Sunday, November 21, 2004

Fall days

Good to see everyone is blogging fairly regularly.

Dan it is good to see you on-line. I am glad to hear that things are going well, although it sounds like it could get a little boring watching blimps... Keep up your spirits and your PT everyday (even days off) and don't eat too many of those cream pies. We are looking forward to seeing you here in NJ soon! Can you check out the on-line shopping at, I think that you can get great deals there since you are in the Army. Let me know!

Phil, I'll pick you up on 10/4 at 10:30am, Newark. What airline? As to December, it all depends how you behave this time. Are you allowed to have cats in your apartment? Richards needs a home. He and Lucy are not seeing eye to eye. I am glad to hear that you are on the funds management team. Sounds like some type of investment management? Make sure that you understand as much about the business (what and why) as to the system (how).

Xavier, I am glad that you decided to "homeschool" this week. It will be good having you and monique (and the cat) here. We will have good discussions on just about every subject imaginable.

Monique, last time Xavier "homeschooled" he didn't get out of his pajamas. I am so glad to have you here for Thanksgiving. It will be a little sad because Phil and Dan won't be here (for the first time), however it will also be the first one with you. Wait until you try some of the great food Marcela makes.

Marcie, I hope that your retreat this weekend has gone really well. You are truly amazing with all of the stuff that you do. And congratulations on being accepted for the Poland trip next spring. I think that it will be a "lifetime" experience.

Marcela, I hope that we can get a computer for you soon. I love you!

Question of the week: "what is better a bird in the hand or two in the bush?" This is not a presidential riddle.



Blogger Phil said...

Thanks for picking me up.

I'm coming in on US Airways flight 8151 (from Washington, actually).

I'm leaving on Monday actually, I took a floating holiday that day, so is there anyone who can drive me that day too ? or should I schedule limo service?

As for pets, yeah, I can have cats. If I bring Richards with me, it will be over Christmas break.

On the business side of things, Funds Managment controls and regulates the DLA's budget. Its a public sector thing, most every agency will use this module. Its more of a debit account than an investment account, you just run checks on it when you go out and spend your money.

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