Monday, November 29, 2004

Project: The Game

Check this out. See, it's not all fun and games here. That's a serious engineering and managerial feat!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey Richards, nice picture of you there, buddy. But seriously everyone, isn't that better than knocking your cups over? I believe we lost bills, letters from Dan, my birth certificate, through water damage from Lucy.

Ok, the massive I Hate Richards campaign has completed its course, and Richards will be an Ohioan for the New Year.

I hope everyone had a lot to eat. I talked to Marcie briefly, and she mentioned some good food being prepped.

Dan, I hope they gave you a mini-turkey in your MRE, or at least the mess hall had stuffing.

I went to the movies today. Saw the Bourne Supremacy. Yup, they play old movies at this theater. Spiderman2 just came out. The plus side is that it costs 1 dollar. I'm serious,its great passing a dollar through the ticket window. Overall Thanksgiving was fairly quiet, I would have much rathered have spent it with all the family, and I look forward to christmas time.

Let us all say thanks for what we have, and thanks that Dallas won the game today.

X, I'm making some good bank on my wagers.

Dad, my flight info is below your post (comments).

Monique, I hope you're still sane after a week in the Botero household.

Mom, get a computer!

Dan, kiss your weapon for me.

Marcie, Puppy Chow. 12/04/2004 11:30 AM .

Richards, chill out.

Gray cat, stop eating.

Sammy, you need a personality.

Lucy, give it up, you have NO claws.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Phil, come get your cat... Posted by Hello

In the house y'all

Bloggin straight out of the FMT...

What's up? Things are going well in NJ from what I've been able to see. Unfortunately, my glasses broke yesterday so I really can't see anything. We may have been sold to the Visigoths as slaves for all I know. If that's the case, I call first cook. Also, I predict that Iggy is eaten to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Jeez, I hope I'm actually typing on the blog and not buying a spyware camera or something...

Well, we've actually been here quite awhile already. We got in last Friday and have pretty much just been hanging out. Monique's helping Mom tile the basement, and it's coming out fantastic. I should be working on papers and studying, but I've been twiddling away my time on god knows what. Honestly, I have no idea where the last five days have gone. (I do know where tonight is going though: The Incredibles!)

I gave "my presentation" at Central yesterday. (It was Coors.) Ruocco came by and looked shocked for a bit -- he actually said that he was "tickled." The first group of students were absolutely docile, while the second -- who were obviously just looking to get out of class -- were asking every crazy question about Yale that they could think of. I answered them with pleasure, naturally, and I actually got the feeling that they were a bit cowed in the end.

Danny, again, welcome to the blogosphere. What else is up in Huachucha? Are your lungs getting better? Don't overdo it or anything. I'm sure you'll be fine and that you'll become accustomed to it, if you're not already. In fact, though it's hell right now, look forward to having a powerhouse set of lungs when you get back to sea level. Remember that they have marathoners train at really high altitudes precisely so that they breath more efficiently than everyone else.

Marcie, stop watching TV.

Phil, I'm going to send you your essay soon. It feels like I've been really busy, even if I have nothing to show for it. How's the rest of the application? Almost done? Also, how's work? I was reading what you told Dad, but I was kind of interested in the more general stuff as well, like the work atmosphere and all. Has it improved?

Finally, Richards is a menace. Him and Lucite and going at it 24-7. I recommend that the IDF send in a rescue mission.

Too bad you guys are going to miss Thanksgiving. Don't worry -- I'll eat an extra turkey leg for you. For each of you. And maybe a wing too if I'm feeling really sentimental. And extra gravy. Man, sentiment's going to leave me obese... Until the next time, mes freres.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

quick note to say hi

wellll.... I'm sooo busy, but I havent blogged in a while, so I'm just writing a quick hello

Danny: Welcome back to the world again, its good to have you back.

Oniichan: how's the land of the cows? richards misses you a lot.

Kuma-San/Monique: it's cool having you guys here. A lot more fun around here now. but whats with all the Yale merchandise, honestly... soon youre going to be giving me death guilt too. and the basement is looking good, by the way.

Mom/Dad: you are both going down in the turkey trot.

anyway.... gotta get back to homework, its killer stuff ya know.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

It smells like snow outside

Hi guys. Sounds like everyone is good, except for Danny. Dan, you now know what it feels to have smoked cigarettes, and I'm sorry for that.

