Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Fort Leonard Wood, Mo

We got up at 3am yesterday and arrived (if you can say that you arrive at FLW) at about 11:30, just in time for Danny's family day ceremony at 12. It was great to see him, he has really changed (for the better) in these past couple of months. He looks great physically, but you can also see that he is much more mature.

We waited for about 3 hours (just to give parents a taste of being in the Army)for him to finish some stuff and then we went out to dinner. Danny wore his dress uniform and looked very good. He is an eating machine, and is skinnier than ever. We went to the hotel to watch some TV (since he has not seen TV, heard music, or touched the Internet since August). He ate a whole box of Little Debbie's Cream Pies.

Today we are going to the graduation and will get a chance to spend some time with him tonight. We have another box of cream pies.

I hope everyone is doing well.




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