Tuesday, August 30, 2005

spanish test

well, i placed out of the language requirement at Yale by acing the Spanish proficiency exam last Sunday. it means that i don't have to take any language classes here at all if i don't want to. i'm pretty happy about it. it wasn't easy to place out: only about 15 students out of 300 taking the test managed to do it.

Monday, August 29, 2005

I think I have mastered cutting Xavier's hair.

Maybe I should let him practice cutting mine next. Naw, I'd be too scared. I wouldn't even let my mom cut my hair when I was young cause I thought she cut my hair funny. Well talk to you later.


well the past couple of days i've been walking around campus doing nothing of importance but just hanging out. everyone around here seems pretty cool so everything is going pretty well. classes start thursday and im a bit nervous, because of the fact that i had school and have so many classes but in the end i think it'll be all good. i had so more to say, but i cant remember so im just gonna head off and take a shower. hopefully i'll be able to get a ride home tomorrow afternoon to hang out (and see my friend before he lives for England) and pick up some things to hook up my computer to get some internet access and get some Halo Live going!! (right phil?)

Marcie's the only little Botero left.

Hey Marcie,
How is home without all your brothers? A little quiet?

How do you like Rutgers so far? When do you start classes?

Did you get back from N. Carolina? Did you take Hooter's Air? They fly our of Columbus. Haha.

Mom and Dad,
When do your CCD classes begin? You'll have to keep us updated on the quality of 7th grade vs. 8th grade pupils.

Hope all is well with everyone. Talk to you all later.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

me againit

it seems i'm low in batteries so i may get "turned Off"

so, i proceded to fold danny's shirts, that had stains and I asked danny if they were washed, he said yes, they just have grass stains...i could actually read jonathan mom's mind "what a horrible mother this kid has!" well, the good thing is that the kid seems very nice, and i think they will get along very well. i also liked the parents. the only thing danny brought was a phone, i gave him this old one i had with...a....cord....oh well. after seeing all the stuff the roommate had, and seeing danny's side of the closet. 2 hangers with shirts, and one pair of shower sandals. then he took the tumbler i got for him and proceded to put a few pencils and put it right on the desk. a "little" bit more simple than his friends' wooden big organizer. the good thing is that if danny needs anything he does not have to go to a store. just kidding.

well, i'm going to sleep

i love you all

la bendicion,


hi family,

well, here i m in bed with my new computer. sweety is keeping me company as is lucy and napy and .....

monique, i'm glad your family is all ok, at least the hurricane wasn't as powerful as it's going to be. what they are saying in the news is really scary. tomorrow i will find out about the photographer and the cake. I will also send you the extra phone we have. it's a nice one, dad really liked that one.

i was worried about filly, but javi told me you were in no. carolina? hope you had a nice time, not a GREAT time just a nice time, if you know what I mean...

i was extremely impressed with Rutgers, i thought it was the ugliest, worst, etc college in the world, it turned out that it's pretty nice. I don't know if any of you have seen the odd couple but that's what dan and his roommate reminded us of. when we got to dan's dorm, felix (real name, Jonathan) had already moved in. only a picture could do justice. he had EVERYTHING and the kitchen sink too! before going i felt like a pretty good mother, I washed dan's linens and felt very proud to help my danny, i even got him shower sandals and a toothbrush and soap holder and the kit came with a tumbler. so Felix's bed was beautifully made, plus it had 2 pillows and a mushi (all matching) 2 computers, on his desk there was a very nice mirror, soap, first aid kit, food, lots of it, water, juice, a beautiful desk organizer with about 15 highlighters and any color pen you wanted, etc etc, the closet had 3 extra towels, everything extremely organized, the closet was full of clothes, nice pressed shirts, sweatshirts, 6 pair of sneakers, boots, shoes, sandals, pantuflas, a little vacuum cleaner, an iron, broom and a dustpan. plus a tv, an xbox, all kinds of grooming articles, plus something you really need like measuring cups and funnels (2) etc etc and etc.....so then, his mom is finished with everything and i can feel her eyes looking at me while Dan takes his duffle bag and empties his clothes in the bed. I'm glad he remembered the anti-wrinkle spray but I don't think that will even help. I

Hurracaine update

Well I am glad to hear that all our relatives faired okay with Katrina. New Orleans won't be the same....They are going to have big time flooding down there. Water will cover two story houses...