As for myself, I test drove the RX-8 and the 350z. I'm definitely going with the 350, that is a car that hauls.

Ohio is ok, I just checked.

Those of you in NJ, tell Richards I said hi and pet him for me.

Fall days

Good to see everyone is blogging fairly regularly.

Dan it is good to see you on-line. I am glad to hear that things are going well, although it sounds like it could get a little boring watching blimps... Keep up your spirits and your PT everyday (even days off) and don't eat too many of those cream pies. We are looking forward to seeing you here in NJ soon! Can you check out the on-line shopping at, I think that you can get great deals there since you are in the Army. Let me know!

Phil, I'll pick you up on 10/4 at 10:30am, Newark. What airline? As to December, it all depends how you behave this time. Are you allowed to have cats in your apartment? Richards needs a home. He and Lucy are not seeing eye to eye. I am glad to hear that you are on the funds management team. Sounds like some type of investment management? Make sure that you understand as much about the business (what and why) as to the system (how).

Xavier, I am glad that you decided to "homeschool" this week. It will be good having you and monique (and the cat) here. We will have good discussions on just about every subject imaginable.

Monique, last time Xavier "homeschooled" he didn't get out of his pajamas. I am so glad to have you here for Thanksgiving. It will be a little sad because Phil and Dan won't be here (for the first time), however it will also be the first one with you. Wait until you try some of the great food Marcela makes.

Marcie, I hope that your retreat this weekend has gone really well. You are truly amazing with all of the stuff that you do. And congratulations on being accepted for the Poland trip next spring. I think that it will be a "lifetime" experience.

Marcela, I hope that we can get a computer for you soon. I love you!

Question of the week: "what is better a bird in the hand or two in the bush?" This is not a presidential riddle.


Saturday, November 20, 2004

by the way

quick note, i went to the local mini mart this afternoon and bought a box of cream pies so im gonna eat those too.

the masked avenger strikes again

well i've gotten my hands on a computer with internet access ('internet cafe' in the barracks), and its real good to hear how everything is going on in the botero family. hopefully everyone is doing ok, im decent. here at fort huachuca we got a lot more freedom and its not too hard, so mentally everything is good, but physically im doing horrible. it seems this fort is over a mile above sea level so its incredibly hard to breath when doing any physical activity coupled with a cold i've had for 3-4 weeks i cant do anything. to make matters worse once we start running and the thin air kicks in my asthma soon follows. so far i've run twice, the first was a timed two mile run, which i ran it in about 17 minutes and still nearly puked. the next run was a group run at a slow 8 minute mile pace and i fell out in the first half mile! my pushups and situps are just as bad, on my last test(in MO) i did 70+ situps in 2 minutes, this morning i barely managed 40, pushups i would rather not even mention. (since im not up there i just wanted to give everyone a taste of some long range complaining.)
. . . anyways everything else is going good, its a lot different here. sergeants(not the drill sergeants) actually say 'excuse me' and treat you like a normal person, we have weekends off and have a lot more freedom overal. your level of freedom depends on your phase. there are three different phases 4(me), 5, 5+, and with each prgressive phase you get more freedom. Phases 5 and 5+ are actually allowed to wear civilian clothing once the duty day is over (1700), are allowed to go out to different stores without permission, and can have tvs, dvd players, and even game systems in their rooms (yes everyone in my building has halo 2, i just dont know who they are, yet). all the new freedom is cool i just dont understand what to do with it besides sleep (if u cant tell basic really screwed with my mind)
besides all our new freedom the week is still pretty similar. we wake up at 0430 for PT, after PT our next formation is at 0815. since i haven't started class yet (and wont until Dec 13) i spend the day on various details from 0815 to usually some time around 1700. our day can be anything from picking up leaves(yes we individually pickup leaves from under trees) to moving around and putting together furniture. from what i hear though, once we run out of details the drill sergeants like to make up things for us to do, for example one popular idea is to applying suntan lotion to rocks or watching a nearby(stationary) blimp and giving in reports on its 'activities'.
ok, i have a lot to talk about, but this post is way too long so im gonna end it here with my contact information (if anyone wants it):
email: simhead32 @ or daniel.botero @ (no spaces)
snail mail:

PVT Daniel Botero
D CO 309th MI BN
Bull Dogs
Ft Huchuaca, AZ 85613

(the above address will be changing soon as i move to charlie company so i would hold out sending snail mail for now)

hope everyone enjoyed my novel, which i dedicated to my rifle (Betty) and SAW (Thelma)

Travel Tip

#2451 : When in Columbus, don't go to any businesses during the OSU-Michigan game. They get pretty angry.

