the poor nurse put her gloves on and out he came, he almost fell on the floor.
We went to see the llama, I mean the Dalai Lama. He seems like such a humble person, I liked him, he has a good sense of humor and then when he mentioned his friend Thomas Merton, I couldn't believe it, I had read how Thomas loved the Dalai lama and they had been friends. I did think it was rude for people to leave before it was over.
We haven't seen Francis (Luci's fault), we do hope she comes back.

Have I told you how funny you all are?
Love you

Saturday, September 24, 2005

procrastinator deluxe

the great philosopher John Perry (interviewed for the Yale Philosophy Review in 2005, i might add) once wrote a light essay on how one suffering from the dread affliction of procrastination can be successful. the key, he wrote, is for the afflicted to list every one of his tasks in the order they are to be done. at the top of the list, however, should be a moderately important task, something meaningful, that can yet be pushed back indefinitely. the procrastinator, following natural instinct, will avoid that most important task as if it were plague, and will naturally look for anything else to do -- like the next thing on the list. by doing this, the procrastinator can motivate himself to do all sorts of things that he might not otherwise be motivated to do. indeed, he can trick himself into being motivated to do so many things -- all to avoid that first task, of course -- that he may presently be known by others as a genuine go-getter. at what price? well, that first task.

in seventh grade my English teacher asked me to pull the dictionary from its shelf and to recite the entry for "procrastination" to the class. i recall it quite clearly. a few days ago a friend asked me, "how do you manage to do so much? how do you get the time, the energy, the motivation?" well, i suppose i could have referred him to John Perry and that would have been enough.

and yes, "post to the blog" is currently #2 on my task sheet.

hope everyone's well this Freitag abend...

Dad's posting...

I am very happy to see everyone is blogging away...except I don't see anything from Marcie...must be at marching band. We went to see a performance last week and I have to admit that they look pretty slick in all black (hair and all) for their Matrix theme. The performance was very good...

Javi what is the problem with you "huevitos"??? Monique, is everything okay? I am glad to hear that things are busy but good in New Haven. How is the bike working out?

Phil, sorry to hear about your bag getting lost on your way to Tampa. Do you get extra miles for that? How was the weekend and the end of Jeremy's 10 year bachelor party? I am sure that you are busy with your year-end planning. I hope all goes well. Prepare non-stop and check everything twice, then say a little prayer...

Dan, have I told you that school doesn't end until you turn 80 (k thru 80)? Okay, it took you only two weeks of school to get to the essence of why people go to college. Each one of us should strive to change the world, for the better. To live well and leave this planet a little better off than how we found it. We do this one day, one situation at a time. We go to college to prepare for that. So by design, college is so bad that you can't help but find ways to make it better. See what I mean...

Mom, you are the ultimate computer geek now... I turn my IT crown over to you (from Tommy for those of you who are classic rock fans). The bad thing is that I was a rock fan, before it became "classic".

Mom and I are proud to announce an official family vacation for 2006, during the week of July 4th. Save the dates, you are all expected to be here. I know that Monique may be in the Jungle, but we'll see what we can work out for her. Come for barbecues (vegetarian, not!), pool, frisbee, bball, biking, sleeping, cards, board games, etc!!!

Fall is coming... leaves are turning. Books need to be read...Papers to write...Work to be done... and yes leaves to rake...

Love you all very much.


Friday, September 23, 2005

Don't tell dad!!

Danny, I read your latest entry and I agree with you completely!! Here is my idea so you don't have to go to college and be bored. But first, I have to say that you are my last hope. Javi finished HS and went to Miami, came back a married man. Filly finished HS, went to Rutgers,came back and for a while there I thought he was going to be a mamone, just like Tio Hector. No such luck, I tried to tempt him to stay, I would make delicious lunches for him, but he left anyway. So, out of my three sons, you CAN be a mamone! Just quit school and come back home. Mama will make you 3 meals a day and 2 snacks in between, you can spend your day in your pajamas or robe (as Javi did when he homeschooled "that" semester.) I'll let you play x box half of the day and the other half you can watch TV, I won't even complain if you watch those stupid shows I hate, so, what do you think? I will even fill your glass with water during the day, you can't beat that...The only thing, I think he would have a problem with this, well, you would probably have to get a job so he won't complain, let's see...what kind of jobs can you get without a college degree???? I can't think of any, but there has to be some.
Tell me what you think of my idea.