In Florida, Mom, Hector, Alicia and the twins all spent the pas couple of days with Cabbies in Ft. Laureldale. Apparently he had electricity and they didn't. It was turned back on this afternoon and they all headed back to Miami. Monique, I hope that your parents have their's as well.

Yesterday we dropped Danny off at Rutgers. His dorm is really nice. He has an incredible view of the Raritan river and surroundings. It is a coed dorm, women living next door. I am not sure that it is a good thing for staying focused on your studies. Dan and his roomate are like the Odd couple. I'll let mom tell the story, but let me say that the kid (Jonathan Klim) had at least 10 pairs of shoes in his closet, while Danny had one (and he was wearing them). I think Dan is going to have a good time there. I hope he blogs...

Marcie witnessed about her trip to europe at Mass today. She is such a cool public speaker. Speaking in front of three to four hundred people doesn't even phase her. She was really good. Have a good time in band boot camp this week. Work hard, play hard!

Phil, where are you. Mom is ready to put out an APB on you. Glad to hear that you had a good time in Michigan and company on the way home. When do you start school???

Monique, I am so sorry to hear about your horror week. Anyway, this week you officially start your grad school. Congratulations and all the best. We will pray for you. btw, mom wants to send you an old phone we have. Do you want it?

Xavier, Good luck starting school. Congratulations on your GRE scores....Very nicely done. How did you do on your Spanish test? Sprechen sie Deutch?

Mom, you are so good and you look so good.....

I volunteered to be a CCD teacher this year. I am not sure that it was a smart thing to do. It will force me to leave the office early at least one day a week. We'll see. I am teaching 7th graders, Mom has 8th graders. Not sure which is better.

It looks like a big week for everyone in the Botero family. God bless and protect all of you. Go canes!

Saturday, August 27, 2005


It is always exciting to know that your parents didn't get blown away or flooded in a natural disaster. My family is all right and so is the house. My brother was visiting them in Miami, but left for Nashville in the afternoon right before the Hurricane hit. My parents said that they won't have electricity till at least Tuesday night. That is what they have heard. They also can't get any gas. I guess the gas trucks aren't driving into town with all the flooding. Hope you are all doing well.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Wow this was a really unlucky week for me!

So far I:

1. Got a bee sting in the behind
2. Had a little tick on me
3. Broke my favorite pair of glasses
4. Lost my cell phone

I was okay with all the bad things, things happen to everyone. Until the Lost cell phone. I only realized I lost it at 9pm, when I tried calling it to find it in the house and realized there were no rings anywhere. I know it fell off my waist somewhere between the bus stop and our house. It could be on the sidewalk, the side of the road, the inside of a chinese takeout place, or in someone elses possession at this point (this is probably the sad end). I am really disappointed because I would go out looking for it now, but Xavier has to take the GRE tomorrow and he needs to sleep and I am not going to got out alone, which means I am probably not going to find my phone and that really bothers me. I am going to retrace my steps tomorrow, but finding the phone is going to be slim I am sure. I got bit too much and lost too much this weekend. It's not my week.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Hey Family

Just got back a little while ago from East Lansing, Michigan, home of Michigan State and the Spartans. I attended a friend's wedding there. I drove up yesterday and got back today.

The bride was Jewish, and they did the chair thing, where everyone picked her up and walked around and it was cool to see it up front. There was a couple of Masoltov's yelled here and there. Plus they played Ava Nagila ...ava?