On another note, can anyone from NJ pick me up from the airport on 12/4 ? My flight comes in at 10:30 or so in the morning. Its a Saturday, and I'm arriving at Newark. Let me know if this works, or else I have to rent a car or something. And since we're on the subject, I also need a ride at Christmas time, if possible...

Thanks in advance!

Hey Danny...

Say stuff! How's Arizona? Monique and I are in NJ because I have this week off for Thanksgiving. Just studying away here and making sure "Sweetie" (who is not quite that) doesn't kill our kitten.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Cat: The Second Iteration

We have a new name for the kitty: Ophelia.

That is all.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A nice clear picture of our new kitten. That is Xavier's hand holding a camera phone. Isn't she cute. Little Ophelia. Posted by Hello

Monday, November 15, 2004

More Platypus... Posted by Hello

Platypus ! Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Putting the fun in Funds

Glad to see everyone seems to be doing well. I'm doing pretty good too, except for having to go to Walmart 2x today.

I got my bed yesterday, and after a week of sleeping on the floor, wow, what a difference.

Work is going well, I'm putting in a good number of hours and trying to learn everything. I work with some good people. One guy is from the area, and has been very helpful. He actually pointed out the apartment complex I moved into. This other guy is from Louisiana, and is bringing me some cajun beef jerky tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to.

I'm on the Funds Management team now, so I'll be dealing primarily with the control and allocation of government funds. Its a little known module, but I think it is starting to gain prominence, and I'm excited to work with it. The interesting and challenging thing is that there are only three people on the planet who are good with this module. Ok, that's an exaggeration, but its not far from the truth.

I'm also beginning to apply to schools around here, Ohio State and Franklin top the list right now, and hopefully I can get started in the springtime.

Beautiful Day

It is a beautifull day in NJ, the Lord's day. If Sunday is the first day of the week, why is it on the weekend? Xavier, that sounds like a philosophical puzzle for you.

We went to visit the Stantons on Friday and had a good time. Colby is getting really big and cute. Elizabeth is a bundle of energy, but she is very lovable.

Yesterday, I spent the day sleeping, reading and watching TV since I did not feel well. Today I feel much better. It is just a cold.

Thanksgiving is almost here, it will be great to have the Botero's from CT, here for the holiday.

Phil, I am very happy that you are applying to schools in Ohio. Studying is great for the mind and body. And if you keep going you will get the diploma. Perseverence is a great thing.

Mom's b-day is this week (don't ask me what day), don't forget.

Marcie had her last band competition yesterday, she did't get home until 3:30. I am glad that's over for now. Although I think that she had a lot of fun with it.

Dan called yesterday from Arizona. He got there okay and will send his address. At least he can watch TV and listen to music now. I told him to wait until Monday before deciding how happy he is (plenty of pushups to do).

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Happy Birthday to Me!

Just had a little spare time before I start studying for my History midterm.

Soooo, today was bussssyyyyyyy. And I was going nuts this morning with that presentation on the genocide in Kosovo, but no worries, it went fairly well. And I had to do service after school and that was borrinng. Then I had band and it was FREEZING, oh my goodness my nose felt like it was going to fall off. And now I am home and ready to just knock out and go to sleep.

Midterms are tomorrow and Monday, I'm just hoping I dont bomb them. And then we have a football game tomororw, and we're not supposed to be getting back to school until midnight. then saturday I have championships at giants stadium, and wont get back to school until 2:30am. yeah it should be fun. Then I get to go to sleep and this week will be over finally and no more BAND. wooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Its like my birthday. And I dont have work on Sunday, so I can sleep in, ohhhhhh, life can be so good sometimes. Anyway, I'm on the hop, I have midterms to study for.
Over and Out.

Gmail Invites

If anybody needs a new email address, let me know. I have three gmail invitations that I can give out still. (I am saving one for Danny though.) Gmail's the best...

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

And then there were seven...

...people on the blog.

Hey Dan, it was good talking to you. Keep up the good work in the land of concrete rights and wrongs. After two months in Meta-Ethics discussing all the grays, I'm about ready to join you there...

