Monday, January 31, 2005

Cheap Milk!

So you might be wondering why I would be so excited by cheap milk. The reason is because we go through at least a gallon and a half every week and it costs about $3.99 everywhere up here. So I went to the local Target and found milk for $2.99. That saves us about $1.50 every week. That is $6 a month and $72 a year. It's amazing how such a little saving can make a difference after a while.

So anyone have plans for Superbowl Sunday? Our apartment complex is having a party with chicken wings, beer, and other food for free for the tenants and their friends. If anyone wants to come give us a call tonight. They are ordering the food tomorrow. They just bought a new wide screen TV downstairs where the pool table got put in. It should be fun. Hope you all are doing well. P.S. Marcie, Xavier and I saw your show. You were on one of the final snap shots. Keep warm.

Saturday, January 29, 2005


well its been two weeks and i've finally gotten my first day off. at the moment i feel like im in basic training, i've only been this sleepy tired three times in my life, and i've been smoked the past two days straight (just walked away from one), but its here. normally i'd be in a bad mood but last week i had a revelation. i found out that no matter how much something stinks if you just keep up a good attitude it'll all end sooner or later. now it sounds corny, and i always thought it was, but i've been doing my best to practice it and lately i've actually enjoyed being a member of the army.

theres some boxing match going on tonight, and im gonna go to it so i must leave, but first i wanted to say hi and hope everyone is doing good in their respective areas.

oh yeah by the way wish me luck, i got a pt test on the 8th and if i do good on that i can go to airborne school. i figure if i make it though airborne i'll go to ranger, and then special forces. ya it sounds crazy, but im gonna give it my all.

i wanted to add thanks a lot for everyone he sent me something, i really really appreciate it. im gonna try and give everyone a call today, but i dont think i'll be able to(drill sergeant is insane), so once again thank you very much for everything and i'll get one when i get a chance next.

marcie, would you mind sending me a little bit of puppy chow(or w/e its called), please?

Friday, January 28, 2005


This has been a really tough week on my new job and it is only going to get worse. We are still not allowed to talk about it, but maybe early next week.

Phil, everyone is a saleperson. If you don't get a good deal, pass. You will make this purchase and then live with it for two or three years. By the way, Major Major never got any tickets either...

Xavier and Monique, I hope that you guys are staying warm. It must be really cold in CT. We miss you guys, when are you coming to visit?

Dan, there have been snoops from the DOD running all over Flemington this week asking things like; would Dan be the kind of guy who would join a terrorist group? I can' even imagine what people must think. Don't tell them that you might go to Guantanamo, they'll ask which side of the fence you'll be on.

Marcie, good luck on your finals this and next week.

Mom and I are almost done with our foster parent training. Things are looking well.

We are still very sad about Lady. I know everyone misses her, especially Blitzen and Lucy.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Deep midwest

Well I might lose parking on the base privileges at some point in the hopefully far future. I was stopped from appealing my tickets by a Major Johnson.

I'm completely serious, that's his name.

So Major Johnson heard my complaint. I'm not going into details, but it was over invalid registration, which I fixed three days later. Plus I have a ticket from when I parked in the wrong visitor area, a week after I started here. That makes three tickets, which means I can be forced to park off-base.

Major Johnson replies with "I've been parking on military bases for 30 years, and I never got a ticket."

But I guess you don't get medals for that.

hey Marcie...

i just sent an email to rockin_for_life AT yahoo DOT com. ("AT" and "DOT" used so spammers scanning our site automatically looking for email addresses don't add you to their spam lists.)

is that your current email? if not, send me an email at xavier DOT botero AT gmail DOT com so i can send the email there.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


I know that sometime in the past, I heard this before, but now it just seems cooler: Did you know that the Greek word "angelos," clearly the origin of "angel," actually meant "messenger"? So, when you hear them say that "God sent a messenger" and they're talking about an angel, they quite literally mean it...

So who else is sick right now?

I feel just aweful. I felt junky when I started work today and now I feel just misrable. My stomach is turning and my throat is burning up. I wonder if I have the new flu? I ran yesterday and I was going to keep up running 30 minutes a day, but I don't think I will today. (ps. it's treadmill running, not running out in the elements, that would be insane at this time of year. Hope you all are feeling okay. I'm going to try to lie down and get better.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Summertime, when the livings' easy

Here in Columbus, we've been passed on snow, only getting about three inches total this weekend. Other parts of Ohio were hit worse, I think.