Javi, I'm going to try to make the "huevitos de manjar" and the "suspiros", it shouldn't be a problem, just yesterday I was thinking of that, it's so funny you called to tell me you want those for your wedding. I will also make my "famous" chocolate lollypops as favors.

On Sunday I'm going to see the dalai lama, since I tend to get "brainwashed" very easily I hope I don't become a buddist and shave my head and wear a sheet, if I do, please visit me in India or whatever it is that the lama lives. Or maybe I'll evangelize him and he'll become a christian, wouldn't that be something? I think I'm going to make a sign that says "JESUS LIVES" something like that so he can see it, but Marcie told me that she would not "bring me if I did that" I have to obey my mommy, I mean my daughter.

Love you all


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Greatness turned to crud

well, i started an essay on a completely stupid question, but nonetheless the begining of my essay rocked. it could be that i haven't written in a long while, but i found myself writting the best essay ever until tonight. I looked over my rough draft and was preparing my final draft when i found myself to write two pages of which i had no more material (plus there is only one hour out of each day in which i think straight, and this wasn't it). with complete writer's block (its a permanent thing now) i began to critiscize the comments my teacher made on my rough draft and the completely stupid essay question he assigned. What is the meaning of war, in relation to this story, and how does it compare to the meaning of the Vietnam war? I dont think i even wrote enough in the end, but at the moment i am so infuriated with writing that i could care less. all this essay helped me understand is how truly useless all of my courses really truly are. yes, writing is important, but you usually dont write on gay homo topics like this one. Math is also another important subject, but im in such a low level that i find myself doing the homework in class and playing tetris (im getting pretty good) the other half of the time. Psychology and ethics are also important topics and i even enjoy them somewhat, but in reality they really dont matter. So, in conclusion school is pointless (i know i've said this a million times) its a place where you take classes out of interest. (My mind just eraced it self of my big conclusion, but oh well im done with ranting and this is long enough. My only question that I have left is how many people are really willing to read through this whole long thing of nothingness and stand up for what they are wasting there time with. C'mon, your all going to school so lets hear your retorts on why you do it.)

a new cousin

I think I've told everyone but if not, Terry is having a baby. Due in April. It seems when she went to have some blood work they found that she is a carrier for cistic fibrosis, that does not mean that the baby will be born with it. THey have to check the dad (Daniel) and if he happens to be a carrier then I think the baby will be born with that. BUt what are the chances? Still, she is upset. Her doctor told her that she had "options", you know what. She's keeping it though.
Dad's poison ivy is finally getting a little better, I would go insane if I had that, it's really BAD!
I'm doing great with my new healthy eating "lifestyle", I don't think I was TOO bad cooking before, but I do enjoy eating more vegetables, since I started eating this way, I feel great and I haven't been constipated. So, eat your veggies, they are the best foods for you. Today, I went to a cooking class at Dr. Furhman's, I learned to make a delicious soup, a blended salad, surprisingly good. (blend spinach, soy milk and blueberries) believe me it's good. I am a very picky eater and I loved it. tia Titi came over with Colby, he is adorable!! Always smiling.
Love you all
Even my new daughter is funny!!

Wowee Grad School is Busyyyyyyyyy!