Also, NB: Cream pies will not be supplied during AIT.

Let me know when you're web-enabled. I'll send you the link for joining up.



Hey what is going on there man, good to hear from you! I'd like to say CONGRATS. You're elite, you've graduated!

So are you going straight to your AIT ? Will you be home for holidays? Let me know. Also know, I expect you to come visit me in Ohio when you get the chance. Plan out at least a few weeks, you'll like it out here, people are friendly, lots of pools and gyms and girls, and the only military base around is 99% accountants and 1% officers.

Hope to hear from you soon. Go back to your junk food, I'll catch you later.

im here

well i haven't seen a computer in nearly three months so im not sure if i completely remember how to properly use this electronic gizmo, but im giving it a try. just wanted to say hi, and hope everyone is doing good and is in good health. im doing ok, a little sick, and very confused as to what im supposed to do. i've spent the last 9 weeks with a concrete right or wrong for nearly everything, but now that im graduated i feel like a lost puppy in a whole new world. im supposed to implement all the new things i learned, yet i still have no idea what im doing. the good thing is that most people understand that i just graduated (my class As stand out like a dirty pig in a beauty contest) so my nervous responses to officers walking by is usually laughed off.

anyways i just returned from making some phone calls, and have a) too many things to talk about in a blog and b) dont remember any of them so im gonna end this here.

ps goodbye until i get the chance to make my next post, but for now im gonna take a nap and finish off those oatmeal creams


Marcie, there are two other kids from Flemington here. One who went to Central and one who went to Lawrenceville.

I'm telling ya...

This one's for you, Marcie

From the Yale Daily News ("Oldest College Daily Est. January 28, 1878"): "For some, classroom was home sweet home"

cream pies

I literally almost cried when I heard danny ate the whole box of cream pies.. I miss him a lot, and just wish school and band werent so stupid and that I could have gone to his graduation because I really wanted to see him in his dress uniform and see all the other army dudes in their uniforms, because the graduation must be a really cool sight. But alas I am having one of the busiest weeks of my life right here in Flemington. Band everyday, amazing amounts of homework, midterms on friday and monday, lots of fundraising. Seriously, people wonder when I get time to sleep and eat. Oh, and I just had my interview with the two chaperones for the Holocaust Overseas Trip, that was kinda nervewrecking, I hope they didnt think I am not worthy to go on the trip, because that would be sooo sad.

Anyway, I'm doing this presentation on the Genocide in Kosovo right now, does anyone have any way of helping me with that? Because seriously, I'm soo lost, I also need a primary source from it and I have no idea how to go about getting one, any suggestions?

So, I have to get back to my homework, I'll catch yall later. Oniichan, say Hi to Wendy for me. I know you see her a lot.

...and how come I dont get a box of cream pies?

Fort Leonard Wood, Mo

We got up at 3am yesterday and arrived (if you can say that you arrive at FLW) at about 11:30, just in time for Danny's family day ceremony at 12. It was great to see him, he has really changed (for the better) in these past couple of months. He looks great physically, but you can also see that he is much more mature.

We waited for about 3 hours (just to give parents a taste of being in the Army)for him to finish some stuff and then we went out to dinner. Danny wore his dress uniform and looked very good. He is an eating machine, and is skinnier than ever. We went to the hotel to watch some TV (since he has not seen TV, heard music, or touched the Internet since August). He ate a whole box of Little Debbie's Cream Pies.

Today we are going to the graduation and will get a chance to spend some time with him tonight. We have another box of cream pies.

I hope everyone is doing well.



Monday, November 08, 2004

It is always windy, where there are no mountains

Dad, to answer your question about posts versus comments, I think its really up to you. A post is more direct, and more public, whereas a comment is more specific, and better for going off on tangents. Because our blogline needs to stay pure.

Its early...

X, thanks for looking out for my social well-being, I appreciate it and will take you up on your offer. Tell your friend if he is interested in hanging out to send me an email.

As for Dublin, it is quiet, but in a way, it works out well for studying and such. There are mostly graduate students and professionals living in my complex, making it damn quiet, all the time. The first night it was a little weird, the total lack of noise, but I'll get used to it.

There is one thing that I've found curious, and I thought you should know, that upon entering the closet to my apartment, I find myself in this mystical land where everything is made of Legos and Jr Bacon Cheeseburgers rain down everyday! I haven't been able to explore much since I've been too busy putting together lamps and using my dishwasher like a madman.

