Tuesday, April 26, 2005


So, Dan, you graduate this week from training. Congratulations, thats awesome.

X, good luck with your finals/essays/school work.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Preemptive Congratulations

I figured I'd jump the gun by four days (mainly so I could be first) and wish Danny a huge congratulations for his impending graduation. We're all really proud of you, Dan, and it'll be good to see you when you get back.

Oh, and when you do get back, remind me: i've got two koku with your name on it. ("Who's the big winner? Danny's the big winner...")

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Not much over here.

It snowed today. It was 80 degrees last Wednesday, and when I woke up this morning, it was snowing. Ahhh...

So, I'll see everyone this time next weekend, which I'm looking forward to. Has it been four months since Christmas? Looking forward to seeing NJ again.

I signed up for football, and I'm playing tomorrow. Haven't played that before much, mostly in CA. But football has to be the most basic sport: run, jump, catch, stiff-arm.

Who's Busy?

Just wondering what everyone is up to. There haven't been too many posts lately. How's the weather everywhere? It was misrable today. Really rainy and grey out. Hopefully it will get sunny and warm again. Hope life is treating everyone well. See you all soon.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Exercise Exercise Exercise. Isn't it hard to keep motivated.

Xavier and I were doing really well exercising everyday until we visited NJ and NY and gave up. We told ourselves we were too busy, but the truth is we are just lazy. We were just as busy before but we made time for an hour a day. So I have decided not be lazy. I excercised for about 40 minutes of cardio today. Not much I know, but you have to start slow to build up endurance (Maybe I'm just being lazy). I might do 20 minutes of TV pilates to work out the abs. All sorts of research has been done that says that abdominal fat correlates with health problems more so than other types of fat, so I figure I should try working on that fat first. You may be asking yourself why I would be writing about my workout regime on the blog. Well, I am doing it to motivate myself, and so that if I don't keep up I will be embarassed into hopefully trying to keep up. I think if I get an MP3 player to exercise with the time will fly by faster. I know when I borrow X's ipod I can exercise longer cause I don't get bored. Anyone have advice for me? How to keep it up? I know it is easier once you make it a ritual, but once you stop it is so hard to start up again. Hope all is well with everyone talk to you all later.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Schedules coming soon for April 30 - May 7

fast forwarding life would be cool

well, its been a while,but the first thing i want to say is sorry about the other two posts. It seems they make keyboards different in arizona (pressed enter instead of back space, dont ask).

as my course wraps up i've been extremely busy, thats why you might not have heard from me recently. Being busy hasn't been too bad, though, as i've come to the conclusion that i actually like my job. for the past week we've worked 12 hour days of just doing our job(using make believe situations)and after that we would 2 hours of combatives(fighting) so as you can tell i haven't had too much free time. This up coming week is pretty much the same thing except that it we will be out in the field, and after our 12 hour days will be doing 8 to 9 hours of soldier training. We supposed to only get 4 hours of sleep a night (that does not include 1 - 2 hours of guard duty), and in most cases it would stink but like i said my job is actually fun. While most people fall asleep i get excited by reading and analyzing incoming message traffic and then doing what i do with it(sorry, im not allowed to go into details).

only 12 days to go, cant wait to see everyone, and i'll probably try to give a call to everyone next week, if i dont i hope you understand that i might be busy.

good to hear from everyone
love dan

fast forwardin gli

fast forwardin gli

There is a lot of Blogtraffic

I'm glad to hear from all of you guys. Glad the nice weather is extended through to the East Coast. Its a beautiful day out here too, and I'm going to drive golf balls at the local range.

By the way, I just picked up an album by Jack Johnson, highly recommended, and if anyone wants copies, I'll burn them and mail them to you.

Marcie and I Post, it's just usually in response to someone else's post.

The reason I have not posted a big long post is cause I have had little change in my situation lately. I really want to start sewing again, but I have to wait to get my machine from my mom in Miami.

Starbucks is the same old same old. I just a got a $.25 raise,but other than that life's the same. The weather today was beautiful. Xavier and I walked to the bagel place down the street to buy some yummy bagels to bring home. Though the bagels are great, I really enjoyed the walk through the nice warm air more. It was so beautiful out today. A perfect frisbee day, soccer day, or baseball day. Though we are not stricken by the plague anymore, we are still a bit stuffy. My ears won't stop popping.

