Saturday, July 30, 2005

from the good mom

hi everyone, i'm an old pro , this is great.

my e-mail address is:

i love you,

mom(the good mom)

the great mom

the best mom


hi filly

hi good son,

i'm blogging, monique is helping me.

so any pretty girls by the pool?

i'm going to ask for a computer for xmas, i like the big ones, this tiny one is so uncomfortable.

well, monique is still teaching me so i'll write later.

write back!

The good mom:)

From the 2004 Financial Report of the US Government

Came across this while working on my paper...

"Further, there will need to be ongoing and sustained top management
attention to business systems transformation at the Department of Defense to address what are some of the most difficult financial management challenges in the federal government."

David M. Walker
Comptroller General
of the United States

Dave, we're working on it.

Whats up

Got back from DC last night. I was out there for some training, that although it was stuff I covered already, its always good to go and get more background on things I haven't been doing, and to just meet other people you work with. I didn't get to make it down to DC downtown, kind of just stuck to the hotel pool instead. Maybe if I'm there on a weekend, I would have done it.

I have three million things to do for summer I'm keeping it short.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Mad Mardigan loves Turkish Delights.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


sorry phil that there hasn't been much response but it seems like everyones been busy. Marcie was in South Carolina with a friend, X, Monique, and me were at the convention (where we had a real good time), and of course you know where the parents are. This week everyone should be coming back so we should see some response.

I was thinking though, I emailed that person that i had previously said was in Iraq and i got a response. She asked if i had any questions, and i figured i'd ask the family. Being over there is real tough, because your cut off from everyone and i figured a friendly email once in a while would be nice, so if anyone has anything good to ask just post it.


Alcohol Study

'...said Byron Seidler of the Board of Alcohol Consumption and Expenditure. "Drinkers' confidence in the strength of the dollar, in their attractiveness to the opposite sex—even in their dart-playing abilities—rose sharply."'

Conventional Warfare

Ok, so X, Dan, and Monique were at a convention yesterday, hence the lack of communications. In a reflection of the idealized past, the CRUSADERS take over the WORLD BABY! Well, at least in a board-game sense. Let me know if you can pull off long-range game play.

Next week I'm in Reston, Va for some training for work. Its on budgetary accounting for the Federal Government. We're having the class in our office, which is about forty minutes out of DC (no traffic) and about an hour and a half with. Hint: where is the public transportation at in our nation's capital?

Reston as to location is right next to Dulles. It is a city of government contractors, sprung up for and by them. As the government spends regardless if the economy is in a recession ( which sometimes it will spend more), its your ideal client. Hence, lots of work for the private sector.

Hope the weekend goes well for all you cats. L8tr.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Where the hell is everyone?

I know Mom and Dad are in Steubenville. But everyone else is gone.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Hang out with the parents

Mom and Dad came to visit yesterday. I caught them after work, and met them at my apartment. They liked my living conditions. Light on the furniture, but they saw it as a good thing.

Mom, Dad, and I went to Smith and Wollensky's last night for dinner. I ate a Kansas City steak, and it was good. I had two glasses of pinot noir from Willametta Valley. It was a good wine.

Mom asked the waiter whether they had vegetarian dishes. The waiter said no, looking bemused. Dad and myself laughed. Smith rolled over in his grave.

We drove through the downtown area of Columbus and through the Short North. It was a nice evening out, and it wasn't too hot as we drove back to the apartment.

We had breakfast this morning, and we said our good byes. It was good seeing Mom and Dad, and also good to show them where I'm living, how I am living, and be able to give them a bed to sleep in for the night. Sure, in a few years, I can actually pass them a spare bedroom to use, but that's not the point.

Dan, they have your charger.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Penguins Penguins Everywhere!

Today Xavier and I saw, "The March of the Penguins", a new National Geographic documentary movie. Wow were the baby penguins cute. I never knew how hard it was for those poor little creatures to procreate in such a harsh environment. So many little eggs didn't hatch. Sort of sad, but also many cute penguins. They walk around just like little humans sometimes. Or even funnier they slide around on their bellies.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Cleaning is such a pain

Seriously, if no one were to visit I'd never clean so much, and its rare for a visit here...Dan was the first person other than myself to see my apartment in three weeks...

I mean I do the occasional vaccuum, I'm not too disgusting. But entertaining? That requires picking stuff up.

What a pain in the ass. But I guess I should give Mom and Dad the appearance that I live neatly, or at least close to it. And don't worry guys, I just cleaned the bedsheets. Did that for Dan too. I'm a good, clean, well-lit host.

Hey people

Monique, did you get to see Oliphants at the museum too? Too bad about that park not being all that great. I'm actually lucky, since there are a few parks around here, and they are pretty nice.

So they had this event called Waterfire on the weekend. They send all these buoys down the river, lit on fire. I didn't go, but I saw some pictures, it looked cool.