Hi Everyone,

So I seem to be turning everything in on time, but I am staying up till about 2 am everynight to do it. And I'm not even procrastinating! And I am waking up early! Sheesh. Seriously, I am staying up longer studying than Xavier and he stays up a long time. Hopefully I will get the hang of this all and I can start getting my beauty sleep again. I think I am a little out of practice. But so far I have had two perfect scores on what I have turned in. Little assignments worth less than 5% of the grade, but at least it's something I guess. Actually there are not grades, but there is this pass fail gradiation, high pass, pass, etc. So it is sort of like ABC and F. They just say it is pass/fail to keep people from wigging out about their grades too much. How are your classes Danny. I know you are taking a heavy load. You enjoying the morning PT? How many classes are you in again 5 or 6? Phil how many credits do you need to finish up schooling and what are you majoring in? I just realized I never asked? Danny, I know I didn't ask you either, but I know you just started and have plenty of time to figure it out (at least 2 years). How's the foot Marcie? Hopefully it is all healed up. When is band done in the Spring? I'm just curious. How's the diet going mom? Feeling good about it? Dad, how's the poison ivy? Is it geting better? You should really just make sure to take a shower as soon as you do any yard work and scrub really well with soap. I heard it takes from 2-8 hours for people to react to poison ivy so if you can wash it off in under 2 hours you should be okay. Than again I guess there are always the exceptionally allergic. Hope all is well in NJ and OH. Talk to you all later.

Carry-on isn't a suggestion

So Tampa, FL was fun. I flew in on Friday night, to find that my carry-on bag, which I had to stow due to "full overheads", made its way into limbo. I didn't get it until the next night.

Work...very busy... I think I already talked about it in an earlier post. I won't bore with repeated details.

Mom, thanks for the package. I really like the corn things.

Oh, and thanks for the pics. Seeing Dan going to school was cool, as well as this picture of some girl that looks like my sister, only older.

Columbus continues to treat me well. Hope all goes well with you guys this week.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

garage sale

Hi family, the garage is looking better and better, I can't wait to have it all clean and be able to put the ping pong table. It's going to be fun. I have so many "trinkets" that I think about having a garage sale, but then I remember how bad the only one I had was and what some people tell me that I probably will decide not to do it. Weird people show up and I remember that when I had ours, the people came into the house and wanted to buy our furniture, this pregnant lady kept asking to buy MY rocker. I just gave stuff away to get rid of the people. SO, maybe I'll just donate the stuff. I am going to see about e-bay, now that I'm a "pro" at this computer thing. Papi went to take Danny to school. We saw Ladder 49, a bit depressing. Monique, send me your e-mail, mine is I left you a message in your cell, did you get it? I know how busy you are. I know you'll do well in all you classes. As for your trip, I would choose Costa Rica, they have great scuba diving over there. Hope everyone is happy and working hard, I love you!!

So Much to Study, So Little Time.

Hi Everyone,

So this week I have 4 things due! Ahhh. Last week I only had two and it was doable, but tough. I have to think of a research topic for my summer research in either Brazil or more likely Costa Rica. There is a study site there with lots of work to be done. I just have to figure out what type of work I can do in two months. Two months really isn't that much. I also have my weekly STATS assignment, a one page writeup on a fieldtrip we went on in class, and I have to moderate a discussion on biodiversity in the tropics. It is going to be a busy week. Does anyone else have a big load this week. Misery loves company so I would love to hear all about everyone else's hard work. It will make be feel like I am part of a nice hard working community. Hope all is well. Everyone of the F2 generation of the NJ Boteros is in school and working hard. Keep up the good work.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

freedom or safety?

As you probably all know by now....Lucy has left the nest...she was kind of asked but the funny thing is she loves being outside. I thought that once she left home, things would get better, well, she/he had become a big PAIN in my....neck. she/he (it) would pick fights with all the other cats, sit on counters, tables etc etc, spill the water, I spent a fortune on bowls, worst of all, IT had started to pee everywhere. What to do? It was hard but now I know it was the best, IT loves it outside, the only problem is that things are different but I don't know if better. Poor Oreo, (the stray cat that was always outside), he's gone, Richie is terrified to come home, It fights with everybody, spills the water that I have for the outside cats and on and on, oh well, at least the peeing has stopped. Oh, I'm also the porter, he cries to go out, cries to come in. The thing now is that Iggy and Sammy have been going out, Iggy loves it. I need some advice though, what to do with Nappi and Sweety, they both want to go out, but I'm afraid for them. SHould I give them their freedom? Or should they always be indoors? I did find out something about cats, I thought that because the cats were declawed, they would be "killed" outside. NOT TRUE! Lucy has proven that, He is completely declawed and all the outside cats are terrified of him, so....maybe there is a lesson to be learned here, claws are not what matter but your personality, haven't I said that always? GARBO, that's what's important.
My CCd class went great, I have 17 kids (big class), some I had in 4th gr. they still remembered me, asked me if I still gave out stickers. It must have gone very well because as usual, I ran a little overtime and the kids said the class went so fast.
Phil, I'm sending you a package with some Healthy, yet tasty snacks.
We've been eating vegan for a while now, yesterday I got so many compliments on my food, I was very happy. I'm trying new recipes and I'm really enjoying cooking more than ever.
Just ask dad and Marcie.
Monique, this is Rachel' e-mail rejwoody2 AT
this week she is at the shore, she'll be back next week.

