Sunday, October 31, 2004


Phil, when do you get to move in?

There is another realtor in my life now

I signed up for an apartment today everyone. Here is my new address :

5592 Penn Station Blvd
Dublin, OH 43016

Its really nice, brand new. I'll send some pictures whenever I get around to it.

Enter The Father

Happy Birthday Dad-

and Happy Halloween, try not to eat too much candy, ok?

I have a Halloween party to go to later, at the boss's house. Since this is really his kid's party, I figured I should get something nice to bring, like pumpkin pie for the adults and some Amaretto for the kids.

Mom, I already told you about the Christmas idea, its a good one. As far as the holidays go this year, whats everyone's schedule like? In the case that I can't take both weeks (leading and following Christmas) off, I'd like your suggestions as to which week to grab. Before or After (if I have to choose)?

Happy Birthday, Dad!

I hope you're having a great day! I'll give you a call, of course, but I thought if Phil could get the first reply to Mom, I could get in the first b-day missive, via blog.

one last note

Mom, you don't have to miss us. We're here, by your side...


Hi Mom!

And then, there were two...

...who have welcomed Mom to the blog, that is.

Thank you again for the clothes, Mom. I'll let you know when I get the PJ's, but so far everything has fit fantastic.

It looks like you still haven't signed up properly from the email you were sent. You have to click on the link inside that email. I'll send it again. You should get another Blogger invitation soon. Use the newest one.

I have no problem teaching anyone how to play poker. Actually, there was just today an article in the New York Times about the pokermania that's going on. Check it out.

I agree about Christmas. I think this is going to be lots of fun. We'll let Monique's family know about your invitation, and we'll fill you in on what they think. Make sure you guys say hi to Danny for us when you're in Missouri. And try to take pictures to post them onto the blog. I'll show you how to do that if you can upload them to the computer.

Finally, Phil, the realtor: do you LIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIKE her???

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Hi Mom

Hey Mom,

I'm glad you enjoy our messages and communiques! I think a blog is a perfect use of the internet, overcoming those old geographical boundries and keeping people connected.

We are the family of the 21st century, early pioneers if you will, forging and fording ahead, hunting food, fixing the wagon, and occasionally dying off of dysentary.

I'd like to be the first to welcome you here Mom.


PS I do a lot of other things than just think about this realtor lady.

Like stuff.



from mom:).

hi everyone, this is mom. i was able to read all yourpostings, and then I tried to sign so i could also be a part of this blog(?) and for some reason i cannot do it. papi tried and he couldn't do it so i decided to do it this way. i do love to write and it will be wonderful keeping in touch with all my kiddies. ohhhh where has time gone? my three sons are far from me and I do not like it one bit. but...I guess I have to be happy that everyone is doing exactly what they want to do with their lives and I am so very proud of each one of you! Including my two wonderful daughters. I cant wait for xmas to have all of you here. I think it will be our best xmas, it will be great having Monique's parents also and I want them to know that they can stay here with us. the more the merrier. there will be plenty of room in our "new" basement and we also have a sofa bed where monique's parents can sleepl. In the morning we can all have breakfast together, how fun! just like old times when we used to have so many people stay in our house. I can't wait to for our special day when we will go to borders, spend time there, have coffee, come home, have a nice dinner, we'll put the stuff we bought under the xmas tree (i bought it already, it's small but nice) and we'll spend our christmas holiday sharing about the books we bought, we'll read to each other, watch each other's movies. Maybe Javi can teach me poker, i want to learn how to play and maybe we can all play? you think I might be hooked on poker? Like what happenned with pacman? anyway, it's very late for me and I still want to take a shower, hopefully I can learn how to join this thing i love you all!

javi, let me know when you get the pajamas, i got them in large, they should shrink some in the dryer.
Monique, I can't understand how stupid people (your boss) can be. You should just feel sorry for him, who knows what kind of life he's had and probably still has. You have your college degree and he is probably doomed to work there forever. I can't wait for my coffee(for xmas)
Phil--stop thinking of the realtor lady and concentrate on work, take a break from women. at least for a week. and i am glad to know that if I die you will go to steubanville.

marcie, i m so glad you are still home........well.....i should say, your bed is here, and your things and clothes seem to be here never seem to be here. oh well, at least i know you still have 2 more years here.

