Tuesday, October 26, 2004

woooooh. just a quick hi.

I'm really busy these days, so I'm just writing a quick blog to let you all know that mom and I are doing fine. We miss all of you. Its kinda weird, I'm an only child now, do you have any idea what its like not to have a single brother around to annoy me? Yeah, honestly, its weird.
School is going pretty well, I love all my classes, and all my teachers rock, except for one that I dont like all too much, but hey, nothing can be perfect, and yes, I am at school right now but we dont have a computer right now, soooo... this is the only place I can tell you guys all about my splendidly-busy life.
Well, I have to go, but I will talk to yall later.


Blogger Dad said...

Okay Marcie are you the only child now or are you only a child now?

Just kidding, we love you like you were the only child that we have left.

Just kidding, you are a terrific youn woman!

11:50 PM  

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