Love you all and did I tell you already? You are all so funny! I guess you all take after me.

Whats up?

Hey whats going on people. I know its been awhile since I last rapped at ya, but I've been busy.

Work is very busy. US Fed closes its books at the end of Sept., so I'm in the midst of preparing for our year-end procedures. I'll be working the 48 straight hours at the end of the month for that.

Plus, I've been working on all these service requests that are needed for next year. And we have to test new functionality coming out in Jan.

School is good, just trying to catch up on assignments and reading right now. Things going good overall though.

Going to Tampa for Jeremy's bachelor party. We're going to the Hard Rock Hotel down there, and will hang out Friday and Sat. night. So looking forward to that.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Jubi seems to like tomatoes

So Jubilee eats everything.

How is everyone? Danny do you have an address at Rutgers we can write to?

Life in New Haven is the same as usual. I will be turning in my third assignment tomorrow. Classes are speeding up. I ordered a book online and it is taking forever to get here even though it has already been shipped and supposedly got shipped out of NJ, hopefully I will get it next week. I recieved all my other online text books though (thank goodness). Stats class is going well. It isn't bad at all, but I can see that the material is speeding up. I think I will do fine though. This Friday I go on my first field trip. We're visiting some type of wetland. How's Ohio, Rutgers, and Flemington going? I was trying to post pictures like cute hippos and such, but I can't get my picture program to work. La de dah. Talk to you all later. Danny post your address please.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I'm confused

I'm still confused as to how this blogging works, I guess because for a while there I was so proud of myself that I'm not that stupid and can actually use a computer. So, as it happens when I get too proud, the Lord humbles me. Well, hopefully I'll be a pro one day. You know kids, you are all very funny!!! The five of you! Phil, what did I tell you? you are now going to be a preacher, I'm very proud of you. Danny, I don't want you to be a ranger, aren't those the guys they send to war to fight in jungles? I should have never bought those GI Joes. Marcie, I'm glad you are still living at home, wait...I did see you this morning. Monique, if I don't get the info for the photographer I'll give them a call. It was nice to see the two of you last weekend, I hope you are using the bike, just don't clean it so that it looks old and nobody steals it. Today dad and I start CCD. My class is at 4:15 (8th grade) and dad's at 7 fifteen. THe other day Sr Lorraine told me that this girl who is a senior and helps her sometimes said that in 8th gr. ccd she learned more than in all the previous ones, and guess who her teacher was, ME, humble me and I'm proud of it. I've also started cleaning out the garage, my plan is to be finished by dec so that for xmas we'll get a ping pong table, I think we'll all enjoy that. Also, I'm setting up a poker table there.

Love you all


PS, I always wanted 5 kids and now I have them,,,,,sigh.....

Monday, September 12, 2005

PT test

i doubt many people knew about it, but i took my pt test this morning. i ended up with about the same score i get everytime, but in reality did a little better then the last time i took it. I got my highest ever on pushups (being working hard at them), then got a few less on the situps, but still enough to max it out. The 2 mile run, i got the same time i always get 14:24. i dont know how but i get the same time every single time. anyway, that was my score, i didn't get what i wanted but i did show some improvement and thats whats really important plus tomorrow i start Ranger Challenge, which should definetly help me get into better shape.