A few of my friends in the wedding party were stuck without flights on Friday night, and were left stranded. They ended up driving all the way to Michigan from LaGuardia airport. We ended up leaving at the same time, so I caravanned with them down into Toledo this afternoon. We hoped to get to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, but we couldn't pull it off with the time. Apparently they have Jim Morrison's cub scout uniform there among other rock memorabilia. Yeah, weird, but it would have been funny to see.

Hope all is well with the rest of you.

Nothing like blogging on slow, hot, humid, lazy, summer afternoon...

Hope all is well out there in Botero-land...

I was checking out the pictures of the Mass at World Youth Day. Over 1 million people attended and many of them camped out the night before, including your sister Marcie! What a great blessing. I'll save the best part for her to tell you, but you might as well block out your calendars in August 2008! That's if you have calendars for 2008...

Monique, you are a regular adventurer now. Lewis and Clark look out, here comes Xavier and Monique. Xavier, como ban sus estudios? Muy bien me parece.

Phil, When do you start school? that long week that you had for summer break is over... Hope all is well in Ohio.

Danny, Don't feel bad about not qualifying with your M-16. That's why I went into the tank corp, it is much easier to hit targets and do damage with a 105mm. Good luck on your PT test tomorrow, hope you are enjoying being RTO (Radio Operator for the Civies), over and out!

Mom, Sorry about our date that never happened this weekend. We'll have to re-schedule it.

Enjoy the last few days of summer...


How Exciting!

Well, I am glad to hear that our church date is available. My Uncle and family from Wisconsin may be able to attend. That would be really nice. I guess my mom has been trying to coordinate the family. I am fighting off a wicked little cold before I go back into the woods tomorrow. I am not sure if it will be completely gone, hopefully at least my nose won't be so stuffy. Jubilee is doing okay, but today Xavier's friend is coming to pick up his chair that we have been taking care of for the summer. That was her favorite chair so we'll see where she starts sleeping when it is gone. Hope all is well in Flemington, Ohio, Europe, and Military Camp. Talk to you all soon. I'll keep you updated on my exciting wilderness adventures.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I have a computer!

Well, here I am, in the comfort of my own L.R. writing on the blog. Feels pretty good! As we were saying last weekend at javi and monique's place....it's great to have a new daughter. As part of her dowry she gave me a computer and a car! Phil, I know I'm putting pressure on you to get me a daughter in law like Monique, and she has to do just as good or better in the dowry dept. I'm now the new owner of a brand new computer....well, actually not new but who cares, it works! I'm also the proud owner of a blue honda, didn't know Monique had so much $$$. she definetetly (?) does not need to pick vegetables to be able to eat. the good thing is that they are organic veggies. Phil, i understand that you don't want to cook, if i know of a good adult nanny, i'll let you know, the problem with that is what if she's beautiful and young and then she wants to seduce you like that nanny did with Jude Law?.......you don't need any temptations, right now you need to concentrate on you studies. maybe i can get you a really ugly one but you probably would not be interested in an "ugly nanny". going back to food, fruits are excellent for you and you don't need to cook them. Buy a bag of apples and take one to work every day. oranges are also great and bananas, grapes, the list is endless. buy a bag of almonds or walnuts for snacking, they are great for you. papi is right I look great!! I'm so humble and proud of it, as fr david says. But really, I feel the best i've felt in a extremely long time, don't even remember when I've felt this good. I'm taking a very small dosage of my medicine and pretty soon i won't even take them. Today in the paper they had an article about muslims looking for wives/husbands. about a 100 of them got together with their chaperones to see if they could find their "mate" Phil, i will send you the info in case you are interested. HA HA HA! Just kidding! Well, i will be blogging more often now that i'm the proud owner of a computer. (filli's old..old one)

love you!!


Sunday, August 14, 2005

crazy comments

You may have noticed a few crazy, spam-like comments being appended to recent blog posts. These were obviously posted by robot software. I deleted them and disabled the comment option for anybody but us. We shouldn't have the problem anymore.

it's been a long time....

