Monday, November 08, 2004

It is always windy, where there are no mountains

Dad, to answer your question about posts versus comments, I think its really up to you. A post is more direct, and more public, whereas a comment is more specific, and better for going off on tangents. Because our blogline needs to stay pure.

Its early...

X, thanks for looking out for my social well-being, I appreciate it and will take you up on your offer. Tell your friend if he is interested in hanging out to send me an email.

As for Dublin, it is quiet, but in a way, it works out well for studying and such. There are mostly graduate students and professionals living in my complex, making it damn quiet, all the time. The first night it was a little weird, the total lack of noise, but I'll get used to it.

There is one thing that I've found curious, and I thought you should know, that upon entering the closet to my apartment, I find myself in this mystical land where everything is made of Legos and Jr Bacon Cheeseburgers rain down everyday! I haven't been able to explore much since I've been too busy putting together lamps and using my dishwasher like a madman.

Hell, plane tickets seem to be very very cheap from Cincinatti, which is only about an hour and some away, so I think you may expect some visits here and there.

And yes, I'll be home for Christmas, definitely.


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