Hell, plane tickets seem to be very very cheap from Cincinatti, which is only about an hour and some away, so I think you may expect some visits here and there.

And yes, I'll be home for Christmas, definitely.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

God Bless America

It is such a beautiful day here in NJ today. Deep blue sky, crispy weather and about 1 zillion leaves to rake...

Mom and I are packing for our trip to Missouri tomorrow. We leave the house at 4am. We are flying in a Embraer regional Jet. Mom's first trip in one of those.

Elections and media... We need to start a new political party and a new network. The mission statement is simple... "for people with a brain".

Marcie is working at the pet shop, it is so good to know the she is exposed to animals and learns how to clean cages....

Father Tim is so good, he wrote a special letter for us to take Dan.

Xavier and Monique... Take some time today to relax. Enjoy the moment. Tomorrow is back to the grindstone. Get ready for the Turkey Trot 18 days away.

Phil... Make sure that you go to the Gym (or run) everyday. Also, work hard and stay focused.

Mom... come back to the Blog.

I promise not to write in this Blog everyday.


ps. I have a technical question; is it okay to always do a new posting or should we be adding comments to existing ones?

Saturday, November 06, 2004


Dad, now you're part of the 35,000 mile club, eh?

As for the media, I think it is the biggest failure of an American social institution in recent history. I think it is difficult to put together an informed opinion when your source of information is tailored towards sensationalism and feeding the front page with headlines, rather than the dissemination of truth. I'm generalizing and being extreme, but I don't think there is a network that has escaped these fallacies.

Snickers, its probably better off for you buddy, going out this way before the snows of NJ surprised your deaf butt. Frank, remember, its much easier this way...

Tell Danny congratulations for me. And tell him he has a place to stay, albeit no furniture yet, in Times Square, Ireland, Ohio.

Monique and X, I'm coming with you. To France, not the Turkey Trot.

welcome back, mate!

Hey Dad, glad to hear you're back in town. Did Mom tell you that Monique and I are running the Turkey Trot this Thanksgiving?

Election: I kindly disagree. As for CNN, I find it to be more the Dodo's network than the Devil's. Then again, is there a decent network? And by "decent," I mean one that (1) doesn't repeat the same story ad nauseam throughout the day, and (2) actually investigates issues rather than give a very basic outline.

Iraq: I agree. I think it will get better, even though it's getting worse right now. It's going to get better because everyone with any sense knows that it just has to, and we're all willing to do what it takes to make that happen. I think the only lamentable thing is that it's gotten to this point. I think it was preventable.

Snickers: RIP.

Frank: [sound of rusty can-opener] Meererreeeeooww...

Basic: Monique and I sent Danny letters last weekend during The Danny Letter-Writing Campaign. I'm sure he'll get them before he leaves. No news since then to pass along. Have fun over there.

Phil: actually in New York.

Xavier: Work?

Monique: Paris??

Marcie: Tell Sweet Daddoooo that you can't be late!

Mom: What happened to your auspiciously-begun blogging career?

Danny: When are you getting internet?

Dad: Talk to you later...

Back from Downunder

I am back from Argentina and Brazil, slept at 35,000 feet.

Election... Thank God. I can't believe that I pulled an all nighter watching TV. The worst of it was that the only station was CNN (the devil's network).

Iraq... It is going to get worse before it gets better, but I think that the Iraqis are getting fed up with having every Moslem maniac coming to Iraq to blow up their country. Here is hoping they take over soon. Freedom is not free...

Cats... Snickers the outside cat died this week. I buried him today.

Basic... We leave at o 400 hours Monday for Missouri to see Pvt. Botero graduate. Any good words for him? Ya'll have to visit him in Arizona.

Phil... I thought that you moved to Ohio not Ireland???

Xavier... get to work.

Monique... What's this I hear about Paris???

Marcie... stop hurrying me to take you to band.

Mom... I love you!

Dan... Stop kissing your M-16 everytime you hit a target

Dad... Loves you all.

the bloke is back

Glad to hear the move went well. I was talking to this guy last night who's from Cincinnati and spent a lot of time in Columbus. (He mentioned, by the way, that he'd be happy to put you in touch with some people who can show you around if you're interested.) He said that he really liked Columbus -- that it was the highlight of Ohio. But when I told him that you were going to be in Dublin, he winced. No wonder you've been bored, Phil. You're still out in the sticks!

