Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey Richards, nice picture of you there, buddy. But seriously everyone, isn't that better than knocking your cups over? I believe we lost bills, letters from Dan, my birth certificate, through water damage from Lucy.

Ok, the massive I Hate Richards campaign has completed its course, and Richards will be an Ohioan for the New Year.

I hope everyone had a lot to eat. I talked to Marcie briefly, and she mentioned some good food being prepped.

Dan, I hope they gave you a mini-turkey in your MRE, or at least the mess hall had stuffing.

I went to the movies today. Saw the Bourne Supremacy. Yup, they play old movies at this theater. Spiderman2 just came out. The plus side is that it costs 1 dollar. I'm serious,its great passing a dollar through the ticket window. Overall Thanksgiving was fairly quiet, I would have much rathered have spent it with all the family, and I look forward to christmas time.

Let us all say thanks for what we have, and thanks that Dallas won the game today.

X, I'm making some good bank on my wagers.

Dad, my flight info is below your post (comments).

Monique, I hope you're still sane after a week in the Botero household.

Mom, get a computer!

Dan, kiss your weapon for me.

Marcie, Puppy Chow. 12/04/2004 11:30 AM .

Richards, chill out.

Gray cat, stop eating.

Sammy, you need a personality.

Lucy, give it up, you have NO claws.


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