Saturday, October 30, 2004

from mom:).

hi everyone, this is mom. i was able to read all yourpostings, and then I tried to sign so i could also be a part of this blog(?) and for some reason i cannot do it. papi tried and he couldn't do it so i decided to do it this way. i do love to write and it will be wonderful keeping in touch with all my kiddies. ohhhh where has time gone? my three sons are far from me and I do not like it one bit. but...I guess I have to be happy that everyone is doing exactly what they want to do with their lives and I am so very proud of each one of you! Including my two wonderful daughters. I cant wait for xmas to have all of you here. I think it will be our best xmas, it will be great having Monique's parents also and I want them to know that they can stay here with us. the more the merrier. there will be plenty of room in our "new" basement and we also have a sofa bed where monique's parents can sleepl. In the morning we can all have breakfast together, how fun! just like old times when we used to have so many people stay in our house. I can't wait to for our special day when we will go to borders, spend time there, have coffee, come home, have a nice dinner, we'll put the stuff we bought under the xmas tree (i bought it already, it's small but nice) and we'll spend our christmas holiday sharing about the books we bought, we'll read to each other, watch each other's movies. Maybe Javi can teach me poker, i want to learn how to play and maybe we can all play? you think I might be hooked on poker? Like what happenned with pacman? anyway, it's very late for me and I still want to take a shower, hopefully I can learn how to join this thing i love you all!

javi, let me know when you get the pajamas, i got them in large, they should shrink some in the dryer.
Monique, I can't understand how stupid people (your boss) can be. You should just feel sorry for him, who knows what kind of life he's had and probably still has. You have your college degree and he is probably doomed to work there forever. I can't wait for my coffee(for xmas)
Phil--stop thinking of the realtor lady and concentrate on work, take a break from women. at least for a week. and i am glad to know that if I die you will go to steubanville.

marcie, i m so glad you are still home........well.....i should say, your bed is here, and your things and clothes seem to be here never seem to be here. oh well, at least i know you still have 2 more years here.

I wish time would have stood still when you were all little, and we would play board games, play in the snow, go to the park with the mcgoverns, see you off when you took the bus, wait for you with a snack when you came home, volunteered in your classes, etc etc....I feel that God made me just to be a mom, to truly enjoy all of you and now i'm almost alone. oh well, i am so happy all of you are doing so well. I am truly proud! Just keep always in touch with me, that's all I ask for!

I am looking forward to hopefully if God wills adopt a baby/child. I have so much love in my heart and there are children out there that need just that! Please pray for this. (the process and the child)

love you all sooooo much,

mami:) (as I like to be called)



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