Sunday, November 07, 2004

God Bless America

It is such a beautiful day here in NJ today. Deep blue sky, crispy weather and about 1 zillion leaves to rake...

Mom and I are packing for our trip to Missouri tomorrow. We leave the house at 4am. We are flying in a Embraer regional Jet. Mom's first trip in one of those.

Elections and media... We need to start a new political party and a new network. The mission statement is simple... "for people with a brain".

Marcie is working at the pet shop, it is so good to know the she is exposed to animals and learns how to clean cages....

Father Tim is so good, he wrote a special letter for us to take Dan.

Xavier and Monique... Take some time today to relax. Enjoy the moment. Tomorrow is back to the grindstone. Get ready for the Turkey Trot 18 days away.

Phil... Make sure that you go to the Gym (or run) everyday. Also, work hard and stay focused.

Mom... come back to the Blog.

I promise not to write in this Blog everyday.


ps. I have a technical question; is it okay to always do a new posting or should we be adding comments to existing ones?


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