Sunday, September 11, 2005

I am alive and still living at home...

So yeah, I just thought I'd let everyone know that I am still alive and still do live at home.

I've been extremely busy. I have band everyday except for sundays and wednesdays, and those two days I work at the chocolate factory. Then I am teaching CCD on Mondays as well. I also have a lot of work to do for school.
My classes are:
Asian Studies
AP European History
Algebra 3

So I have been very busy, but I like staying busy. so its good I guess.

Yes, mom was right, I got hurt at band the other day and now I'm limping, but I should be okay in a couple of days. So please, dont worry, the band moms did enough worrying for me for a lifetime.

So yeah, I hope everyone is doing well. I'll check in again soon when I have more time. But right now I'm off to see a man about a hippo.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Filli's bday

Here it goes...."happi verdi too yu, hapi verdi too yu..." Phil, i hope you had a great day today and all your employees threw you a surprise party and everybody at the office came to congratulate must have been just as happy as when you scored the goal and all your teammates carried you up on their shoulders, screaming, "filly, filly..." you are so popular!! I'm so proud of the good son.

Javi, remember how we were saying the other day that ALL church secretaries are old? well, Jean the secretary at Magdalen's worked there for about 100 years, the sweetest lady, so I go the other day to the office to drop off yours and Monique's birth certifcates and to my big shock , Jean wasn't there! She was replaced by this very pretty and much younger lady, it's never going to be the same. ALL church secretaries need to be OLD, it's just the way it is. .... or was. I don't know if Marcie knows already, Jean really liked Marcie a lot! Always gave her lollypops, remember Marcie? You would come home with all these blue (?) lollypops.

Monique, thank you for telling me about the comments at the end of the blog, now I have to figure out how to write comments. As I told you by phone, I bought the $40 bike lock, the guy at the bike shop asked what I needed it for, I told him for my daughter in college, so he showed me one lock for "rutgers" it has to be pretty strong, the one for TCNJ is the cheapest one, then for people who want to use it in the city they buy the $120 one. I hope that one will work. I haven't received the info from the photographer, hopefully next week. We already know about the food, the cake we can still decide but I think that if I make it it will at least taste good. I think it's a good idea to have the ceremony in church. The chapel has a window right behind the altar, I don't think that pictures would come out right. There won't be too many people but the important ones will be there (right Phil?) and anyway the pictures don't show the congregation. We need to see about your flowers, the corsage for the groom, and maybe the moms too? We should also get a flower arrangement for the front of the altar. I will talk to Mary, (the one in charge) and see if the church is still available, I think it will be. I will see you tomorrow and I'll give you Rachel's email, just ask her what songs she sings for weddings and then you can decide what you want. How about a unity candle? Also, during the ceremony at weddings the bride and bridegroom take a bouquet of flowers and put it under Mary's statue, Karen did this while the singer sang the Ave Maria, it was so emotional. Well, we'll talk tomorrow. I have my mtg at Carmel and we'll go from there. We can have dinner together?

Danny, you were always good at math but (don't tell dad) if you take an easy course you'll get a good grade, good idea?? Enjoy college, (don't enjoy it so much like Filly did though) after college you will have work and that's not easy.

Does anybody know if Marcie is still living at home? Just kidding, with school, band and work she is always so busy. I just got a phone call from this teacher in band and it seems Marcie dropped one of the instruments on her foot! She got a cut and it's swollen but she wanted to stay (or so the teacher said) what a trooper!!

You know that weekly newspaper here in Flemington where they ask people stupid questions? Well, today's answers are the most stupid they have ever had from people. The question was "In terms of security have you changed any of your habits?" Now, I don't know where they got these people but they asked very young people who look very weird themselves. One kid said "I sleep with a gun under my mattress" Another said "I've taken a portion of my life's savings our of the bank" Now, this kid does not look older than 19, what life's savings???? what did he use it for? drugs? then there are the two that said that they actually do lock the doors now, hear that Danny? but the strangest looking of them, said "I have tried to change my habits but I couldn't" oh well. He should learn how to speak english first.