Back to the blog...

I am glad to see that everyone is contributing to the family blog. I will promise to do so more often.

Yesterday, mom and I had a good time in New Haven with X and Monique. Monique got us free coffee at Starbucks. Very nice...

So we are childless this next week or so, while Marcie is in Europe (Salzburg today) and Dan is in annual training (nowehere, PA).

Phil I am glad to hear that you are enjoying your time between class sessions, however you should stay focused and catch up with the laundry or something. Try not to spend any money (even cigarettes), a dollar here and there really adds up. What you do spend, spend it wisely.

Monique, don't worry about remembering the names of all the trees, they are also terrible at remembering names....

Marcie, I imagine that your Eurpean adventure is going really great. I am sure that you are having fun times and also spiritual moments with God and your fellow pilgrims.

Mom, eating and living well is so good. And you look MARVELOUS!

Dan, don't drive that Humvee into town and run over anything... Rest up the next couple of weeks.

Xavier, siga practicando su espanol. Es muy importante y le servira mucho en su vida. Tambien le traera muchas oportunidades que no serian posibles sin el idioma. Quiero decirle que lo esta hablando muy bien.

Okay everyone, be good until the next blog session. Love y la bendicion, from Dad.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Modified Prius

Cindy Knight, a Toyota spokeswoman, expresses her connection with the youth and the growing community of those who modify their Priuses.

"They're like the hot rodders of yesterday who did everything to soup up their cars. It was all about horsepower and bling-bling, lots of chrome and accessories. Maybe the hot rodders of tomorrow are the people who want to get in there and see what they can do about increasing fuel economy."

I Hate Bellyaches.

Don't you? I couldn't really think of anything to say but I wanted to help keep the blog active. Hi everybody. I heard Danny starts yearly training this week and Marcie is in Europe. Everybody seems nice and busy. Byebye.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Clever title

Whats going on familia. Hello from Columbus, Home of the Last Stand for Fugitives. Did you guys here about that couple, who would have been called Bonnie and Clyde if they were better looking? Those two were down right ugly, right?

Anyway, it was on the front page of our paper this morning. The US Marshal who caught them was on the cover, in front of the seedy hotel room where they "ate $39 worth of Mexican food, smoked cigarettes, and drank Mountain Dew and Hawaiian Punch." If you knew you might be caught, wouldn't you pick something else to have?

Good to hear from you Mom. Thanks for all the hints on healthy eating, but I hate cooking. I am seriouly considering getting an Adult Nanny for the cooking and cleaning. I really just want to worry about going to work and things I actually feel like doing.

As for news: I was hoping to see 311, who are in Columbus on Sunday, but I'm probably going to pass, as I'm pretty broke right now. I have two weddings over the next two months, and a bachelor's party that I am obligated to attend as I'm a groomsman. X or Dan, if either of you want to hit the party in my place, please let me know. I'm serious. You'll have an awesome time.

X, lets talk about the wedding. Mom expects me to go, you're telling me to stay away. I'm confused here. The thing is, in January we have massive roll-out of functionality going into the system, so my Christmas looks screwed almost...and you understand. I agree, you and Monique got married last year anyway. Hey Monique, how's classes going? I'll tell you what, no HW is nice right now.

Hope all is well, I'll catch you guys later.


