Tuesday, November 09, 2004

im here

well i haven't seen a computer in nearly three months so im not sure if i completely remember how to properly use this electronic gizmo, but im giving it a try. just wanted to say hi, and hope everyone is doing good and is in good health. im doing ok, a little sick, and very confused as to what im supposed to do. i've spent the last 9 weeks with a concrete right or wrong for nearly everything, but now that im graduated i feel like a lost puppy in a whole new world. im supposed to implement all the new things i learned, yet i still have no idea what im doing. the good thing is that most people understand that i just graduated (my class As stand out like a dirty pig in a beauty contest) so my nervous responses to officers walking by is usually laughed off.

anyways i just returned from making some phone calls, and have a) too many things to talk about in a blog and b) dont remember any of them so im gonna end this here.

ps goodbye until i get the chance to make my next post, but for now im gonna take a nap and finish off those oatmeal creams


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