Poor dad, has HORRIBLE poison ivy or oak or sumac or whatever, it's bad. The pus ooozes through the pants, three more weeks to go.

Lucy loves the outdoors!! He comes in but wants to go right out, the house seems peaceful. But outside....I hardly see Frank now, he chases Francies and forget Oreo, have not seen him. Also, the outside water bowl is always spilled. That's Lucy. And poor Richards, he thought he was going to find peace outside. I could not believe how he came to say hi to his dad Phil, he hardly comes by and that day I said to Francis to get her son and he came, a tear came to my eyes.

Hope everybody has great teachers this semester, and remember if you need any help with HW call me, I mean call dad.

Love you all


PS Whatever plans you all have for the summer just remember to leave a week open. Dad and I are going to see about setting the date so we can all get together.


ok i've just had the craziest day ever, started out with some fun army PT, then ROTC lab. ROTC was actually a lot of fun as we went over drill/ceremony, and 4 out of the 6 people in my sqaud are all prior service so it was a pretty big waste of time. All i learned is that those cadets leading suck at marching, anyway i was going to go into more detail but first i have to tell you what happened. After ROTC i had a precalc recitation that i needed to attend and was almost late for. I head to the room that i thought it was in, but it turns out i went to the wrong place, 4 times. I end up in another building and find myself in a class that is fits all the requirements of my class so i stay (after of course making a big fuss walking in). I sit through the short class and at the end start working a quiz, and thats when i realize i'm in the wrong class, i had entered a math class that was one track higher then mine. Unable to walk out with my dignity i sit there and take this short quiz, with no calculator but the simple one on my cell phone. Now Rutgers decided that I was too slow to take this course, but i now find myself taking a quiz on material that i had missed (my class is much slower). i finished the quiz and quietly headed for the door as quickly as possible, and later found out that (to the best of mine and my friends knowledge) i got myself 100% including the extra credit question. and Rutgers thinks im too stupid to sit in the course, i sure showed them up.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


ROTC huh? Its the fun parts of the Army I think. Do you have to go active though after?

My classes:

Public Speaking (one of my worst faults)
Criminal Justice

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


ok it took me nearly the entire day, but because of ROTC i've finally succeeded in redoing my class schedule. Yes, it is a little late, but it was either quite ROTC or change around everything. Even though i hate the Army i still miss it so i dropped two classes and picked up two totally different ones that will hopefully help me choose a major. My new class schedule is as follows:
Precalculus (yes i should be in a faster track but the US assumes all people are slow and stupid and wont people go up levels unless they pay the school lots of money or sleep with the teacher)
Expository Writing
General Psychology
Intro to Ethics
Nature of Politics

well just wanted to tell everyone because it was so annoying to fix everything

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hi Mom

Hi, I was just wondering if you know how to read people's comments to your posts. If you click on the little word "comments" on the bottom of your post you can read things that people wrote in response to you posts.

I was just writing because I was wondering if you received the two baptism certificates. I heard you got mine actually, but I was wondering if you received Javi's. My friend is mailing me all sorts of wedding stuff this week. Dress, veil, things to cut the cake, all sorts of things so we are getting really close to being ready. I think the wedding is going to turn out beautifully.

So I was thinking about the ceremony and you are right about the chapel. There is no stained glass and it is sort of on the side, maybe it is better to have the ceremony in the church even though it will be empty. Like you said you won't really tell in pictures if it is empty. Do you think they will still let me do it there or do you think they scheduled something else there? Did you hear anything about the price of the photographer?

Hope all is well in Flemington. Talk to you soon.

That picture - I can't escape it

Thanks Mom, I appreciate the pre-birthday gift. That picture haunts me with my fat face ... maybe you shouldn't throw it out, just mail it to me, and I'll hang it over my front door. A reminder. A warning. Or just creepy?

I'm just kidding. Anyway, I'm logging into my school classes tonight, I'm back in the thick of things at work, and I'm looking forward to getting back in shape. The funny thing is, I'm not sure if I'm more suprised that I gained about three pounds on vacation or that I actually notice and and calculated it.