Monday, August 08, 2005

super-speed eater claims a new title

hi everyone,

monique i'm sure that soon you will know the names of all the trees in conn. iknow the ones we have on our property, the one in front is "big Al", i've named them all. hopefully you will be just as good as me to remember the ones over there.

so, sonya thomas, all of 99 pounds gobbled her way to another speed eating title. the ate 35 bratwursts in 10 min. her previous record was 19 and a half brats. she is a manager for burger king. her other records include eating 167 chicken wings in 32 min. 65 hard boiled eggs in 6 min. 40 sec. and she is also the champ of the grilled cheese sandwich eating contest in San diego. she ate 22. She lives in wisc. i wonder if she is bulimic.

hints for good living. everyday breathe(from the stomach) and let out as much air (carbon monoxide) as you can, do it a few times. remember karate breathing?

when taking a shower, use a small towel or brush and brush your skin, it's great for you. also finish your shower with cold water, except if it's at bedtime, then you want warm water so you can sleep like a baby. also after the cold shower you may then rub your skin with a rough towel, if you didn't do it in the shower. this is really good for you.

more hints for healthy living to follow.

it's scary about Peter jennings, for people that had already quit smoking, sometimes it's too late. Phil???

I'm reading a great book, "natural cures" by Kevin Trudeau, i also finished reading Macrobiotics, by a sushy or mushy , i can't remember his name. If interested in reading it you can borrow it. and of course, the one by my own personal physician, who advocates keeping healthy and giving drugs for everything. Everytime i went to manchen he came up with another illness for me. when i first told him that i felt depressed he said not to worry because there is a great thing for housewives like me, "the happy pill". well, i'm taking very little medicines right now, and i'm feeling so much better, with so much energy. i wish for my kids that they tr to eat right all the time, at least 6x a week, then one day a week you can "cheat'.

love you


Fun Fun in the Sweaty Sun!

I've started my summer module at Yale this week. So far it has been fun. Today we looked at all sorts of trees around the Forestry building and learned how to identify them. Some were very easy other were quite difficult. Dispite my years of Botany I only know what two were without looking at the keep. I guess that makes sense though since I am not in the southern temperate or subtropical regions anymore. I also learned how to use the US Census website to find info on ethnicity, income, language use at home, etc. in a specific area. For example in Flemington there are only 10 poor people who make under $10,000 year in your area.

Census Tract 113.02, Hunterdon County, New Jersey
Less than $10,000
$10,000 to $14,999
$15,000 to $19,999
$20,000 to $24,999
$25,000 to $29,999
$30,000 to $34,999
$35,000 to $39,999
$40,000 to $44,999
$45,000 to $49,999
$50,000 to $59,999
$60,000 to $74,999
$75,000 to $99,999
$100,000 to $124,999
$125,000 to $149,999
$150,000 to $199,999
$200,000 or more
U.S. Census BureauCensus 2000

There's the break down!


I just wanted to write a quick blog and say bye. I'm leaving tomorrow for two weeks. So yeah, I will talk to you all when I get back.

Phil, if I dont make it back, my last wish is that you go to steubenville.
...just kidding.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

hi everybody (from mom)


well, here I am again.

I'm going to try to "blog" more often, but during the week it's not easy since the computer is with its owner. the weekends are better. I'm doing good with my new way of eating, actually, once i lose the extra weight i will go back to eating as before. my favorite thing, rice and beans. right now the dr is not too happy since i have not lost as much as i should have. but i started with a big fat 162, which is what i got to weigh while pregnant with filly. i'm down to 148, so i'm happy. i actually eat as much as i want, but it has to be broccoli. oh well, nothing is perfect. just kidding though. i've learned to make this delicious soup. papi likes it too and yesterday marcie took some for lunch.

i've been reading a lot A LOT of books on health. It's reallyh scary how here in america people are so fat FAT, I tell you....fat. even adult onset diabetes is not called like that since it affects children now. kids please try to eat right, i know monique cooks good food but filly? beans are really good for you, you should at least make rice (brown) and just open a can of beans. fruits are great for you, try to buy organic. always keep bananas, apples, peaches, etc on hand.
good food prevents disease, so please try to always eat right. what i have done is I don't eat anything with sugar, flour, white rice. Now, once a week, once in a while, i will have whatever i want but since i started this i don't even feel like having sugary stuff. you see, sugar is addicting, combined with flour (donuts etc) they give you a quick high but then its a quick down, and then you want to keep eating sugary stuff. since i have been eating fresh veggies and fruits, bean soup, i don't eat as much. ok, don't want to bore you anymore but please, try not to eat
sugar, white flour, white rice, processed foods.