I wish time would have stood still when you were all little, and we would play board games, play in the snow, go to the park with the mcgoverns, see you off when you took the bus, wait for you with a snack when you came home, volunteered in your classes, etc etc....I feel that God made me just to be a mom, to truly enjoy all of you and now i'm almost alone. oh well, i am so happy all of you are doing so well. I am truly proud! Just keep always in touch with me, that's all I ask for!

I am looking forward to hopefully if God wills adopt a baby/child. I have so much love in my heart and there are children out there that need just that! Please pray for this. (the process and the child)

love you all sooooo much,

mami:) (as I like to be called)


Friday, October 29, 2004

The Danny Letter-Writing Campaign

I'm starting The Danny Letter-Writing Campaign. I know you're all busy, as I am, but you're hereby ordered to write Danny a letter this weekend. His address, for your convenience:
PVT Daniel Botero
D/Co 1-48 IN REGT
1st Plat 495 Iowa Ave. Unit 43
FLW, MO 65473

These letters must be in the mailbox by Sunday afternoon, so that they can be out first thing on Monday. Marcie, you're further ordered to include some stamps in your letter so Danny can write us all back when he gets a chance.

Move out!

Carnival of the Cats

I think this site was actually tailor-made for our family.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

One more idea for you Marcie.

Ok Marcie, here is another idea. Can you make it fictional ? Why not make up what you think a guard would write in their journal, and offset it against a real journal ( or made up one) written by a prisoner?


Unrhymed iambic pantameter ?? Vamanos, amigos. Good luck. Oh and to answer your question, I got a Tecra, about a yr old, nothing too spectacular. And you are more right in your post than you know. The Fed only provides us with DIAL-UP.

Marse, I'm not sure this can help you at all, but there was a graphic novel done by the son of a holocaust victim, that I found interesting. Maybe something will jumpstart an idea. As for Richards, I ask that you treat him, like you would treat me. If he scratches on the door in the cold, let him in. Pet the little bugger for me. Also, I ask that you go to Steubenville if I die. I'm just kidding.

ah yes... the loveliness of school

I am at school right now, yes, I am always at school. I'm just here studying, doing homework, and trying to come up with a good idea for my research paper. Maybe yall can help.
I want to do something of a comparison, like using journal entries and poems from people who experienced the holocaust, and how the writings reflect their feelings on what was going on. I wanted to do a comparison of someone who was in an internment camp to maybe an S.S. officer, but I find that it may be too difficult to find some journal-type entries of S.S. officers. And besides, even if I wanted to do that, I need to find a specific theme that I want to talk about in my paper. So, I honestly dont knowwwwwww. Its so hard. Then I thought about using journal entries/poems from children in the Holocaust and such. So I dont know, Its too general right now, and I need to get more specific. What do you guys think?
Oniichan- We're in the process of freeing the Tibe-tans, so do not worry. And things are going well here. Sounds ilke you are having fun, and dont get too homesick missing all the "wonderful" things that happened at home while you were here, I'll be sure to let you know if more stuff happens. And maybe send you pictures of Mr. Richards, or better yet, send you Mr. Richards... actually I havent seen him in a while, so I dont know.
Well, anyway, I must be going, you know, work to do. Enough dilly-dallying. Later

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Blank Verse

I asked my Shakespeare professor today if I could submit my final paper in blank verse. He cracked up and said, "Well, we've already come this far," which seemed strangely enough like a reference to how long he's been teaching. So he's letting me do it, but on one condition: That it be "excellent" blank verse...

What is this mysterious blank verse? Unrhymed iambic pentameter -- perhaps most famous for its appearance as the meter of the sonnet:
My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun;
Coral is far more red than her lips' red;
If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun;
If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head.
I have seen roses damask'd, red and white,
But no such roses see I in her cheeks;
And in some perfumes is there more delight
Than in the breath that from my mistress reeks.
I love to hear her speak, yet well I know
That music hath a far more pleasing sound;
I grant I never saw a goddess go;
My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground:
   And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare
   As any she belied with false compare.

Herro Awek Bawdwin

I picked up my laptop from work today and picked up my email passwords, and so if anyone wants to send me email while I'm at work, you can reach me at .

I also have an observation to share. CNN has the hottest anchors. And CNN only has about 7 minutes of news that it repeats and spreads out all day.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Thoughts of home

After the basement flooded, I rescued my clothes from getting wet and put them into bags.

