Sunday, October 24, 2004

Go Midwest, young man.

WARBLE WARBLE.. Death Rattle

Ok, I pulled into Columbus, Ohio around 6pm in the drizzling rain, into the Howard Johnson for poorly paid government agents. I'm not complaining, its a place to sleep and its cheap, and the sheets are clean, and we all get what we pay for. I'm starting my apartment search today, though, and I'm looking forward to my first paycheck.

Columbus is flat. Driving here, you can really notice the distinct change in altitude between here and the northeast. Somewhere between State College, PA and Pittsburgh I hit the highest point on Rt 80 east of the Mississippi and they have a sign on the side of the road at that point ( 2520 feet ). I didn't notice I was going uphill the whole time until then.

Rt 80 actually cuts through mountains and spans the Ohio river (ironically while you're still in PA), and you're going up and down, but always in a straight line. After crossing over into Ohio, the land slowly starts to smooth out, until next thing you know, you stop seeing hills, something you don't notice until you realize there is nothing on the horizon, but you are still going in a straight line. I only made two turns since I left State College, PA.


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