Wednesday, November 24, 2004

In the house y'all

Bloggin straight out of the FMT...

What's up? Things are going well in NJ from what I've been able to see. Unfortunately, my glasses broke yesterday so I really can't see anything. We may have been sold to the Visigoths as slaves for all I know. If that's the case, I call first cook. Also, I predict that Iggy is eaten to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Jeez, I hope I'm actually typing on the blog and not buying a spyware camera or something...

Well, we've actually been here quite awhile already. We got in last Friday and have pretty much just been hanging out. Monique's helping Mom tile the basement, and it's coming out fantastic. I should be working on papers and studying, but I've been twiddling away my time on god knows what. Honestly, I have no idea where the last five days have gone. (I do know where tonight is going though: The Incredibles!)

I gave "my presentation" at Central yesterday. (It was Coors.) Ruocco came by and looked shocked for a bit -- he actually said that he was "tickled." The first group of students were absolutely docile, while the second -- who were obviously just looking to get out of class -- were asking every crazy question about Yale that they could think of. I answered them with pleasure, naturally, and I actually got the feeling that they were a bit cowed in the end.

Danny, again, welcome to the blogosphere. What else is up in Huachucha? Are your lungs getting better? Don't overdo it or anything. I'm sure you'll be fine and that you'll become accustomed to it, if you're not already. In fact, though it's hell right now, look forward to having a powerhouse set of lungs when you get back to sea level. Remember that they have marathoners train at really high altitudes precisely so that they breath more efficiently than everyone else.

Marcie, stop watching TV.

Phil, I'm going to send you your essay soon. It feels like I've been really busy, even if I have nothing to show for it. How's the rest of the application? Almost done? Also, how's work? I was reading what you told Dad, but I was kind of interested in the more general stuff as well, like the work atmosphere and all. Has it improved?

Finally, Richards is a menace. Him and Lucite and going at it 24-7. I recommend that the IDF send in a rescue mission.

Too bad you guys are going to miss Thanksgiving. Don't worry -- I'll eat an extra turkey leg for you. For each of you. And maybe a wing too if I'm feeling really sentimental. And extra gravy. Man, sentiment's going to leave me obese... Until the next time, mes freres.


Blogger Phil said...

HAHAHAHA, I finally saw the Coors reference.

Were the kids impressed by all the beers you drank at Yale????

Did Adrien show up and start flipping chairs??

11:34 PM  
Blogger Phil said...

As for my statement, hold off. I have another version, one I did for Penn State you should look at it, since I already submitted it to PSU, and will be sending it to OSU too.

As for work, eh. Its difficult. The atmosphere is very different. Imagine being hired as an expert. Imagine having to assist in technical issues. now imagine not having system access. That would be somewhat where to start with where I am.

The people I work with are ok, I like the fact that I work with people from through out the country. It really opens up your concept of the US when your coworker is from Texas, Louisiana, Philadelphia, Virginia, San Francisco, etc. You get an idea for where regional stereotypes may originate. Me? I'm a dirty minded New Jerseyan of course.

I'll tell you more later, but suffice to say, I'm learning a hell of a lot.

11:39 PM  

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