Monday, October 25, 2004

Toilets for 15K

Hey, good to hear from everyone (I'm surprised at the response). Yaley, congrats on your exam.

Today was my first day of work and it went well. The job location, the Defense Supply Center, Columbus, is a sprawling military base outside downtown. No barracks, although there are a few soldiers walking around, but rather its home of the DLA and DFAS. Let me translate for you civilians: The Defense Logisitic Agency and I forgot the last one, but its basically the Department of Defense's financial accounting group. I'm working with the DLA.

I'm waiting on my security clearance, and until that time, I'm somewhat limited in the information I have access to, but I can still access the cafeteria at lunch time.

Working at a federal agency has been interesting, I'll get specifics out later on.


Blogger X.A. Botero said...

dos preguntas:

1) You're not a gov't employee are you?

2) When do you get your gun?

dos preguntas from the guy in the bee suit:

"Dos huevos, por favor."

>splat< >splat<

"Ay yay yay..."

8:45 PM  
Blogger Phil said...

My next project is at the DMV, scraping registration stickers off of cars...

That would suck.

No, I'm an Accenture employee, I am a consultant at this project ( or in government parlance, I'm a contractor ).

7:07 PM  

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