Thursday, October 28, 2004


Unrhymed iambic pantameter ?? Vamanos, amigos. Good luck. Oh and to answer your question, I got a Tecra, about a yr old, nothing too spectacular. And you are more right in your post than you know. The Fed only provides us with DIAL-UP.

Marse, I'm not sure this can help you at all, but there was a graphic novel done by the son of a holocaust victim, that I found interesting. Maybe something will jumpstart an idea. As for Richards, I ask that you treat him, like you would treat me. If he scratches on the door in the cold, let him in. Pet the little bugger for me. Also, I ask that you go to Steubenville if I die. I'm just kidding.


Blogger LittleBotero said...

Yo. Thanks a lot Oniichan, I'll check that graphic novel out, but I changed my idea for my paper. Because what I was thinking about doing was way too far from what a research paper is supposed to be, not enough research, ya know. Anyway, thanks though.

Haha. Not death guilt!! Nooooo. Funny you should say that, because I'm actually wearing a steubenville sweatshirt today, that mom and dad bought me. Mom, I'm sure is still going to give me death guilt any time. Like watch, when I go to Poland over spring break she'll be like: "if I should get a brain anurism and die before you get back, my last wish is for you to go to Steubenville" "right, okay mom, sure. whatever you say"

Anyway, Thanks Oniichan. Say Hi to the cows for me.

7:10 AM  
Blogger Phil said...

You're wearing a Steubenville sweatshirt to school? Oh, you're definitely going there then, death guilt is not required.

And on the school work side, good luck with it. Looking back, a research paper in high school was really an exercise in getting primary and secondary sources of information, and deriving a hypothesis from them. I think if you start by writing down your purpose in a short sentence, i.e. "A day in the life of a concentration camp prisoner", you'll find it a lot easier putting it all together. Getting the information is the easy part, using it is more difficult.

As for cows, I actually haven't seen any yet, but they are around I'm sure.

7:58 AM  

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