it's not easy but it's worth it. phil, take fruit to work, it gives you energy, feels you up and it's good for you.

well. i have to go cook, today i'm making rice beans, chicken, and platanos.

monique, i hope you have a great adventure! hopefully, javi will not starve.

love you all


filly, how are you doing with the tests? javi are you still translating.

monique, tomorrow i will ask about the wedding for jan. 7. Phil we'll let you know the exact date. javi and monique will be having their church wedding. it will be a small affair, probably only 100 guests.

i hope we can get together soon so we could play poker again, if not i'll hae to go to las vegas. monique was the big winner last time.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Wowee WOW!

I just wanted my post to have an exciting title. So life here is the same as usual. I made muffins yesterday that we ate for breakfast today. I waited till late to make lunch to see if Xavier would ask for a sandwich or make something himself. Since I am starting school tomorrow I wanted to make sure he was prepared. I think he is going to have a strange eating schedule while I am away. Early breakfast late meals. Oh well, I am sure he will survive. At least I am home this week and home from Friday to Sunday for the rest of the two weeks. A three day a week eating schedule is good.

So Phil, how are you doing on the cooking front? Have to mastered a few choice meals like oatmeal and fried eggs yet?

Danny are you going to be on the Rutgers meal plan or will you also need to learn how to cook choice meals?

Marcie and Dad you guys are lucky to get nice meals everyday. Marcie you should enjoy the eating this last year at home before college.

Little Jubi is doing well. Running around after milk rings. The simple toys are the ones they love.

Mom, why haven't you posted. Ask Danny or Marcie to give you another lesson if you forgot how.

It's pretty hot out here right now. How's the weather in Flemington and Ohio?

Friday, August 05, 2005

Telephone Exchanges

You know how in old movies when people give their phone number they'll say things like Sycamore-4 4593? The first word is the telephone exchange and represents the first two letters in the number. There's a database of old exchanges on the web, and I thought it was kind of interesting. Flemington's is STate, but it's for the old 788 numbers it seems. So somebody at HCD, for example, could technically give their number as State-8 9393.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Gosh, only 2 days till I start school. That is crazy. I'm a little anxious. I bought Xavier a lot of cold cuts and milk to live on while I am gone. I tried to offer to teach him to make spagetti and other easy meals, but the only thing he wants to learn how to make is pita bread (which takes 3 hours!). Maybe by the time I get back he will know how to make gourmet pita sandwiches, we'll see. Hope everything is going well.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I came back from a meeting to 150 new emails. Ok for a manager, but I'm not used to that. Apparently some genious sent an email via distribution list, i.e. THOUSANDS of people, and everybody kept Replying All. Seems a lot of our new hires thought it was hilarious, and they've kept replying with not-so witticisms, ads for cars for sale, and the like. This looks really bad for you.

So take care with a note, don't be an idiot and do what they did. It looks so stupid. It just shows how much free time you have on the job if you do, and how much free time you'll have without a job when management gets wind of it.

Sounds irritable of me, but after a long ass day at work, the last thing I want is my inbox clogged to hell with crap.

And by the way Marcie, I'm jealous. World Cup 2006 anyone?

so yeah.

So yeah. Post-ness.

Went to work with Dad yesterday. It was cool I guess. Met some cool people. Everyone was really nice and really smart. Like every person I met has been to NYU or is going there.

Then we went over to NYU to see the school sort of. Its a huge option, my second choice. We'll see if I actually get in...

Anyway, so yeah. Thats about it. And then I leave tuesday for EUROPE. woohooo. who's jealous?

Yeah. just catching up.

Monday, August 01, 2005

The fear of nuclear weapons


This is they psychological term for it. I would say its just common sense.