Anyway, this all means its business as usual tomorrow. Everyone still have work and school and drills tomorrow as usual? Monique, did you have to work today?

Saturday, January 22, 2005


Hey Everyone! We must have at least 5 inches of snow by now. It is very cold and there is 5 or 6 inches of snow on the ground. If there is a state of emergency tomorrow then I don't have to go to work. Hoohoo. Wish me luck. I would be nice to have a day off and eat dry goods all day. Maybe play some cards or take some naps.

Friday, January 21, 2005

I'm a journalist, damn it.

So my boss has been called up through the reserves, and will be headed for an eight month trip to Baghdad. Yep, came as a big surprise to everyone. Issues at work just started to dwindle in importance after dropping the news.

I'm looking at getting a new car this weekend, so wish me luck in the negotiations with the minions of the devil, aka the salesmen. Actually, I was thinking that pretty much any job you take is sales in some way or another. Its true if you look at it really broadly. Here at work, I'll grind away at consulting, and if I earn a spot at the top, I'm basically a techno-literate salesman. Look at politicians, the ultimate salesmen. Even policeman are in sales. They are the most ruthless, though, they try to sell you the law, and if you don't listen, they shoot you.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


...on not being able to control the VOLUME OF MY BLOG VOICE...

Thanks for all the b-day greetings -- I truly appreciate them.

Ok. That's it. Gotta go back to reading. (I have some 600 pages of philosophy and law this week. As it's said, mucho $ux0r.)

Dan, Franz Frds and others are on the way.

Everyone, write Tio Hector ( if you get a chance. He's on a really long business trip in China -- won't be back till February -- and I'm sure he must be feeling really lonely. Imagine how you would feel if you were isolated from family and friends by thousands of miles and 12 time zones for a whole month, nothing to do once the work day is done except read a few emails and watch CNN Asia. That's right. CNN Asia. Send him an email. You'll make his day.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Happy Birthday Xavier!

I Love You! I hope you have a wonderful Martin Luther King Day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Xavier's Birthday Dessert! Posted by Hello

Um, one second

We're getting a foster brother or sister ? What the heck did I miss that I'm just hearing this ??

Dad's thoughts

Good updates this week...

Dan, I am glad that you have some time to relax. Make sure that you use your time well. R&R is good, but you need to catch up on your studying and such. Don't flunk out, we need you to be a 96Bravo. Your apps are in for Rutgers and TCNJ.

Marcie, you better get ready for your trip behind the Iron Curtain (do they still say psych?). Did you remember to get a caramel apple for Father Time?

Xavier and Monique, I am glad that you guys are back in the swing of things. Rotting meat is a delicacy in some parts of the world (Kimshee in Korea is fermented vegetables and meat). Monique give X a big hug from all of us for his b-day! What do you give a man that already has everything?

Phil, all work and not play makes jack a dull boy! What is going on in Columbus? How is SAP world? Do you have any training trips planned?

Mom and I started our foster parent classes this week. If all works well you will have a foster brother or sister in mid-freburary. Job is going okay, I have an interview this week for a job in Bridgewater with MetLife. Maybe that is the best for now. There is also another opportunity in Morristown with the investments department that sounds interesting. We'll see.

Friday, January 14, 2005


The weekend is here. !!

Dan, good to hear you have a four day weekend. That's great. I'll send you some music straight away.

