Saturday, November 06, 2004

Back from Downunder

I am back from Argentina and Brazil, slept at 35,000 feet.

Election... Thank God. I can't believe that I pulled an all nighter watching TV. The worst of it was that the only station was CNN (the devil's network).

Iraq... It is going to get worse before it gets better, but I think that the Iraqis are getting fed up with having every Moslem maniac coming to Iraq to blow up their country. Here is hoping they take over soon. Freedom is not free...

Cats... Snickers the outside cat died this week. I buried him today.

Basic... We leave at o 400 hours Monday for Missouri to see Pvt. Botero graduate. Any good words for him? Ya'll have to visit him in Arizona.

Phil... I thought that you moved to Ohio not Ireland???

Xavier... get to work.

Monique... What's this I hear about Paris???

Marcie... stop hurrying me to take you to band.

Mom... I love you!

Dan... Stop kissing your M-16 everytime you hit a target

Dad... Loves you all.


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