Tuesday, October 26, 2004

but Marcie...

...we can annoy you on the blog now!


Seriously, which classes are you taking? What teachers? You can't be so suggestive without clarification...

Btw, did you read Theodore Rex yet?


Blogger LittleBotero said...

hahahhaha. Yes, I can see that. nooooo, I do not liiiikkkkeeee him.
School is school. I have Spanish 2, US History 2, Geometry, and Contemporary American Problems: Violence/Poverty right now. So, school is extremely interesting right now. I have a 100 in spanish, and it is really boring, but I dont mind too much. I have a 99 in History, which is my favourite class, a 97 in geometry, and a 92 in CAP.
I really like my classes, and after school sometimes I go in to see my history teacher, Mr. Khoudja, and just ask him questions about history and current events and stuff, and hes cool about it and answers all my annoying questions. He's really smart, and since I love history sooo much, I have a lot of fun.
No, Ihavent gotten a chance to read Theodore Rex yet, I got it out of the library to read it, and started it and it was really interesting. The problem is that it was due back at the library, and I have so much work with my classes and with band I didnt have any free time to read. Rgiht now I'm reading The Working Poor for CAP, and its good, just sooo long and hard to read. Anyway, I have to go.
Hows Yale? and everything going for you. I heard youre freezing up there.

2:16 PM  
Blogger Phil said...


Marcie, I miss listening to drumline and I'm out of puppy chow, send me more !!

7:10 PM  

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