let the good times roll

well today is the first day of our 4 day weekend(HOOAH!) and i've already been given my first detail, but i took it upon myself to take out the trash, and at the dumpster decided to just walk away so here i am in the local mini mall. had a good time reading up on everyone and am glad to hear that everything went well with everyone. school is kind of interesting, but i did fail my first test (somehow the number changed when it went from my "scratch paper" to the answer sheet, ya im stupid). the good thing though, is that when you fail a test you are given one retest before they start you over, and of course i got everything perfect on that one. at the moment we are in the section of this course that has the most failures so pray for me on wednesday that i dont do anything stupid on the test.
so, im learning more and more of what a 96B is, there actually the guys who take real time intelligence plot it on a map, brief the guy in charge, and then give him the advice of what to do next (it feels like im playing axis and allies as i plot out all the units in an area, its really cool).
nothing else is really going on, besides the usually stupid stuff of the army. i am trying to get a copy of Risk i already have a ton of people who wanna play.
sorry monique i got no idea what to do for x, but i know what ever you do he'll enjoy it.
Phil, if you dont mind sending me some music put it on a CD and just mail it. Xavier, if you could send me a copy of that Franz Ferdinand CD it would be much appreciated. To everyone else, if you get any good DVDs or anything i wouldn't mind sending them down (family edition of netflix)or some gummi worms that would be good to. In exchange i'll buy you guys some army stuff(if anyone wants army clothes just ask i wouldn't mind in the least bit) and send it up. anyways this post is starting to ramble on (didn't sleep much last night, bedcheck was at 2400 and pt was at 0530) and not make sense so good luck to all and have a happy new year.

Xavier's Birthday is Coming Up!

Xavier is going to be 22 in a few days and I don't know what to do to celebrate? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. My cellphone number is 203-980-7735. We don't have very much money so I am looking for things like favorite foods and inexpensive outings he would enjoy. Thanks for your help everybody. All I know is he likes cannoli, but it is impossible to make.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

All it takes is a little push

Work. And more work. And work. System access is through, halfway, right now. I have development, system test, and staging passwords for the system now, and waiting for production, which is the 'real' system. I am excited, in all seriousness, as now I am actually able to go in and do things directly.

We hit 60 degrees today in Columbus. It was nice, the clouds were a little thin this morning and you could see the sunlight trying to come through. But tomorrow its supposed to drop back down to 20 degrees or so making for a Darvaset and a six-pack weekend.

Monique, good luck with your job searching. I wish you the best. As for birthday ideas, I'm stumped right now, but feel free to call me and we'll brainstorm.

Here is looking forward to Friday --

Where is Everyone?

Hey All,

Work isn't really giving me many hours cause we are "Over Staffed", so I am actively searching for a better job. Wish me luck. Tomorrow I will be faxing mailing and calling lots of people. Hopefully I can get something. Xavier's Birthday is coming up, What should I do for him? I need ideas. Favorite foods? Family traditions? Low Income birthday options?

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Truth

Well you guys got us. We were really in New Brunswick all vacation. Never even left the US, you can check Xavier's passport there isn't a stamp.

We got home well, it really isn't very cold at all yet. Unfortunately, when we got back there was rotting meat in the fridge so we have been battling the odor for about three days now. We emptied it out and cleaned it and threw stuff out but the smell is lingering, though it is getting weaker.

Other than that stuff is the same as usual. Xavier has started classes again and I am starting work again next week, and applying for new jobs this week. We have lots of food (Thanks to Mom and BJ's) and we shouldn't starve. Hope to see you all soon. If you want to visit we have a pullout couch.

Monday, January 10, 2005

working like it's my job.

I've been incredibly busy, so I have not had time to blog or sleep really. So, dont think I'm ignoring all of you, I just dont have the time.

Teachers are driving me nuts, they are cracking down with homework and such and it's just soooo obnoxious. I'm working at the Factory a lot more now because I need to make money for my trip to poland, and theyre thinking about letting this girl go, so I've been taking on more hours and such. And alas, I am a nice person, so I try my best to help other people out, even if it means that I will be up for the night finishing up my own work. But c'est la vie. At least I dont have MRD any more.

So, I better get going, I have to get back to class. It's my lunch break and I came down to the library to do some work on a civil rights project. So, I will talk to all of you later.

Danny-keep fighting the good fight.
Kuma-San + Monique-have fun when school starts.
Oniichan-i'm glad you finally have a phone to be contacted by.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Sunday night...

Phil now has a phone (free nights (after 7pm) and weekend minutes), # is 614-668-9481. Your apartment pics look good, but you need to do a little cleaning before you take evidence shots. A Phil all the girls in Flemington are asking about you...

Xavier going from Calisthenics to the operating room... I think they just said that they went to Paris. Mom discovered the hoax pictures. They are definitely photoshopped. I dropped them off at the airport, however I did not see them get on the plane. What were X and Monique really doing last week?