Instead I went to this new club that opened up earlier this summer, called Spice. A buddy of mine got me on the VIP list, and so I hung out there on Saturday night. I had a good time, its nice inside, a lot of good looking girls, and good music.

Mom and Dad are visiting Marcie's college town this week, so they decided to come up to good ole' COLUMBUS to visit. Sounds great, looking forward to seeing them, and having them up. Now, I have to actually clean my apartment.

I've decided, that if no one were to ever visit me, I would live in a pig stie. Seriously. I only clean when people come over.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

So... East Rock Park in New Haven isn't that Great.

It's true it really isn't. X and I went on a little trip to the only park in the city. It said it had a rose garden and a green house and a playing field and a summit and all sorts of cool things. It was sort of a boring park. The rose garden consisted of rose bushes that were 1 maybe 2 feet tall. Lots of different ones, but they were all so small I felt like I was at a nursery instead of a garden. Oh well. We are still trying to see things slowly but surely here in New Haven. We went to the Peabody museum and saw a big display of Elephants! and Dinosaurs. It was pretty cool. I liked the huge prehistoric turtle skeleton the best. It was really huge. Thursdays you can visit the museum for free, so it was exciting to get to check it out gratis. We are also planning to visit the british art museum, the yale art mus., and the knights of columbus, before we leave town. They all are free and all local, which makes going to these thing fun when you don't have much money, but you wanna go out. Hope alls well, talk to you all later.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Weekend! Weekend!

I feel like an old college freshman who can't wait for the weekend. I don't know why because weekends and real days are the same for me anyway. I am just used to weekends being special I guess.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Security Interview

So my first reference has been hit for my security background check. The family should be warned that they will be hit soon for information.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


well the first person (that i know of) from my company in arizona arrived in iraq july 1st. it might just be me but that was real freaking fast, she had only been in the real army for two months when they sent her over.

Monday, July 11, 2005

R.I.P. Fine Young Wart.

We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of our fine young friend, Young Plantar, who was living on the bottom of Xavier's foot for 6 months. Though he spent very much time in the difficult living conditions. Sharing space with a toe nail that likes to get stubbed off and a little birthmark; Young Plantar was happy there. He was getting quite large though, so we put a Dr. Scholl's pad on him to evict him from his foot apartment. Two days later he was gone. He is survived by a clean little white hole on the bottom of X's foot that will surely be filled with skin and callous soon. Thank you for listening. Good day.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Oh Yeah! I used the Mixer!

Just another thank you for the mixer. We made some blueberry muffins, from scratch, tonight. Thanks.


That sounds fine to me, but I don't know the situation with the gaming schedule, so you should call up Xavier as soon as you can. His cell is 203-980-7736. Can't wait to see you. Maybe we can go to a few of the local museums. Whatever you want to do. Talk to you soon.

Sew Sew Sewing Away!

I know Mom doesn't read the blog, but if someone can pass along a thank you that would be great. The sewing machine is working great. I already hemmed two pairs of pants and I sewed through a leather strap on a piece of luggage. That is a pretty nice machine. All that rugged material and I didn't even break the needle. Well just wanted to say thanks. The jeans look great.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hanging with the Dan

So the week crept up quicker and quieter than I had hoped with the Dan. I had a real great time hanging out, and hope that Dan did too. I think he did, well, except for the time we got kicked out of the concert. Which was really messed up, and for that someone is going to pay big time for. A la Schwarzenagger - Terminator style. No that's not a threat, just a mental projection.

Anyway, we had some kick butt weather, except for Tuesday, the day we actaully wanted to go to the nearby Cedar Point theme park. I say nearby, but its two hours drive, west of Cleveland. Anyway, this park has 16+ rollercoasters, and it was raininig half the afternoon. So it goes.

Well, here is to all you guys across the country, keep on blogging.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Yale Visit

So, heres the story. I get back from North Carolina on July 24th and I took off from work for the next couple of days until thursday as well. So I was thinking that I could visit New Haven those couple of days. The only problem is that I need to be back in Flemington by 5:30pm on that Thursday the 28th for band and I cant miss or I'll be in t-r-o-u-b-l-e. So yeah, maybe we can do something with that. I'm sure that on the 24th I'm getting back in the afternoon so even if we want to manage something for that evening or early the next morning that would work out for me. So yeah, just let me know if that works because if it doesnt then I'll let my work know and they can schedule me for those days. THanks! I hope I can go for a visit.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

reality show

dont have a link to an article or anything, but has anyone heard about a new reality show in iraq. The show is based around following different insurgents around and filming them as they get there butts kicked and the such. I heard about it a while back, and then again saw it on the news, and was was wondering what everyone thought about it.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

BBQ Stylee

So I'll see all you people tonight. I'm excited damnit.

Mistress Columbus will have to do without me for a weekend.

Ironic, that the day I fly out of Ohio, its probably the most beautiful day of weather I've seen so far. How's it in NJ? Probably pretty nice, I think, people didn't immigrate here for nothing.