But life isn't all about looking good, as my 25 years have taught me. Its about having character. Really important.

3 more days for filly's bday!

Phil, for your birthday I will give you the best present...I will take the picture of you that you hate (I don't know why) and replace it with another one, happy? Happy "quarter century" birthday.

summer's gone????

Hi everyone,

Well, it seems everybody is getting back to "normal". Marcie starts school tomorrow, today she was babysitting, came home for 1 second and when I say A SECOND it was a second! left again for band. Tia titi surprised me and came today. We decided to a watch a movie that I have now in my own personal list of favorites, along with the pianist, life is beautiful and yes Ben Hur. She loved it, one of the actors is Jim Caviziel, Marcie knows him, they did the rosary together! In Germany, if you get a chance WATCH this movie, "I am David".
Danny, I'm sorry about the poker game, but couldn't the catholic center hold prayer services instead of poler nights????oh well, I guess nobody would show up!
Phil, I sent you a book today, hope you like it. M and X, I also sent you a book, actually a booklet, it has readings for the wedding mass, if you want you can choose which ones you want.

My cousin Martha (from Spain) wrote an e-mail to papi and I guess to my old one. It seems they have been worried "sick" about me. They have written me a few times but I cancelled my e-mail, anyway, it seems my other cousin Ivonne also bought a house in the same bldg as Gustavo's and now they all live in Segur. Lucky people living in the beach. I guess now we can all go to Segur.

There is another author I love, Josemaria Escriva:
This is the key to open the door and enter the kingdom of Heaven: 'qui facit voluntatem Patris mei qui in coelis est, ipse intrabit in regnum coelorum, he who does the will of the Father, he shall enter"

"We are stones, blocks of stone;that can move, can feel, that have completely free wills. God himself is the stonecutter who chops off the edges, shaping and modifying us as He desires, with blows of the hammer and chisel. Let us not try to draw aside, let us not try to evade his will, for in any case we won't be able to avoid the blows. We will suffer all the more, and uselessly. Instead of polished stone suitable for building, we will be a shapeless heap of gravel that people will trample on contemptuously."

Javi, if you need any help with your classes just give me a call.

Love you!!!


Monday, September 05, 2005


Hey Everyone-

Long time no talk. Sorry for not being readily available by the telly lately. No phone no internet...not a bad thing though.

I was down in the Outer Banks the past week, had a blast. Here are pictures of the house I stayed at if you're interested in seeing it. I'll probably have actual pictures of us hanging out down there at some point soon.

For the NJ Boteros, good to see you guys, if only it was for a day.

Anyway, today's Labor Day, that means no work for me, but I think the New Haven Boteros are in school. Haha! Yo X, apparently the Chinese Prime Minister is going to speak at Yale. You should go.


Friday, September 02, 2005


ok so last night i went to the catholic center where they were giving a 20in tv and two mp3 players to the three winners of a poker tournament. i show up about half hour late so i join up with three people who have never played before and two guys who hardly play. i get some good hands and run the table, so i move up to the next table, a few hours later its me and three other guys. im the chip leader with a sizeable amount, im playing very conservative and pushing my good hands to win huge pots. then in two hands it all goes horribly wrong, im trying to buy a large pot with a pair of deuces and manage to get my arch rival to fold, but then this other kid follows me in, and wins. i held in my hand a 2 5 (remember there is another 2 out there), in his: 2 10. oh the agony, and the only reason he followed me was because "he wanted to leave" so after that hand i didn't have much, plus bad luck was was kicking in and i ended up going all in against this guy who pulled a full house on the flop. oh well, i would say you cant win'em all, but upon further thought i dont think i've ever won any.

my classes

these are the ones i'm set on:

  • Intensive German
  • Intro to Ancient Philosophy (it's a requirement)
  • Theories of Truth
  • Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
  • Advanced Verse Writing

i've also been thinking of taking or auditing:

  • Hume's Treatise of Human Nature, books 2-3
  • Modern Poetry

first few days are fun, fun fun...