Dan I am glad to hear that you are getting smoked right and left. It would not be right any other way. Never mind that all your other buddies are getting a free ride. Be tough. Study hard and get good grades on your tests. You definitely don't want to do this twice. I am glad that you had a pass, I hope that you had some R&R.

Marcie has been working so hard that she hasn't even had time to do a posting. Poor Mars... You better finish your homework.

We had Colby over this weekend, what a beatiful cousin you guys have. See you next week!

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Steve Zissou calisthenics in front of the Cousteau Society. Posted by Hello

In Paris -- or not?

Photoshopped or not?

 Posted by Hello

 Posted by Hello

 Posted by Hello

Bloggd - Look below for pics of beautiful Ohio

Dan...way ahead of you. Hey, do you have your mp3 player out there or a stereo or something? I've been getting some good music lately, so if you want, I can mail you or email you some songs if you want. Let me know. Not sure if the Army wants you listening to rock music though.

As for a personal update, this week was LONG as hell. By Friday I was really dragging, but ended up with some things in the pipe, and that works for me.

On the actual topic of work, I'm getting more involved with the funds management for the DLA, which if it was listed in the private sector listing of companies, would be somewhere in the Fortune 10 or so, for just the amount of money that goes in and out. Interesting to look at it that way, I thought.

where everyone at?

whats everyone up to? it seems like weeks since anyone posted, or it could be just me (in the Army everyday feels like a week), but anyway hows everyone doing? Its been a while, but im finally getting my first day off tomorrow so im excited to do some quality nothing. School and all has been pretty good, everything else was going ok, until I accidently left my kevlar on my bed. For forgetting my equipment I did somewhere around 350 pushups/flutter kicks last night, and am now the proud battle buddy of another private who screwed up (now we gotta do 35 pushups every time we see the drill sergeant, and last night he must have said "good night" to this private 7 or 8 times). Oh yeah, the day before all this we got an old fashioned smoking like we got in basic, so my body is sore and i can barely do 10 pushups, but im actually in a decent mood. I figure its all free PT(physical training), and it'll only help me, plus i find it hilarious when the drill sergeant goes out of his way to find us so that this private has to drop.
Well besides that nothing else is really going on, at the moment were taking a class on MS Office, and then Monday we go back to normal map reading classes. By the way we got another test Monday(should hopefully be easy stuff) and then start the section the most people fail so wish me good luck. Time for me to go to class so talk to you all later.

My apartment in Ohio

That's the view from the window. I have everything else up at a photo site if you're interested in seeing the messy kitchen, bedroom and living room.

Monday, January 03, 2005

2005 is going to be agreat year

I really enjoyed having everyone together for Christmas. Too bad that it didn't last long. Phil and Dan I am glad that you are right back into it. Marcie is up at 5:30 for school. Xavier and Monique are still partying!

Make sure that you think about all the great things that everyone accomplished in 2004 and make plans to get the most out of 2005!

Phil did a great job with his SAP course and getting a job with Accenture!

Xavier and Monique got married, what else can I say. Actually moving to CT and going to Yale is pretty good icing on the cake!

Dan graduated from HS and joined the Army. Making it through basic is a huge accomplishment!

Marcie got her permit, got a job, got great grades, joined the marching band, went to Mexico, wow!

Mom bought a new house and a new car, got a new kitten

Dad enjoyed watching all of this unfold and finished up in Mexico

Now for 2005...

Sunday, January 02, 2005

SATs. good thing, or bad thing?

So, I took the SATs on dec. 4th and just got my score back. I got an 1120, which is better than i expected, just not good enough. If I want to get into NYU I'm gonna have to work a lot harder. But what do you think? 1120? pretty good for the first time. I hope so. Hey, at least I know I'll get into some college. Anyway, just thought I'd let yall know.


well seems everyone is back to there normal lives again and here i am in arizona. seems i've gained a lot of weight, because as soon as i walked in the kid next to me excalimed, "Boteros gotten FAT!" at first i thought it was a joke, but i realized it was true. anyways thanks to everyone for a good time in New Jersey i enjoyed our games of global domination and foosbal(nice combo). well hope everyone is doing good

by the way my address

PVT Daniel Botero
C CO 309th MI BN
Ft Huchuaca, AZ 85613