I slept on the extra bed in Fisa's room while she was gone, dragging my bags of clothes, and laying them next to the bed. There they sat, for my last few weeks at home. Now they sit in the trunk of my car, waiting for my new home, here in Ohio.

I grabbed some pants from one of the bags earlier this evening, and as I pulled a bag towards me, I smelt mothballs or whatever smell makes up Fisa. Its not a bad smell, but the smell that clings to Old People. I have to admit, I felt a little homesick. And I'm serious.

But, thank God my pants don't smell like mothballs, too.

Yalie Update

In response, Marcie, everything at Yale is fine and dandy. (I figured I would answer you here so everybody could read it, even if they didn't check the comments.)

I'm taking five classes: Metaethics, Mathematical Logic I, Philosophy of Mind, The Writing of Verse (with famous poet J.D. McClatchy), and Shakespeare: Comedies, Histories, and Poems (with the [in]famous Harold Bloom). I'm doing pretty well in Metaethics and Mind, and ok in Math Logic. In accordance with how most people think of studying literature, I have absolutely no idea how I'm doing in my English classes. I don't even know how we're being graded. I assume our knowledge of literature and poetry ekes out into some netherrealm that the professors can access from a web interface, thus being able to grade us.

Also, I just finished the first volume of a fantastic book: The Open Society and Its Enemies by Karl Popper. (I've already checked out the second volume, and I'm starting it tomorrow.) It attacks historicism, which is the thinking that there is a historical destiny, and that we should model our society based on it. Popper shows how this destructive idea came from Plato, then through Hegel and Marx, and how it led in the end to both Nazism and Soviet Communism.

It's a very convincing book. Popper started writing it the day that Germany annexed Austria in 1938. He considered it his contribution to the war effort. He finished it in 1943, and it was immediately met with great praise from all those who saw not only the evils of Hitler, but those of Stalin. I think it must have been heavily influential in people came to understand the formation of these totalitarian societies. It's an amazing book; I highly recommend it.

Free the Tibe-tans

Hey, octopushead, whats going on ? Hows Mr Kujo? That's funny you noticed that sign as well, I think part of its attraction is that its the only thing you see that isn't a tree or rock for a hundred and fifty miles.

I'm looking forward to reading all these posts every day, I don't have internet access at work yet ( .gulp.), so I don't see this until afterwards. Yes, no internet at work, I know, it feels like 1994.

I'm still without clearance, but I'm taking the opportunity to study the Department of Defense's craaaazy supply chain process and SAP thoroughly. I think its interesting that the government is adopting practices that it is learning from the private sector to make itself more efficient and effective, go free markets ! ...and its especially cool they are picking SAP for their upgrades...hehe... Here's an example, before SAP, the Defense Logistics Agency had 8 general ledgers, now they have 1.

highest point east of the mississippi.

Okay, Oniichan. So, when I went to Ohio last November with a couple of my friends, we stopped on thie highway right where that sign is saying you were on the highest point east of the mississippi, and we got out of the car and took a picture in front of the sign. So yeah, I just thought I'd let you know that, haha.
How's the land of cows?


Hey Dad, I just voted for the first time too. And I actually posted a very similar message to yours on my other blog only 10 minutes before you posted.

I also sent in an absentee ballot, but just because I was already registered in Florida and it was easier than reregistering and all. (Plus, my vote counts more than everybody else's because I'm voting in a swing state! Ha ha!)

And congratulations to me: this is the first election I've been able to vote in, so this is the first vote I've cast. I won't mention who I voted for, or why, because I'll no doubt bring down the scorn of everyone on my head. Though that in itself should make it pretty clear who I voted for...

Finally, Dad, I saw some stats the other day that confirmed what I was trying to tell you on the phone a few weeks ago. I'm trying to find the stats again because I don't remember where I saw it, but it was almost exactly along my intuitions: people with more education are more likely to be Democrat; however, people who are more politically informed are more likely to be Republican.

but Marcie...

...we can annoy you on the blog now!


Seriously, which classes are you taking? What teachers? You can't be so suggestive without clarification...

Btw, did you read Theodore Rex yet?

woooooh. just a quick hi.