Also, if you're ever interested in taking a break, it turns out that plane tickets from Cincinnati to New Haven are only like $100. Apparently, Cincinnati is just about the only city you can get to from here. Just so you knows...

I won't be home on December 5, but you'll be coming around for x-mas right?

I agree with you on Fallujah. Let's hope this goes well. Also, let's have some hope that the new Palestinian leadership doesn't drop its moral compass down a well. If they can match the longevity of their predecessor, let's hope that they don't match his iniquity.

Finally, in Dublin, do Jr Bacon Cheeseburger's rain down from the skies on Friday's?

Hello blokes

I moved into my apartment last night, and by move, I mean I dumped everything that was in my car into the empty floor of my living room. I don't really see anything changing when I get a house, except that I'll pay someone else to do that for me.

Things are going well, I now live in Dublin, which is in the outskirts of Columbus, and is home to Wendy's corporate headquarters. Yes, I love Wendy's that much.

As for Iraq, it looks like the Marines will be preparing an offensive on Fallujah fairly soon, they've amassed 10,000 American soldiers outside the city, and are backing up the Iraq army. Hopefully this will be settled with the minimum bloodshed, but that is really wishful thinking.

Also, if anyone is going to be home on December 5, Flemington that is, than I think I might be stopping by to say hello. My friend Adam Towle is getting married that day, so I'm flying in for the wedding.

I hope all is well with everyone, and if you still have fingers, post something damnit.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

new email

Here is my new email everybody: xavier.botero AT (Make that "AT" an "@". I just didn't want to get added to spam lists, which is what happens when you list your email on a blog.)

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

And it's over

Congratulations, President Bush. As I said before, I'm behind you. We're at war. Our economy is feeble. And we are harshly divided. The immediate future is dim. You've got to lead us through it. Tell us what you need from us.

Let's hope for the best these next four years.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Hey Marcie

I'm glad you took part in the election. I recommend you not read Howard Zinn until you're in your thirties. I'll explain that some other time.

As for an update, here you go. I just finished my employee orientation today, having gotten an overview of the company and its policies and what is offered to me in terms of benefits and compensations.

I'm starting to get some more work related to my project too, which is cool, but I'm going to be putting in some extra hours now.

I'm working with some good people, really smart and fun to work with. This one guy from OH is helping me out by pointing out good places to go for stocking up the apt. Me and my contact went to a comedy club on Sunday to see this comedian.

Overall things are going good. And I get a paycheck on Friday which I'm really looking forward too. As are Mom, Dad, Verizon, Mazda, and Apple.

Consider me clawed

No, I don't think the realtors are chasing me anymore, that was fantastic thinking. But much better thinking than when I imagined those bats chasing me. Ok, both left me separate voicemails leaving their cell numbers, but there were perfectly reasonable business reasons for that. (fat commission).

As for the CEO that I didn't meet yesterday, President Bush was in Columbus today, and I never almost met him too.

As for your link to the election, I like your epistle X.

As for me, I get angry everytime somebody bashes a Nader supporter, although I'm not one of them, because I'm of the thinking that we should get some other parties into the running. I think the Democratic and Republican parties are reaching the limit with the patience of the American people. Its either me or reality, we'll see who gives in first (come on Green party...).

the election

Here are my thoughts on the election.


Sounds cool, Phil. Are the realtors clawing each others' eyes out over you yet?

I met [former] MetLife CEO Bob Benmosche once. I ran into him and his cadre once in the hall on take your child to work day. I recall him asking me who my father was, and me flattening against the wall in utter fear. Can your Accenture CEO do that?


Central is having a school-wide vote today, which is pretty cool, I think. I just voted. And I'm sure Nadar is going to receive so many votes from kids who just dont like either one of the main two candidates, and/or just like joking around. Anyway, just thought I'd let all of you know that I voted today as well. I'll talk to yall later.

How is everything with everyone?

Move in

I'm moving into the apartment on Friday, and I'm looking forward to it.

Also, I went to orientation yesterday at my head office in Columbus, and ironically enough, the CEO of Accenture was in as well. Unfortunately, he was busy and was unable to come in and speak with us new hires as we wanted, but it was close.