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Hi family, have I told you lately? What a proud momma I am? Well, I'm a proud momma!!
My filly (the good son#1) is doing well at work and studying hard, did you start classes? the only problem with your school is when I tell people, my son lives in Ohio...."does he go to college?" yes, Penn State, "he commutes?"" well, anyway, finish soon so you can come back home, or at least close to home. If you move to NYC dad and I will go over to your apt at least once a month, go see a play then stay know how much we looooove going out. How was your vacation? hope you didn't smoke or drank. (only water) Javi (the good son #2), wow, espero que siga practicando su castellano, llame a fisa que asi practica y al mismo tiempo la hace feliz. I hope you like your classes, have you read anything by bishop fulton Sheen? I have come to the conclusion that he is my favorite author, I've read so many of his books, I always read them from cover to cover which I don't do with every book, maybe you'll have time to read one of them. Some are very short. I love "YOU". Now i'm reading "The way to inner peace".
Monique, your classes sound very interesting, just by the title I get the feeling that If I ever go back to school I would never go for E.S. Too hard, I have Nappi next to me, I love that big fat tub of lard, my cute name for him. I wrote your mom, she was wondering if our house was big enough for the reception, I think so but maybe we can do a total of how many people are coming. From our side of the family it won't be many, she was thinking about renting a place. There is a place in the parish center at church, i could get some info but I've had huge parties at home and everything has turned out well, granted this house is small but the amount of people will also be small. But, it's something to think about.
Danny, I thought of you today, my little boy's first day of kinder... I mean college, I remember how much you cried on your first day of school, you actually cried for at least a week. And now you are off to college. I hope you get whatever cable you need and please use nice words next time. I know you'll get to like rutgers.
Marcie, how do you do it? I get tired of watching you get up early and come back late everyday after a LOOONG day. At band during the day, work after etc etc. Today I made you a great dinner (your favorite, salad) next tuesday school starts, I'll miss having my little girl....actually I haven't seen much of you this summer! Next year we are all taking a week vacation together!!
and more often!!

Has everybody made an effort to eat healthy foods? You don't have to be obsessed with food but please try not to eat processed foods, if it comes in a box it's bad for you,, remember to keep fruits, nuts around (not people, real nuts) they feel you up, keep you from getting sick and give you energy. two cups of coffee a day max.

I love you! and I leave you with

"Here is a psychological suggestion for acquiring peace of soul. Never brag, never talk about yourself, never rush to first seats at table or in a theater, never use people for your own advantage, never lord it over others as if you were better than they."
"another evidence of want of humility is in regard to knowledge. Humility moderates our estimate of what we know and will remind us that God gave to the wise more talents than others and more opportunities for developing these talents. But of him who has received much, much also will be expected. The intellectual leader has a tremendous responsability thrust upon him and woe to him if he uses his office of teaching to lead the young into error and conceit...." (Bishop Sheen)
oh, I saw Karen and the kids today,, Colby is sooooo cute! he's always smiling. He's going to be a year old in Sept and Elizabeth will be 4.

microsoft office

if anyone has anyway at all of getting there hands on this it would be much appreciated. Dad had a copy, but it was lost and now im screwed over because i have no way of typing on my computer(except for notepad, and if you've used it before you know how much it sucks).

Thanks for the help

Thanks for the phone!

I got the phone yesterday and got it connected over the phone. It wasn't hard at all. This week I have taken 4 courses, all of which seem interesting and a fifth course I want to take is limited enrollment and I will only find out if I got accepted next week. Either way at least I am enrolled and interested in 4 courses which is a full load.

Danny, what classes are you taking?

Phil, how about you?

I'm taking Sampling Processes and Procedures (which is a STATS class), Tropical Forest Ecology, Research Methods, Ecosystem Patterns and Processes, and maybe if I am lucky Leaves Livelyhoods, and Landscapes: Ecology, Socio-Economics, and Politics of developement across Borneo. Doesn't that class sound cool. They only accept 12 people, but it sure would be cool if I was one of them.