I'm really busy these days, so I'm just writing a quick blog to let you all know that mom and I are doing fine. We miss all of you. Its kinda weird, I'm an only child now, do you have any idea what its like not to have a single brother around to annoy me? Yeah, honestly, its weird.
School is going pretty well, I love all my classes, and all my teachers rock, except for one that I dont like all too much, but hey, nothing can be perfect, and yes, I am at school right now but we dont have a computer right now, soooo... this is the only place I can tell you guys all about my splendidly-busy life.
Well, I have to go, but I will talk to yall later.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Election 2004

Since I will be out of the country on 11/2, I voted today. Of course my vote will not be counted until next week, however if there was an exit poll for absentee voters, then my vote might have put my candidate ahead...what does that mean...

Anyway, it is a bittersweet feeling to vote in this election. As you all know there is one overriding issue that forces me to vote for the candidate that promises to best protect the right of unborn children. I have prayed all my life for a second, Catholic US president, and now I find myself praying "not yet".

Okay, enough blogging for a day!


Toilets for 15K

Hey, good to hear from everyone (I'm surprised at the response). Yaley, congrats on your exam.

Today was my first day of work and it went well. The job location, the Defense Supply Center, Columbus, is a sprawling military base outside downtown. No barracks, although there are a few soldiers walking around, but rather its home of the DLA and DFAS. Let me translate for you civilians: The Defense Logisitic Agency and I forgot the last one, but its basically the Department of Defense's financial accounting group. I'm working with the DLA.

I'm waiting on my security clearance, and until that time, I'm somewhat limited in the information I have access to, but I can still access the cafeteria at lunch time.

Working at a federal agency has been interesting, I'll get specifics out later on.

hey Battimelli,

how was your first day at work?

First grade in Mind

B+/A- on my first paper for Philosophy of Mind. I'm happy getting the grade of course, although I'm pretty sure it wasn't so deserved...

I never thought that I would become a blogger

Hello everyone! I am not sure how often I will be on here, but I am glad to see that you are keeping in touch. Did you invite Marcie? I guess Dan can join after basic (too busy doing PT at the moment).

I sent the note to Mom.

Phil, good luck on your first day!


Sunday, October 24, 2004

A Quick Hello

Hi Everyone,

Finally, a woman on the blog. Here in Connecticut the leaves are turning and the wind is beginning to chill. The holidays are quickly approaching and I cannot wait. Xavier and I are doing well. I will keep this blog short and sweet, since it is my first. I wish you all well.

Go Midwest, young man.

WARBLE WARBLE.. Death Rattle

Ok, I pulled into Columbus, Ohio around 6pm in the drizzling rain, into the Howard Johnson for poorly paid government agents. I'm not complaining, its a place to sleep and its cheap, and the sheets are clean, and we all get what we pay for. I'm starting my apartment search today, though, and I'm looking forward to my first paycheck.

Columbus is flat. Driving here, you can really notice the distinct change in altitude between here and the northeast. Somewhere between State College, PA and Pittsburgh I hit the highest point on Rt 80 east of the Mississippi and they have a sign on the side of the road at that point ( 2520 feet ). I didn't notice I was going uphill the whole time until then.

Rt 80 actually cuts through mountains and spans the Ohio river (ironically while you're still in PA), and you're going up and down, but always in a straight line. After crossing over into Ohio, the land slowly starts to smooth out, until next thing you know, you stop seeing hills, something you don't notice until you realize there is nothing on the horizon, but you are still going in a straight line. I only made two turns since I left State College, PA.



Today, at 11:05 AM, Phil Botero of Columbus, Ohio accepted the blog invitation extended by The world rejoices. As the cheering subsides, one can hear the chilling cry of the peacock warbling over our heads.

Intro 2

You got it. Also, I think it will be interesting to read what we've done before, as we all move forward, as well as having a place to put some contact information like addresses, new cellphone numbers, and a place to post questions that some of us might be able to answer.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

new Botero blog

Well, today Phil has gotten to Ohio, Danny is learning how to use [fill in army equipment of choice], Marcie is band practicing it up (probably), Monique has a cold, and I'm studying logic and writing a midterm paper.

There -- isn't it so much easier to catch up with everybody when all the news is in one place? Thus, the purpose of this blog: to make all our lives easier. Now you can find out what's happening with everyone, while also letting everyone know how you're doing -- and you only have to say it once. Much nicer, right?