Can't wait to see you all.

Posting from Dad

It has been a couple of weeks since I posted anything. I don't see anything from Marcie (are you busy?) or Dan (are you eating sand in the desert?) or Monique (too good for us now that you are in grad school?). Phil and Xavier, I am glad to see you guys are communicating, even if things are not perfect. Are they ever?

It is spring (my official declaration), two beautiful weekends in a row. Mom and I have been busy, but also relaxing a bit. We watched Ocean's 12 last night, it was not as good as 11 but entertaining anyway.

Xavier, I have some thoughts for you "what is truth?" "perception is reality". How about; "reality is what does not go away, even when you stop believing in it". There are universal truths, however they need to be constantly challenged (not just discarded) by each generation. If they survive then they become stronger and more vibrant.

X, in your property class, I suggest that you look into the fundamental human need for private property and its role in providing fulfillment and happiness. In early cultures property was communal and it worked very well, although there always was a hierarchy in the community and it can be said that the strong had a little more ownership rights. As human society developed from a hunter/gatherer nomadic existance to a farming/industrial model the concept of private property became more important. Specialization and differentiation, which are fundamental characteristics of modern economics, also drove the development of a need for private ownership. This is the modern neanderthal theory.... Seriously, we are asked to be individuals and we must have private property in order to define our individualism.

Phil, when you talk to customers always "under-promise and over-deliver". In your report situation I would have suggested that they keep the first report and consider it done. And that you would develop a second one, totally separate to meet their "new" requirements. How much do you want to bet that they have different requirements now? or as soon as you are done? Make sure that you write down requirements, in detail and then have the customer formally acknowledge them. Also, if you don't make mistakes sometimes, you will never really accomplish anything worthwhile. The important thing is how you handle them.

Dan, it is good to think that you will be coming home in a couple of weeks. By the way you still have not sent me the flight information. Send me an eMail, so that I can pick you up at the airport.

Marcie and Monique, I will write to you next time, since I have to run now.

Have a great day everyone!!!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Getting there...

Almost done with the first draft of my first final paper. I've got four due by the end of this month:

  1. Normative Ethics. 10 pages on pretty much any topic within the scope of the class (between meta-ethics, which is pretty much foundational ethics, and applied ethics -- I'll explain the distinction later on). It's the third paper and final paper for the class. I'm doing pretty well so far, but the later papers are weighted more, so I'm really hoping this one's the best.

    Also, this is the paper I'm working on right now. I'm writing about what moral intuitions are, and how we're supposed to act when moral intuitions and moral beliefs conflict. For example, someone who grows up in an extremely racist family ends up believing that it is wrong for white people and black people to associate. He goes to college, however, meets people of other ethincities, and realizes that his moral beliefs were wrong. Yet he can't help but have this feeling of wrongness everytime he sees blacks and whites together. His intuitions say one thing, but his beliefs say another. Clearly, in this example, we say that he should follow his new beliefs, but there are other cases where it is clear that we should go the other way. My paper is about figuring out general rules for following either intuitions or beliefs.

  2. Philosophy and Religion in Conflict. 10 pages. 3rd paper out of 3. I'm doing well so far. This is the class that studies Catholic condemnations of the Middle Ages and tries to make sense of the debates. General answer: everyone was half right and half wrong. My final paper is on Gallileo's beliefs about the relationship between the Church and truth; i.e. he thought that the Church's domain consisted only in moral and religious truths. In 1979, Pope John Paul II famously said that Gallileo had been mistreated by the Church, and that, on this particular point, he was right. It's an interesting discussion, and I'm hoping to get a first draft done this weekend.

  3. Philosophy of Logic. 20 - 30 pages. Term paper (it's my only grade for the class). This class has been about what it means for a proposition to be a logical truth and what it means for a proposition to logically follow from another proposition. E.g. All men are human. I'm a man. Therefore, I'm human. The last proposition is a logical consequence of the first two. It must be true if the first two are true. The question is, why?

    Unfortunately, I'm not sure what I'm specifically writing my paper on yet. I'll blog about it when I am.

  4. Property. 20 - 30 pages. Term paper (only grade in the class). This class studied the philosophy of property. That is, we looked at what property is, both in and out of legal contexts. It's pretty clear that when someone takes someone else's property, they're breaking the law and they should go to jail. But what about if it occurs on a desert island that isn't owned by a country and where there are no laws. Clearly, we still want to say that it's wrong to take someone's property. But why? After all, there are no laws! It's because we have a conception of property that exists beyond law. In fact, our conception often isn't exactly reflected by the law. The class was about studying what this conception is and how it differs from the law.

    I think I'm writing my paper on the language of property (how we use property terms makes a big difference in what property actually is), but I'm not set on that yet. I'm going to do a lot of reading on this and logic this weekend, and hopefully I'll post some working theses for these two papers on Monday.

Hope everyone keeps on keepin' on...


Damnit, I'm loving Fridays. Not the restaurant, but the day.

A small update on the life of a New Jerseyan in Ohio.

I'm getting a reputation at work, I think. Not entirely bad, either, except for the huge f-up I made this week. I'm not going to talk about that right now.

So I have people beginning to come to me for assistance in troubleshooting certain issues. I think that is the best indicator of "how you are doing."

There are heavy politics on the job. When you work with the client, it is important to meet them on the level. That means understanding what they ask of you, and determining how to deliver it. It also means saying things that some people will understand, some people will disagree wtih, and some people will have go right over their heads.

Follow proper development procedures. I have this report I'm modifying, and I've had it for months now. It was done in Februrary, but then I got some "minor revisions." "They'll be really easy...", never believe someone when they say this. The report is still under development right now. So i'm working on a work around until it gets done, and trying to save face in front of the client.

All clients are created equal. I realized today, that the self-same report is trying to please people in Philadelphia and people in Columbus, who do similar things but in different ways. Not going to please both in the current incarnation. Finding the best solution can be an interesting and convoluted process.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Summer classes

I'm busy trying to sign up for classes, and even busier trying to pay for them.

I'm taking some good classes this summer, here is what I have so far:

Macroeconomics, Industrial relations, Psychology, and Introduction to Ethics.

Friday, April 08, 2005


YAaaahoooo eeeee

Monday, April 04, 2005

Good day

Quiet, uneventful, I had a good day. It helps that its beautiful outside, of course.

Monday got off to a busy start, but what better way to start the week?

I'm gaining more responsibilities and interacting more with the people on the job. I'm taking on more of a leadership role, if I might describe it as such, and look forward to making good on those unspoken promises I make, like... of course we can do that, let me get back to you on it....

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Quick Post

I am running out the door, but I wanted to say hello to everyone. It is a sad time, with our beloved JP II about to die.

Marcie, I can't believe that you are in Krakow where he grew up. I hope that you are having a good trip. I know today is your visit to Aushwiscz. I'll say a prayer for you. See you on Monday.

Danny, congratulations on your college and your training. It sounds like you are doing really well. Drive on!

X and Monique, see you tomorrow!

Phil, You drove all the way from Dublin to Oxford? Doesn't that mean you have to cross some ocean?


Friday, April 01, 2005

Still rock my khakis with a cuff and a crease

Dan, congratulations on getting into Rutgers. Its a rigorous school, academically, and well regarded throughout the country. Many people outside of NJ look up to it as a near-Ivy in terms of its reputation. You'll also be able to meet some great people there.

Congrats Monique, sounds great that you are starting up the program. Good luck on research selection.

Marcie, Prague. Enough said.

X, your cat is mutating at an incredible rate. Don't be surprised if Jubilee is asking to audit your classes in two weeks.


I went to Oxford last week for a few days. Your quintessential midwestern school. Set in the middle of Nowhere©, you drive for miles, about two hours south-west of Columbus, until you hit it. You are on a two lane road when all of a sudden you drive straight into the college campus.

Masters Program

Today I went to the Open House for the accepted Environmental Studies applicants. Turns out I got accepted to the #1 program for Environmental Management. I don't know if I am going to do Environmental Management or Environmental Science at this point. I still have a lot of research to do. The positives were that the program seems really interesting and they gave us tons of yummy food for lunch, the only negative was sitting down for 8 hours during different lectures. At least the lectures were interesting. I met one girl who is in New Haven at Yale already for public health, but everyone else didn't think they would be coming cause they were probably going to go to grad school in their home towns, but not everyone who was accepted came to the function. Hope everyone is doing well. I'm excited to hear that Mom and Dad Botero are coming to visit Sunday. Talk to you all later.